Teachers Come Up With New Ways To Control Cell Phone Usage In Class »

BY VIRGINIA PENIAS Teachers at Cooper City High School have begun collecting students cell phones during class to avoid the distractions they pose. For many students today, phones are no…

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Cooper City High Wind Ensemble

CCHS Wind Ensemble Wins Straight Superiors At The Musical Performance Assesment »

BY JACQUELINE QUINONES AND MELANIE SMITH After hours of diligent preparation, both the Cooper City High School Symphonic and Wind Ensemble bands thrived at the Musical Performance Assessment (MPA) on…

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What Is Project Brain? »

BY ALLISON BARNARD Cooper City High School recently teamed up with the Broward Prevention office to start a new chapter of Project Brain, a movement running throughout Broward County schools…

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Photo Credit: RYAN SHUST

Cooper City High DECA Competes At States »

BY KYRA BACON Ninety-four qualifying Cooper City High School DECA members attended the CDC State Competition in Orlando on Thursday, March 6th, to Sunday, March 9th, competing in a variety…

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CCHS Fashion Marketing Class Presents a’ Paris Fashion Show »

BY DANIELLE ONAFRAYCHUK Cooper City High School`s annual fashion show was hosted in the auditorium on March 13th, 2014 to raise money and donate dresses to Becca`s closet while also…

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Students And Staff Face Off On The Basketball Court To Benefit Layer Scholarship Foundation »

BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Cooper City High School staff and students faced off in their annual charity basketball game on Thursday, February 20 to raise money for the James and Lindsay Layer…

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The Lariat Mix: Best Driving Songs »


BY JEREMY HAAS We all know what it’s like to have one of those days, or even those weeks, where…

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Issues Solved: Justice League: War »

JL War

BY CHRISTINA RIVERO When people think of superhero films, Man of Steel, the Avengers, or the Batman Trilogy usually come…

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Classics Revisited: Iggy Pop – Raw Power »


BY ADAM SHLOMI This edition of classics revisited is going to be a little different. The album being looked at…

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Sports Page: Best Sports Mascots »


BY CHRISTINA BOUCOURT Even with a packed stadium full of obnoxious fans and excessive noise, no game is complete without…

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Here We Are, Now Entertain Us: Florida’s Best Theme Park Rides »

Entertain Us logo

BY MARTINA SMITH With spring break upon us, many find themselves reflecting on the wide range of vacations they’ve enjoyed…

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Game On: The Rise And Fall Of Flappy Bird »


BY DANIEL LEIBOWITZ Flappy Bird is now an iconic game that will be going down in history books. Created by…

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Issues Solved: The Best Superhero Cover Stories »


BY CHRISTINA RIVERO Regardless of whether you’re the Man of Steel or a web slinger, every superhero has one thing…

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Here We Are, Now Entertain Us – 5 Reasons to Watch Parks and Recreation »


BY BLUE KAUFMAN You could live 1000 years and still not be able to sift through all the TV shows…

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Review: Mac Demarco – Salad Days »


BY CAMILA SOSA Rarely do we see an underground artist who breaks through into the semi-mainstream and still manages to maintain a nonchalant persona, but Mac Demarco might just be the exception. 23-year-old Demarco emerged into the pop-dominated music industry playing surfy tunes reminiscent of…

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Review: Glee Season 5 »


BY RACHEL CALLAHAN Sadly, the fifth season of the musical comedy Glee is already halfway over. Most people who watch the show become totally engrossed; there are no small amount of Glee fans. However, no matter how many fans the show keeps and continues to make,…

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Opinion gender

We Still Have A Long Way To Go To Achieve Gender Equality

BY HANNAH RAMESAR An “unmarked female” is an impossibility in today’s society. What constitutes an unmarked woman? Well, a woman who is not marked pre-conceived gender stereotypes and attitudes. Sex-stereotypes and gender-specific roles that plague our…

Apr 21 2014 / Read More »

Cellphone Theft In School Is Getting Out Of Hand

BY DANIELLE ONAFRAYCHUK In today’s society it’s almost impossible to go somewhere without having to worry that your phone will be stolen. The worst part isn’t even that people have the audacity to steal, but instead…

Apr 21 2014 / Read More »

Leadership Positions Should Be More Than Just A Line On A College Application

  BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Frequently, leadership-position holding teenagers feel overworked. They join clubs for the purpose of looking good on a resume or application, but ignore the true purpose of such an organization. School clubs, in…

Apr 17 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: JP PORTRAITS

Extracurricular Activities Are Underappreciated

BY LOUIS DENNIN The direction and purpose of high school has been misinterpreted by both its attendees and operators for far too long. Regrettably, high school has been reduced to a facility that sets its students…

Apr 16 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: BLUE KAUFMAN

Fundraising Candy Sales Have Become A Major Burden To Students And Teachers

BY VIRGINIA PENIAS For many students at Cooper City High School, extracurricular activities offer an opportunity to become better rounded.  These activities provide an outlet to blossom, make friends, and discover unknown talents. Still, while the public…

Apr 15 2014 / Read More »

Advice For Next Year’s Course Selections

BY MARTINA SMITH This school year is gradually approaching its end. Evidence of this is all around; the seniors are ordering their caps and gowns, final yearbook sales are going on, and all underclassmen will soon…

Apr 11 2014 / Read More »
Features Photo Courtesy Of JoyRose Mahl

JoyRose Mahl Finds Leadership Opportunities In Girl Scouts And Early Childcare Education

BY MELANIE SMITH Walking into the Cooper City Recreation Center, a chaotic scene takes place. Before the meeting begins, young, miniature Girl Scouts delightedly chase each other around the room.  However, their focus rapidly shifts from…

Apr 23 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: A.J. KURZMAN

The Master: Junior David Master Seeks Perfection In Mind And Body

BY A.J. KURZMAN While sitting in an advanced placement math class and listening to the teacher lecture on and on about differential equations and limits, the majority of kids sit there, bored out of their mind,…

Apr 11 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: JEREMY HAAS

Don’t Hate Player, Hate The Game: Junior Jarrod De Ferrari Excels In Competitive Gaming

BY LOUIS DENNIN Spending time at the typical American high school, one can expect to meet a variety of people who have a variety of stories. The youth of today are a wildly ambitious band of…

Apr 11 2014 / Read More »
NJROTC cadet Teddy Sandoval doing drills in the courtyard. Sandoval has plans to join the Navy after graduation. Photo Credit: KYRA BACON

In Service To Others: CCHS Students Prepare For A Career In The Military

BY KYRA BACON The military has always been associated with honor, prestige, and challenges. However, most don’t grasp the true difficulty of what it means to be a soldier or what exactly it entails. Enlisting in…

Apr 11 2014 / Read More »

Tech Support: Freshman Jason Chua’s Tech Savvy Lands Him A Spot In CTV

BY KARINA BLODNIEKS At eight years old, Jason Chua passed the double doors marked “CTV” for the first time. His older sister, Gloria Chua, was a CCHS student at the time. She had a meeting with…

Mar 26 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: JEREMY HAAS

Angela Thomas Is Cast As Teacher Of The Year

BY MARTINA SMITH Cooper City High School Drama teacher Angela Thomas sat in her classroom, beaming with pride. Several of her Acting IV students had just completed a scene that they had been working on for…

Feb 21 2014 / Read More »
Entertainment silent

Horror Business: Why Movies Aren’t Scary Anymore

BY CHRISTINE BOUCOURT In a world where scary movies are no longer scary… screen writers are running out of ideas faster than Usain Bolt in the hundred meter dash. As movie-based award ceremonies have turned into…

Apr 21 2014 / Read More »

The Five Best Chick Flicks Of All Time

BY CAMILA SOSA Every once in a while we all just need a little cheering up or, in some cases, a reason to just let the tears run. This is where chick flicks come in. Generally…

Apr 17 2014 / Read More »

Dare To Be Different: Four Innovative Dating Ideas

BY MARTINA SMITH We all know the stereotypical ideas for a date. Movies are classic, romantic dinners are essential, and mini golf is always a good time. But what about for those of us who want…

Apr 16 2014 / Read More »

Resurrecting And Dissecting Walking Dead Season Four

BY JACOB FERREIRA The Walking Dead has been running for almost four years now, and despite a few bumps in the road, it has been one of the most watched shows on TV for nearly all…

Apr 15 2014 / Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About MTV’s Teen Wolf

BY SARAH SHARPE Chaos. Strife. Pain. These aren’t just what the Nogitsune (Aaron Hendry), a dark Japanese fox spirit feeds off of, they’re the only words that can be used to describe the second half of…

Apr 10 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: JEREMY HAAS

The Best Pizza In Cooper City

BY ADAM SHLOMI This review covers the best pizza parlors in the Cooper City area, well, the places in the area I was willing to travel to. There are some guidelines to the list- the place…

Mar 14 2014 / Read More »
Sports Photo Credit: JP PORTRAITS

Soccer Is More Dangerous Than Football

BY DAVID DEACON No matter the physicality, every sport is going to have some risk of injury, ranging from a sprained ankle to a concussion. However, what makes a sport truly dangerous is the likelihood that…

Apr 17 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: JP PORTRAITS

Girls Water Polo: Cowboys Lose To Western On Senior Night

BY ANDY MORALES There was a festive atmosphere at the Cooper City High School pool when the Girls Water Polo team faced off against the Western Wildcats on Thursday April 10th.  However, despite their best effort…

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Injured Players Overcome Both Physical And Mental Obstacles To Get Back In The Game.

BY DANIELLE ONAFRAYCHUK For many students, constantly participating in outdoor activities and joining recreational sports teams is a way of life. During childhood, many of them found comfort in picking up a bat, or kicking a…

Mar 28 2014 / Read More »

World Cup Preview

BY A.J. KURZMAN This summer in Brazil, something incredible will happen.  People abandon their loyalties to hometown teams and untie, bound together not as individuals but as a country.  This overwhelming sense of patriotism and passion…

Mar 28 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: JP PORTRAITS

On The Right Track: Track & Field Team Make A Run At States

BY JACQUELINE QUINONES The Cooper City High School Track & Field team has a rich history full of success. This year, they look to continue that tradition with new members and a determined mindset. Through strenuous…

Mar 14 2014 / Read More »
Photo Credit: JP PORTRAITS

Dylan Chang Overcomes Obstacles On And Off The Soccer Field

BY SABRINA VICTOR For CCHS Junior Dylan Chang, his love for sports began at the age of 5 when he first signed up for the Cooper City Optimist Recreational Program. Although he has encountered many obstacles,…

Feb 14 2014 / Read More »

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