Football: JV Cowboys Defeat Nova Titans 20-0 Football: JV Cowboys Defeat Nova Titans 20-0
BY OLIVIA LEWIS On Wednesday, September 7th, our JV football team took on the Nova Titans.  The Cowboys shutout the Titans with a score... Football: JV Cowboys Defeat Nova Titans 20-0



On Wednesday, September 7th, our JV football team took on the Nova Titans.  The Cowboys shutout the Titans with a score 20-0, putting their record at 1-0-1.

Starting the game off strong, the Cowboys kept the Titans offense behind the 50 yard line, forcing a punt on fourth down.  The Cowboys dropped the punt, and the Titans instantly regained possession, putting them closer to the end zone.  The Cowboys didn’t give up hope, still fighting vigorously to gain possession of the ball back.  Successfully, Cooper City held the Titans right where they wanted and forced a turnover.  The Cowboy offense continuously pressured the Titan defense, causing there to be gaps.  #2 Arthur Brefil recognized those gaps and ran the ball all the way to the end zone, leaving the Titans in his dust.

“The biggest play of the game was Arthur scoring in the first play of the game,” Sophomore Bryce Ramirez said.

The Cowboys attempted the extra point and made it, making the score 7-0 in the last 5 minutes of the first quarter.  Although there wasn’t much time left, the Cowboys kept their heads in the game, and retrieved a fumble, giving the Cowboys possession once again.  #28 Michael Ruma gained 7 yards from a handoff, still pressuring the Titan defense.  The next play, #1 Ray Batten ran the ball 14 yards for their next touchdown.  The Cowboys attempted their extra point, but the kick was slightly off, leaving the first quarter with a score of 13-0.

Still dominating the game, the Cowboys offense ran by the Titan defense time and time again.  Batten gained 20 yards for the Cowboys from a handoff, which put the Cowboy offense closer to the Titan’s end zone.  The Cowboys made it all the way to the two yard line, but couldn’t score another touchdown, forcing them to give possession to the Titans.  The Cowboy defense didn’t allow the Titan players to get passed them, which resulted in a punt from Nova.

“The biggest influence of the game were the plays of the defense,” Batten said.   

The Cowboys were held at the 15-yard line by the Titans, and couldn’t get by them, which caused a turnover.  The Titans started to break the Cooper City defense apart, when the quarterback from Nova threw a pass which ended up being a 30 yard gain.  Although, the Titans gained some yardage, it wasn’t enough to give them a touchdown. The second quarter ended with a score of 13-0.

The Cowboys started off strong once again, with a kickoff return which gained them a lot of yardage.  The Titans didn’t stand a chance against the offense; the Cowboys constantly made runs up the field, leaving the Titans on the floor.  #83 made a tremendous catch, helping the Cowboys gain 30 yards.  Even though the Cowboys were winning, they didn’t stop the fight.  #4 ran the ball in for another touchdown, with 2 minutes and 40 seconds left in the third quarter.  The Cowboys attempted an extra point and accomplished it, making the score 20-0 in the final minutes of the quarter.

In the fourth quarter, the Titans came out stronger than the Cowboys expected.  Nova started to dominate the game and found holes through the Cowboys defense.  The Cowboys kept on fighting, no matter how much the other team was challenging them.  However, Nova secured an interception in the last 7 minutes of the game, which put them near the end zone.  The Cowboys fought until the last minutes of the game, and prevented the other team from gaining any points.  

“I hope for our next game our attitude and focus is better,” sophomore Ryan Garcia said.  “And that we don’t make as many mistakes and we win.”  

The Cowboys walked off the field with smiles on their faces and heads held high.

Final Score: Cowboys 20, Titans 0.