The Lariat’s 2017 holiday playlist The Lariat’s 2017 holiday playlist
BY KENDYL COUNTS Holiday music is playing practically everywhere – and The Lariat newsroom is no exception. To share our festive spirit, we have... The Lariat’s 2017 holiday playlist


Holiday music is playing practically everywhere – and The Lariat newsroom is no exception. To share our festive spirit, we have compiled a list of a few old classics, new hits and underrated gems that are perfect to play on repeat throughout the month of December. Readers can find our full playlist here.

Step Into Christmas – Elton John

For those who can not get enough of vintage 70’s rock, “Step into Christmas” will liven up any winter activity with its cheerful message. Released in 1973, the song hit number one on the Billboard Christmas Singles chart but seems to have faded from contemporary holiday playlists. In spite of its decline in popularity among younger generations, the song’s unifying lyrics are just as appropriate today as they were decades ago. With a welcome to the song from Sir Elton John himself, the cheerful tune continues to be a fantastic listen for the holiday and a nostalgic throwback to Christmas past.

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch – Jim Carrey

Packed schedules are a hallmark of the holiday season, and those who cannot spare enough time to watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2002) can find the same eccentric hilarity in “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” Diverging from the distinctive Christmas sounds of jingle bells and tinkling chimes, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” has practically no audible connections with the holiday, yet evokes nostalgia from those for whom the story of the Grinch is a holiday staple. The number features the many comedic voices of actor Jim Carrey, which makes singing along difficult but listening even more fun. With an unusual sound and humorous lyrics, the song can prompt even the meanest of grinches to crack a smile.

Snowflake – Sia

Taking a different approach to holiday music, Sia’s new album, “Everyday is Christmas,” incorporates festive tones and topics into a modern, pop music sound. “Snowflake” is one of the handful of ballads from the otherwise lively album, in which Sia laments the melting of her one of a kind snowflake. Though the snowflake can be interpreted as a metaphor for fleeting winter relationships or a desperation to hold onto the seasonal feeling of joy, those who just genuinely adore snowflakes (granted, there are not too many in Florida) will find it equally as heart wrenching. Sia’s powerful vocals match beautifully with the subtle piano accompaniment, forming a soulful ode for those winter blues.

All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey

Of course, no holiday playlist is complete without the one true anthem of Christmas – “All I Want For Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey. The star of countless Christmas karaoke parties in spite its challenging range, the iconic melody was released in 1994 and has since been considered the standard for holiday music. A Christmas time love letter, the song can be appreciated both by those looking for romance and those just looking for a new holiday jam. Though many have tried to replicate her success, December would not be the same without Carey’s essential addition to holiday music’s greatest hits.


Don’t Be a Jerk (It’s Christmas) – Spongebob Squarepants

What Spongebob lacks in vocal talent he makes up for in common sense. Though this song aired on a television show aimed at children, it carries a universal message and is essentially a musical public service announcement. Written for laughs, the song is ironic and immature, yet it makes a good point regarding the topics it discusses; for example, express lines in the grocery store are for ten items or less, and people should appreciate the gifts that they do receive rather than complaining about the ones that they did not get. Maybe it is time to start listening to Spongebob – or, at least reading the lyrics, since the vocals are highly irritating.