Boys Called Men, Women Called Girls
BY LINDSEY HANNAH When reading the terms “boy” and “girl,” what comes to mind? Children, likely. Even teenagers navigating the complexities of growing up. But put them in a different context and these harmless words take on a very different meaning. Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, African American... Read more
Leave The Clocks Alone: Stop Saving Daylight
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER “Spring forward, fall back.” Daylight Savings is the practice of advancing the clocks by one hour at the start of spring, so that evening daylight lasts for an hour longer than normal. “Daylight savings is pointless,” junior Maya Smilen said. “It’s really hard to adjust to,... Read more
Congratulations! You’re in (for two straight weeks of anxiety and existential crises)
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Welcome to the real March Madness. No, this one isn’t about basketball – it’s time for college decisions. As CCHS students wait in anticipation of doomsday, one thing is clear: rejection doesn’t say anything about talent, skill or achievement. Sometimes, rejection can even be a blessing... Read more
A Guide to College Applications, to Underclassmen
BY LINDSEY HANNAH The year is nearly over. As seniors like myself commit to their respective universities, a daunting chalice is passed down to the next class: college applications. After a year of applications, tests, essays, and expos, I have compiled everything I’ve learned here in an effort to... Read more
Why Mandatory Fundraisers Are a Good Thing
BY LINDSEY HANNAH It is seldom, if ever, voluntary. No matter if it’s car washes, chocolate boxes, Valentine plush toys or matchmaking quizzes, odds are that every club member has, at one time or another, taken part in fundraising. Despite the common reluctance to participate, however, fundraising is one... Read more
The Issues With Limiting Bathroom Passes
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER The topic of bathroom passes seems to be a sensitive subject here at Cooper. Some teachers feel that the students have the right and the maturity to manage their class time in a productive way and do not feel the need to limit their use of... Read more
Standing Up for Stand Your Ground
Pi vs Tau, Which Should We Celebrate?
Animation Should Be Taken More Seriously
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD Until someone is up at 2 am bending over a tiny art pad, hand-cramping and having to hit Control+Z to undo repeatedly so the frames would look right, they really won’t understand the dedication animators have. An animator will spend months or even years working frame... Read more
Sanctuary Policies Do More Harm Than Good
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA Sanctuary policies; pretty ironic, right? Besides being explicitly against federal law, it’s also apparent that these initiatives, though they are designed with the intention of defending undocumented immigrants from persecution, only subjugate and insulate them within communities which actively work against their best interests. What’s a... Read more