Tattoo Taboo: The Stigma Against Body Modifications
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER A form of self-expression and intricate art, tattoos are some of the most looked-down-upon forms of body modifications out there. Tattoos, and body modifications in general have had a stigma against them for generations. They are seen as tacky and the people who are adorned by... Read more
Press and the President: How the Trump Administration Interacts with the Media
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Chewing gum furiously and launching conference podiums at reporters, Melissa McCarthy’s portrayals of press secretary Sean Spicer parodied the relationship between the new administration and the press. Yet despite the laughter of Saturday Night Live’s weekly audience, the real-life toxicity holds immense repercussions for the American... Read more
The Senioritis Epidemic and Why School Still Matters
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Standing on the cusp between the two semesters, it’s high time for seniors to start dropping like Mayflies. It is the ailment of all ailments – the one sickness that can keep any senior home three days a week with no symptoms except a case of... Read more
Gap Years: Beneficial or Bust?
BY TAMARAH WALLACE As caps descend from the air and the distinct melody of graduation begins, a student realizes that, for most of their peers, one four year academic battle will soon be replaced by another. However, unlike previous years, they will not be sparring alongside them. Yes, they... Read more
Clickbait: The Problem With Attention Seeking Headlines
BY TAMARAH WALLACE You scroll down a historical web page scanning for a short answer to your long essay prompt. As you realize that this site contains information that is of no use to you, a brightly colored picture with an equally eye-catching heading calls your attention. With one... Read more
Appreciation Overdue

Appreciation Overdue

Opinions February 10, 2017

BY DARIAN SABLON In a time when computers were nothing but science fiction plot devices and cellphones were just figments of people’s imagination, there was a place where someone could go whenever they had a burning question, or wanted to runaway to a magical world of dragons and knights,... Read more
The Importance of the Fine Arts Credit
BY KENDYL COUNTS After all these years, paint by numbers and plastic recorders might seem better for nostalgic reminiscence than actual use, but Kindergarten isn’t the only place where students should be encouraged to color outside of the lines. Though by high school most students can draw more than... Read more
BY: CASSIDY NOWOSAD Whether it’s a music video, a movie or even a video game, advertisers have developed a nasty habit of making too many trailers. They’ll have a poster for the trailer, and the trailer will lead to another trailer, which is simply unnecessary. An example of this... Read more
Which Courses to Take Junior Year
BY CHRISTINA FLUEGEL I had no idea what to expect when I walked into school my first day of junior year. I had chosen my classes seven months in advance, and I had just went with what sounded good. In light of course selection cards being handed out this... Read more
Winter Break Schedule: Festive or Fatal?
BY SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL The end of the second quarter is approaching, along with the advent of the new year. This holiday season, as always, is a time of joy and cheer, of gift exchanges, and of spending time with family. However, one thing may stand to jeopardize that: the... Read more