Press and the President: How the Trump Administration Interacts with the Media

Features Feb 24, 2017

BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Chewing gum furiously and launching conference podiums at reporters, Melissa McCarthy’s portrayals of press secretary Sean Spicer parodied the relationship between the new administration and the press. Yet despite the laughter of Saturday Night Live’s weekly... Read more

Schultz Squared: The Dynamic Teaching Duo Hot

Features Feb 18, 2017

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Trickle Down Terror Measures: How CCHS Muslims are Affected by Trump’s Travel Ban

Features Feb 12, 2017

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In Style: Senior Lior Ayalon Shows the Fashion World What He’s Got

Features Jan 26, 2017

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Future Congresswoman: Senior Kia del Solar Excels in Debate

Features Jan 26, 2017

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The Senioritis Epidemic and Why School Still Matters
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Standing on the cusp between the two semesters, it’s high time for seniors to start dropping...