Age doesn’t define success
BY EMMA FRANZ Success means something different to each and every person. For some, it may be simply obtaining straight A’s throughout the school year and for others, it may be accomplishing a lifelong dream. While some people consider success a milestone accomplished later in life, many of the... Read more
Netflix shows its pride: Representation of the LGBT+ community through online streaming services
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Since the ‘50s, television has been a staple in households across America. Television has allowed for many aspects of diversity to be presented on a bigger platform. As technology continues to grow, so does the representation of minorities in TV and movies. Streaming sites such as... Read more
Canvas is “painting” the way to a better educational future: The latest technological advancement in classrooms
BY JULIA SAFRIN As the world evolves and technology progresses, society’s surroundings are constantly changing.  The classroom is no exception. Classrooms have been evolving since schools first started and their latest edition is the learning management system, Canvas. Cooper City public schools such as Embassy Creek Elementary, Pioneer Middle... Read more
Freshman year: How to seize the moment
BY ANNABELLE ROSA When entering the halls of Cooper City High School on the first day of a student’s first year, there is really nothing to be said, as many believe this is just one moment in the overall timeline of a person’s life. Students cautiously make their way... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: Summer vacation should be shorter
BY JOSEPH STURGEON The agrarian school calendar that United States schools have long followed is now out of date. For a few decades, the United States has performed poorly in education in international rankings, and partly to blame is the 180-day public school schedule that allows for a two-month-long... Read more
Why you should make the most out of high school
BY RYAN MERARD High school is arguably the most important four years of schooling for students. Many of the things accomplished during this time will change how life is later led. Receiving a high school diploma will open many doors later in life, including going to college and getting... Read more
How to save a life: Teachers should have medical training
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Teachers know a great deal. Whether it’s the symbolism in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” or the social responses to World War II, one would be hard-pressed to find a teacher that isn’t well-versed in their particular field. But one area that many teachers find themselves lacking the... Read more
Starting school on a Wednesday is beneficial for students and teachers
BY ARIELLE KRAUS As the 2018 school year commences, an adjustment has been made to the school calendar. Rather than beginning on the typical Monday, students will start school midweek on Wednesday, August 15. This modification to the Broward Schools calendar is a minor change that will positively affect... Read more
Participation awards past a certain age only hinder one in their life accomplishments
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Awards are given with the intent of congratulating an individual on their hard work and accomplishments. The presence of award ceremonies has only grown with the rise of extreme academic competitiveness. Students are encouraged to build up their resume and college applications with as many achievements... Read more
Senior pranks should be executed, but with caution
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE A senior prank is a prank organized by the graduating class of a school meant as a final act from students of the institution. Usually characterized by silly, comical actions, it isn’t uncommon for videos of senior pranks to pop up on one’s social media feed.... Read more