Landon Counts: A leader you can count on

Features Dec 7, 2016

BY KYLE NELSON It’s noon on Fort Lauderdale beach during the Tortuga country music festival, and CCHS Senior Landon Counts is swaying with the crowd during one of his favorite songs as his mind drifts off to the thought... Read more

Jeremy Brower: Keeping his ion the prize

Features Dec 6, 2016

BY KENDYL COUNTS Whether he’s unapologetically roaming the school grounds in a giraffe onesie,... Read more

Nikki Tjin a Djie: Champion of the Underdogs

Features Dec 6, 2016

BY SABRINE BRISMEUR One thing about senior Nicole “Nikki” Tjin a Djie is certain:... Read more

CCHS Senior Brent Pappas Codes the Way to Success

Features Oct 12, 2016

BY DARIAN SABLON It’s five in the morning, the sun is hidden away by... Read more

ROTC Hosts Summer Camp to Train Cadets

Features Oct 10, 2016

BY SOPHIA WENGIER The serious faces and disciplined movements of the ROTC cadets portray... Read more
CCHS Hosts Broward County Special Olympics
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Cheers and laughter at the track could be heard from the central Cooper City High campus,...
Midterms Testing Schedule
BY KYLE NELSON In the week of December 19th through the 23rd students at CCHS will be taking their...
Band Sells Christmas Trees for Winter Fundraiser
BY SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL December is here, and that means students at Cooper City High School who celebrate Christmas will...
‘The Hour of Code’ Makes its Way into CCHS
BY NOAH CASTAGNA The room comes alive with an anxious energy as students are dismissed to their computers, rushing...
Cooper City to Host First Annual ‘Miss Cooper City’ Pageant
BY KENDYL COUNTS It’s time to break out those high heels, because the registration packets for the very first...
Sexual Assault Treatment Center Charity Event
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS With wide smiles and eyes on the brink of tears, the children at one local sexual...
Winter Break Schedule: Festive or Fatal?
BY SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL The end of the second quarter is approaching, along with the advent of the new year....
Wrestling: Coral Park Duals
BY MARK BRENT On Friday, December 16th, the Cooper City High School wrestling team participated in the Coral Park...
Review: Hairspray Live
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD Hairspray Live aired Thursday, December 8th making it the fourth live musical NBC has aired. I...