Boys Varsity Lacrosse: CCHS Obtains Their First Win of the Season Against West Broward
RECAP BOYS VARSITY LACROSSE VS WEST BROWARD BY OLIVIA LEWIS As the fans filled the bleachers, the Cowboys were getting in their pre-game mindset. Their concentration could be seen from the sideline, the determination to win was extreme. The referees blew their whistles, and the boys took their positions... Read more
Girls Varsity Lacrosse: CCHS Dominates Against West Broward in a 13-3 Win
BY OLIVIA LEWIS At 5 o’clock on Monday, February 13th, the girls varsity lacrosse team played their first game of the season. The girls gave it their all, and won their first district game with a score of 13-3. The girls set up in their positions and sophomore Olivia... Read more
Boy’s Varsity Lacrosse: CCHS Loses Season Opener Against Cypress Bay
BY OLIVIA LEWIS The Cooper City Cowboys Boys Varsity lacrosse team kicked their first game of the season off against the Cypress Bay Lightning. The Cowboys fought until the very end, giving it everything they had to win their first game. Unfortunately, the Cowboys lost the game with a... Read more
Boy’s Varsity Lacrosse: Cooper City Loses To South Plantation
BY ANDY MORALES On Thursday March 11th, the CCHS Boys Lacrosse Team went head to head against South Plantation. The bleachers were booming with fans and parents alike. It was senior night, an evening dedicated to the seniors on the team for their hard work and devotion throughout the... Read more
Boy’s Varsity Volleyball: Cowboys Face American Heritage With A Playoff Spot On The Line
BY DAVID DEACON With the district volleyball playoffs nearing, the Cooper City Varsity Boys Volleyball Team needed a push to guarantee a playoff position. On Tuesday, April 9, our boys played a home game against American Heritage; the last time that Cooper City faced-off against the Eagles, Cooper defeated... Read more
Tennis: Practice Makes Perfect For The CCHS Team
BY ANDREW MORALES After school, kids rush over to Pioneer Middle school, rackets in hand and with the desire to get better. As the kids walk onto the tennis court they are immediately handed a can of balls and begin to hit. With every swing they begin to warm... Read more
Girl’s Lacrosse: Cowboys Lose To University School
BY JACKIE WEISER On March 5th, 2013, The Varsity girls lacrosse team faced off against the University School Suns. The Cowboys started off strong. Within the first ten seconds of the game junior Ally Pratt scored a goal. The Suns started to step it up but it wasn’t enough... Read more
Lacrosse: Cooper City Looks To The Future With New Players
BY JACOB FIERMAN The sport of lacrosse has exploded in South Florida recently and it is clearly on the rise. For years Lacrosse was known as a sport that was played in the northeast, however, now it has made its way down south. Lacrosse is a sport that involves... Read more
Basketball and Hockey: Senior Branden Shafmaster Does Double Duty
BY JACOB FIERMAN The hockey player skates down the ice with blazing speed. He dodges one defender, avoids another, and comes face to face with the final man, the goalie. The player cocks back and fires a shot only to have it blocked by CCHS’s premiere goalie. As the... Read more
Boys Lacrosse: Cowboys Beat McCarthy And Lose To Cypress Bay
  BY JACKIE WEISER On Wednesday, February 22nd the Cooper City boys lacrosse team took on Archbishop McCarthy at home in the season opener. The boys were ready to start the season. The first half started off in the Cowboys favor, after various plays and ground balls, senior Donny... Read more