How important are live performances?
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Music currently populating radio stations is heavily laced with layers upon layers of auto tune, an audio processing device that measures and alters the pitch in vocal and instrumental music recordings. Theoretically speaking, anybody with access to a computer can alter their voice and make a... Read more
The only agenda in the wake of tragedy should be unity
BY NOAH CASTAGNA In times of great loss, it is easy to succumb to the visceral emotion of the moment as personal biases are either confirmed or challenged. One side of the coin feels the need to take a tragedy and make a point out of it while disregarding... Read more
Kneeling for the national anthem
BY HAILEY BROWN AND ABBIE TUSCHMAN Sunday has long been a day of rest and relaxation. For many across the United States, it is a time for worship, family and football. The American tradition of watching football is often associated with loved ones gathered around the television set, wearing... Read more
When is December already?
BY JULIA WENGIER With the start of October, hundreds of millions of people nationwide are eagerly putting up decorations and designing costumes for the night of Halloween. With horror movie marathons constantly airing on any given channel, along with the slightly-cooler Florida weather, it’s hard not to get into... Read more
Opinion: Audiobooks are helpful to enhance literature
BY DARIAN SABLON There has been an ongoing battle that has been rocking the world of book lovers everywhere: a schism, in many ways, that divides many readers around the world. The question of which of one is better, audiobooks or physical texts, has been a prominent dilemma since... Read more
Pumpskin spice epidemic
BY GENNA NORDLING Starbucks created the Pumpkin Spice Latte in 2003. Ever since then, pumpkin spice has been known as the most popular flavor and scent of fall. In 2017, everything from M&M’s to Pringles has a pumpkin spice version and it seems that the flavor is taking over... Read more
Rocket man: the North Korean crisis
BY ANNABELLE ROSA As of now, there stand two political leaders of varying levels of infamy, each of whom need to adjust their diplomatic skills in order to prevent a nuclear holocaust. The first is the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. The dictator is primarily known for... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: Thanksgiving is a terrible holiday
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Thanksgiving, while enjoyed by many, certainly has its critics. The reasons why are evident, especially when hearing the horror stories that occur during the household festivities. Thanksgiving is a celebration centered around disorder, with sharp knives, hot ovens and the majority of your family under one... Read more
Spooky season starts too soon
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE AND GENNA NORDLING Halloween originated as a Celtic holiday, during which the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred, making it easier for the Celts to predict their future. To celebrate, Celts held huge bonfires to sacrifice animals and burn crops, dressing up as... Read more
Distress and Disarray: America’s fight against white supremacy and why ignorance is not the key to winning on either front
BY ANNABELLE ROSA No individual has ever been exempt from the harsh, often cruel lash of racial prejudice. Whether it be the racist cries of an individual in opposition of any man, woman or child they deem different, or simply a teacher’s bias toward a student they don’t favor,... Read more