Unpopular opinion: Potheads are addicts
BY ELENA VALDEZ “It’s just weed.” Whether it’s hitting a dab pen in the school bathroom or rolling joints on the weekend, pot is commonly viewed as a less-than-minor offense. However common smoking weed may be, it still bears consequences and can easily turn into an addiction. The ease... Read more
Unpopular opinion: Icebreakers are important
BY SOFIA MENDEZ The first day of school brings an awkward tension that not even the most extroverted students can dissipate. It’s never fun to sit in a room full of people you may not know and, more often than not, a student surrounded by strangers will not speak... Read more
The importance of a thorough and inclusive sexual education
BY ELENA VALDEZ As bodies change and hormone levels fluctuate, the inner sexual demon is aroused within teenagers. Sex is a natural part of life, and the time in which many come to this realization is during their teenage years. Many questions arise and the changes that stem from... Read more
Why you should consider buying e-textbooks in college rather than physical textbooks
BY ISABELLA MARCON In recent years, the costs of college textbooks have become extraordinarily high and have added to the significant financial burden that comes with attending a university. In hopes of finding a cheaper alternative, many students have looked toward a new and more affordable option: e-textbooks. E-textbooks... Read more
Turning to the wrong page: Physical textbooks are better than those online
BY ELENA VALDEZ Online textbooks are more convenient, but that does not mean that they are more effective. Online textbooks are now preferred in the classroom as schools are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. However advantageous they may be in the sense of accessibility, the overall learning disadvantages outweigh... Read more
Inform your opinion: Why cable news is bad for your bias
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE “What you see on the internet isn’t always true.” It is easy to form an opinion based on a shocking statistic you see on Facebook. But who is to say that the information spread throughout social media is factual or reliable in any way? While this... Read more
Diversity matters but Marvel and DC Comics aren’t doing it right
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Peter Parker. These are the first names that come to mind when superheroes and comic book franchises are mentioned.  All of these characters have several things in common: they all share the same gender, sexual orientation and race. Marvel and DC both... Read more
Too young, too naive, too ignorant: Teens are not too young to have a political opinion
BY JULIA SAFRIN During such a polarizing time in politics, everybody has something to say and teens are no exception. While some may think that teens are too young to form any kind of political opinion, they actually aren’t and it’s important that they do. Even though the majority... Read more
To speak or not to speak: Controversial topics should be discussed at school
BY EMMA HUERTA There’s no sugarcoating the situations in our world today. In spite of all of the positives, society can still be deemed chaotic in many respects. Every day, new issues– immigration, equality, gun control, et cetera– seem to be on the rise, while previous ones are still... Read more
Teachers comparing siblings is not ideal for the student
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Being compared to a sibling is one of the most frustrating challenges a student can face. When a student attends school and receives a new teacher, they strive to make their best impression. However, if the teacher has taught a sibling of theirs in the past,... Read more