Spare the change: Pennies should be taken out of circulation
BY CASEY CHAPTER They can be found at the bottom of a purse, on the ground at a grocery store and at the back of a dryer. They are collected by children and saved in piggy banks everywhere; yet, they are seldom used. Pennies are plentiful in today’s world,... Read more
Keep your child in school day: High schools should not have Take Your Child to Work Day
BY NUHA ISLAM In history teacher Charlie Cardinale’s first hour class, six students sit scattered around a vacant classroom. Next door, there are four people. Directly upstairs, three students sit watching a rerun of “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.” on Netflix while the teacher grades papers. Rather than taking the scheduled chapter eight... Read more
Celebrities deserve the right to a private life
BY SOPHIA WENGIER Anyone who stands in line at the supermarket, turns on a TV or keeps up with social media can see the obsession that Americans have with celebrities. Tabloids offer gritty details of the personal lives of celebrities that often catch the attention of the public, whether... Read more
All aboard the future of transportation: Train travel should be encouraged
BY DARIAN SABLON We live in a nation that is dominated by automobiles, with over 80 percent of Americans using personal vehicles like cars to go to work or go on trips. We often can’t imagine going anywhere without cars, or in the case of long-distance, travel planes. Yet,... Read more
1984: The use of fiction to stimulate political discourse
BY ANNABELLE ROSA “But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished,” reads the last page of George Orwell’s 1984. “He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.” Orwell’s novel depicts the grotesque and seemingly myopic society that had accumulated in Britain... Read more
Logan Paul takes it one vlog too far
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Logan Paul, while adored by his millions of teenybopper fans, will not escape punishment for his recent actions. While seen as a role model to his viewers despite his immature and impulsive tendencies, Paul made a foolish decision several weeks ago that opened the eyes of... Read more
Dual enrollment is the best alternative to AP classes
BY JULIA WENGIER It’s a slow Monday morning for CCHS. After sitting through three ninety-minute periods, likely core classes like math or history, all anyone wants to do is go home. Luckily, thanks to enrollment at Broward College, many students can leave. The clock reads 12:53 as they drive... Read more
Gift cards are the better gift to give
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Mounds of festive wrapping paper line heavily decorated rooms as the early morning light streams pleasantly through the windows, casting a heavenly glow upon perfectly aligned stockings and glittering ornaments adorning the trees. It’s the wee hours of Christmas day and millions of children are ripping... Read more
Shopping in stores should not go out of style
BY KENDYL COUNTS With each passing year, Amazon gains a stronger grip on holiday shopping, and traditional storefronts begin to lose their foothold. Unfortunately, the excitement surrounding online shopping services has caused Americans to take an extremely important luxury for granted – having options. Competition with online retailers has... Read more
Real gifts shouldn’t be replaced by gift cards
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE With the holiday season fast approaching and the list of people buying gifts ever growing, it is tempting to simplify things and just purchase mass amounts of giftcards to end all the stress. It can be nearly impossible to find the perfect gift for each person,... Read more