Returning to our Roots: Introduce Agricultural Classes to CCHS
BY LINDSEY HANNAH Today’s suburbia is the epitome of convenience, especially when it comes to food. Everything comes prepackaged or precooked. There are no such things as “seasons” for fruits and vegetables, and even the cows which once filled the fields between developments have gotten the boot to make... Read more
Sick at School? Stay Home Instead
BY DARIAN SABLON It’s a nightmare being sick. Your body is constantly tired and any energy for productivity is completely gone; the most you ever want to do is sleep for hours in the comfort of your bed. Yet, despite you not wanting to, school calls and if you... Read more
Teacher Pay by Performance: An Education Based Malpractice
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA Without engineers, our infrastructure would fall apart, just as without teachers, our society would fall apart. So many elucidate that teachers have the most important occupation in the world, yet so few understand what makes a teacher effective at that job. Could it be measured through... Read more
Deadlines for Projects Before AP Exams Don’t Help Anyone
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER AP season has officially begun, and students and teachers alike know that having an adequate amount time to study is important for going for that 5 on the exam. This time can be limited, however, when teachers pile on the projects right before the exam, forcing... Read more
Powering Through the Last Few Weeks of School
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER Stepping out of that last AP Exam or EOC feels like the biggest weight off any student’s shoulders. The end of these big tests unofficially marks the end of the school year, right? Wrong. Students tend to stop trying after these big tests are over. They... Read more
Boys Called Men, Women Called Girls
BY LINDSEY HANNAH When reading the terms “boy” and “girl,” what comes to mind? Children, likely. Even teenagers navigating the complexities of growing up. But put them in a different context and these harmless words take on a very different meaning. Prior to the Civil Rights Movement, African American... Read more
Science and Politics: A Relationship Requiring Improvement
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA Science. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through the scientific method. Naturally, it seems that this set of processes created to determine the truth should not be influenced... Read more
Leave The Clocks Alone: Stop Saving Daylight
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER “Spring forward, fall back.” Daylight Savings is the practice of advancing the clocks by one hour at the start of spring, so that evening daylight lasts for an hour longer than normal. “Daylight savings is pointless,” junior Maya Smilen said. “It’s really hard to adjust to,... Read more
Congratulations! You’re in (for two straight weeks of anxiety and existential crises)
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Welcome to the real March Madness. No, this one isn’t about basketball – it’s time for college decisions. As CCHS students wait in anticipation of doomsday, one thing is clear: rejection doesn’t say anything about talent, skill or achievement. Sometimes, rejection can even be a blessing... Read more
A Guide to College Applications, to Underclassmen
BY LINDSEY HANNAH The year is nearly over. As seniors like myself commit to their respective universities, a daunting chalice is passed down to the next class: college applications. After a year of applications, tests, essays, and expos, I have compiled everything I’ve learned here in an effort to... Read more