Unpopular Opinion: Commercial America makes the holidays more memorable
BY JULIA WENGIER Winter holidays like Christmas or Hanukkah originated from significant events that occurred in the past relevant to that religion. For Christmas, this was the birth of Jesus Christ. For Hanukkah, this was the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The real reason people are in... Read more
Shopping in stores should not go out of style
BY KENDYL COUNTS With each passing year, Amazon gains a stronger grip on holiday shopping, and traditional storefronts begin to lose their foothold. Unfortunately, the excitement surrounding online shopping services has caused Americans to take an extremely important luxury for granted – having options. Competition with online retailers has... Read more
Teachers should be paid more
BY RYAN MERARD Going to school is a necessity in America, which requires teachers to provide the education given. Teachers do a lot of work in and out of the classroom, such as educating a future generation to be successful and have a good impact on the world. They... Read more
Real gifts shouldn’t be replaced by gift cards
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE With the holiday season fast approaching and the list of people buying gifts ever growing, it is tempting to simplify things and just purchase mass amounts of giftcards to end all the stress. It can be nearly impossible to find the perfect gift for each person,... Read more
Gun control is a necessity
BY ANNABELLE ROSA CCHS recently hosted its annual Peace Pole Ceremony, proving once more that in the darkest moments of human existence, should the many people of the world cling to the concept of a brighter future, they may very well succeed in sparking a movement. The event itself... Read more
Clubs should have limits
BY SOPHIA WENGIER It’s Monday. You wake up at your usual time – 6 a.m. – and rush out the door to get to school, where you turn in the piles of homework you completed over the weekend and take all the tests you’ve been freaking out about. When... Read more
Barcelona is a superior team to Real Madrid
BY ETHAN MUNCAN The rivalry between the two powerhouses of Barcelona and Real Madrid goes all the way back to the twentieth century. The first ever encounter between the two Spanish clubs was in 1902, where Barcelona won 3-1. The reason for the rivalry is the location of each... Read more
How to not be “that guy”: A guide to spoiler alerts
BY JULIA WENGIER Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Snape killed Dumbledore. Dr. Crow was dead for all of “The Sixth Sense.” Usually, these statements have no impact on any given person, as they are well-known movie endings. Even though they were shocking and had impact when they were first... Read more
Should professional women athletes be paid less than men?
BY HAILEY BROWN Dating as far back as the dawn of modern humans, women have always been thought of as the lesser gender. Women in the past have worked in the kitchen rather than outside because they “can’t handle” the manual labor because they “aren’t strong enough.” Women have... Read more
Opinion: Fall break should be extended
BY JULIA WENGIER Summer, winter and spring break give relief to students of all ages across the nation every single year. With a significant amount of time off of school, periodic breaks allow for a “regrouping” of the mind. After months of working everyday, it is necessary for students... Read more