Senior Maurín Santos López Takes Center Stage in Fashion and Art

Features Mar 19, 2017

BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Pushing her off-brand clear-rimmed glasses up her nose, Maurín Santos López just doesn’t look like a girl from the suburbs. Clad entirely in painted denim, she’s certainly easy to find in a crowd. But under the... Read more

CCHS Fashion Academy Hosts Annual Show

Features Mar 4, 2017

BY NUHA ISLAM On February 23rd, Cooper City High School’s Level Two Fashion Marketing... Read more

Press and the President: How the Trump Administration Interacts with the Media

Features Feb 24, 2017

BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Chewing gum furiously and launching conference podiums at reporters, Melissa McCarthy’s... Read more

Schultz Squared: The Dynamic Teaching Duo

Features Feb 18, 2017

BY NOAH CASTAGNA Any students who have dabbled in computer science or challenged themselves... Read more

Trickle Down Terror Measures: How CCHS Muslims are Affected by Trump’s Travel Ban

Features Feb 12, 2017

BY KARINA BLODNIEKS In a slew of controversial executive orders, one seemed to stand... Read more
Review: Get Out
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD Get Out is a comedy horror movie directed by Jordan Peele best known for his Comedy...