Three days is too little: Thanksgiving break should be longer
BY SABRINA WONG For many years, students attending a Broward County Public School (BCPS) have only received the second half of the school week off for Thanksgiving break in November. After working nonstop for nearly three months, students deserve to have at least a full week away from the... Read more
Rehabilitated ex-felons should be allowed the right to vote
BY JOSEPH STURGEON As the nation gets ready for the upcoming midterm elections, the Florida amendment ballot that would restore voting rights to 1.5 million convicted felons in Florida has caught the attention of many Florida residents. An estimated 6.1 million people in the United States with a felony... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: School uniforms are favorable for students
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Wearing a school uniform is often a requirement that students are not in favor of because the thought of dressing in khakis and a polo shirt is not ideal to most. However, uniforms are not as terrible as they seem. Uniforms are very common in private... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: Rolling backpacks don’t deserve the hate
BY KAYLA GATES It’s no secret that rolling backpacks are an unwelcome sight at Cooper City High School, seemingly disliked by both students and administration. However, these bags offer various benefits for those in unique situations and often receive more resentment than they deserve. Excessively heavy backpacks have become... Read more
Age doesn’t define success
BY EMMA FRANZ Success means something different to each and every person. For some, it may be simply obtaining straight A’s throughout the school year and for others, it may be accomplishing a lifelong dream. While some people consider success a milestone accomplished later in life, many of the... Read more
Teachers are more than educators: Teachers play a bigger role in society than most realize
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Teachers fill the halls of CCHS. Most students can remember the teachers they’ve had well past their high school years. Memories and relationships have been forged between the two. The bonds between teacher and student are often undermined, along with their importance in any given student’s... Read more
Freshmen or fresh meat: Teasing ninth graders is pointless, but it isn’t a big deal either
BY KAREN SUROS Every year, incoming freshmen are subjected to the backlash of upperclassmen. It ranges from general complaints about the new and confused addition to the student body, to eager chants of “Freshmen go home!” at school activities. Frankly, it’s not completely justified. Every high school student has... Read more
Netflix shows its pride: Representation of the LGBT+ community through online streaming services
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Since the ‘50s, television has been a staple in households across America. Television has allowed for many aspects of diversity to be presented on a bigger platform. As technology continues to grow, so does the representation of minorities in TV and movies. Streaming sites such as... Read more
Canvas is “painting” the way to a better educational future: The latest technological advancement in classrooms
BY JULIA SAFRIN As the world evolves and technology progresses, society’s surroundings are constantly changing.  The classroom is no exception. Classrooms have been evolving since schools first started and their latest edition is the learning management system, Canvas. Cooper City public schools such as Embassy Creek Elementary, Pioneer Middle... Read more
A four-day school week is not ideal
BY GENNA NORDLING Upon first glance, the idea of a four-day school week looks great because students will have Friday off every weekend. But, this is the only real benefit that comes from switching to this schedule. To students, a four-day school week simply means less time in school... Read more