The Cooper buzz: Bees are swarming the campus

Campus Dec 16, 2019

BY KAYLA GATES Cooper City High School’s campus has remained relatively tame when it comes to wildlife. The limited vegetation is often accompanied by birds and ducks. However, bees have recently become a major part of this community.  This... Read more

Substitute teacher shortage struggle: Why schools in Broward County have a lack of substitutes

Campus Dec 12, 2019

BY ALYSSA KHAN Broward County has had issues keeping teachers around, but recently, substitute... Read more

It’s a trade off: CCHS plans clothing drive

Campus Dec 11, 2019

BY VICTORIA MARTIN Since childhood, many people have participated in the act of trading.... Read more

New library hours: CCHS implements new strategy to make the library more accessible

Campus Dec 10, 2019

BY RYAN MERARD The library is one of the most essential features in any... Read more

The $100,000 question: SAC reaches agreement on how to spend school enhancement funds

Campus Nov 29, 2019

BY RYAN MERARD After being offered $100,000 to better their school in any way... Read more