Lack of essential supplies: The shortage of protective equipment is risking the lives of healthcare workers worldwide
BY ALYSSA KHAN The effects of the coronavirus are global, causing catastrophic consequences throughout the world. It’s bad enough that the pandemic is continuously spreading, but the fact that healthcare workers aren’t able to be properly taken care of and protected makes it worse. This is because of the... Read more
SAT solutions?: The impacts of College Board’s controversial test cancellations in light of COVID-19
BY EMMA HUERTA It’s no lie that the coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. Students have especially been affected as schools remain closed, classes and events turn virtual and days are indefinitely spent at home.  Besides the evident toll COVID-19 has taken on schools and their students,... Read more
The SAT prep struggle: Students who cannot afford SAT prep courses are at a disadvantage
BY ARIELLE KRAUS One of the most stressful parts of an individual’s junior year of high school is the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). For most of one’s entire high school experience, they hear about the SAT and worry about how they will do when their time to take it... Read more
Discrimination through doctor’s notes: Requiring doctor’s notes for a sick student’s absence is discriminating and ridiculous
BY ELENA VALDEZ Being absent can mean a lot of things, however, in order to excuse one’s lack of appearance, a note from a doctor’s office is oftentimes required and an appointment or severe illness is one of the only justifiable excuses for not showing up.  Broward County Publics... Read more
The prevalent misuse of mental health terms shows a need for greater education
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN “Oh my god, I’m so OCD. I love color-coding.” “My math teacher is really bipolar.” “Watching the last season of ‘Game of Thrones’ was an emotionally traumatizing experience.” It’s difficult to go a whole day in high school without overhearing someone misuse a mental health term.... Read more
The Florida Baker Act: Three ineffective days of institutionalization
 BY ELENA VALDEZ  In 1971, the chairperson for the Mental Health Committee of Florida, Maxine Baker, proposed an act which would allow people in crisis to be committed to a psychiatric institution for 72 hours, offering immediate help to those who truly need it.  However, seldom is this actually... Read more
How much is too much? The effects of being too open on social media
BY ARIELLE KRAUS In an ever-changing society, social media has taken the world by storm. Over two billion individuals use platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter worldwide. However, social media can be a very dangerous place, and how open one chooses to be online can heavily affect their mental... Read more
Schools have taken over literature: Students struggle to enjoy the novels read within English class
BY EMMA FRANZ Reading not only allows for an extensive vocabulary but enables students to live vicariously through the characters of a good novel. It transports the reader to another world. Although once upon a time there may have been many students eager to read, the novels read in... Read more
The death of a million is just a statistic: Society is desensitized to gun violence
BY ELENA VALDEZ It isn’t news that people die every day. Murder, mass shootings and other modes of massacre are covered and repeated on a relatively regular basis. A life is taken unlawfully and all one does is glance over a screen. There is a harsh drop in humanity;... Read more
Blocked and disconnected: School Wi-Fi needs to be unblocked
BY VICTORIA MARTIN The internet has been made easily accessible to most of society over the past few years. Many would say that the internet is just one press of a button away and the information held by the internet is at a person’s fingertips. This accessibility has allowed... Read more