Spooky season starts too soon
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE AND GENNA NORDLING Halloween originated as a Celtic holiday, during which the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred, making it easier for the Celts to predict their future. To celebrate, Celts held huge bonfires to sacrifice animals and burn crops, dressing up as... Read more
Distress and Disarray: America’s fight against white supremacy and why ignorance is not the key to winning on either front
BY ANNABELLE ROSA No individual has ever been exempt from the harsh, often cruel lash of racial prejudice. Whether it be the racist cries of an individual in opposition of any man, woman or child they deem different, or simply a teacher’s bias toward a student they don’t favor,... Read more
Obscurity or simple entertainment: what makes a good movie
BY ANNABELLE ROSA A girl walks down a dark alleyway, her male companions close behind; they are all young and fearless, a creature lurking in the dark line just beyond a series of trash bins and other disposable gunk. A member of the audience shields their eyes in anticipation... Read more
Unpopular opinion: movies are better enjoyed alone
BY DARIAN SABLON Humans are social creatures. People crave the company of others when doing social activities that are not meant to be done by a single person, like going out to a restaurant or visiting the mall. Going to the movies alone, for instance, isn’t something considered socially... Read more
Field trips are beneficial to high schoolers
BY SOPHIA WENGIER As students grow from long division and recess to calculus and college, the learning experience alters. An increased focus on testing and preparing for university puts playtime far into the background, making recess and building blocks disappear. These changes are fitting for those who are about... Read more
High school uniforms: the good, the bad and the ugly
BY KENDYL COUNTS “Be yourself” is a classic piece of first day of school advice, bestowed upon students everywhere as they brace themselves for the unknown. Being immediately swallowed by a sea of navy polos, however, makes it difficult to stand out. Just another person sporting a button up,... Read more
Diplomatic dischord: Trump’s lack of appointees and their Importance to U.S. foreign policy
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA Diplomacy should be treated as a necessity in this era of geopolitical challenges, but is it? As far as the U.S. Department of State (DOS) goes, it seems that the Trump administration prefers hard power over soft power foreign policy. This time, oddly enough, the telltale... Read more
Athletics in Private vs Public schools – the ongoing debacle on whether or not parents are paying for guaranteed athletic success
BY OLIVIA LEWIS Throughout the state of Florida, there are many diverse schools that students can attend. From public schools to private schools, children and teenagers can thrive in several types of environments. However, the way public schools are viewed versus private schools is extremely conflicting, especially for athletes.... Read more
Political Polarization: What it Does, Why it’s Here and How to Stop it
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA Marine Le Pen was a symbol. Not just of change in French politics, but of a far larger morph in global political identity. Moreover, her place on the world stage is not solitary; she stands shoulder to shoulder with leaders who could not be called pragmatic,... Read more
7 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Summer Vacation
BY LINDSEY HANNAH Summer. A time to sleep in late, go to the beach or just do nothing for a solid two months before school starts again in the fall. With college admissions growing ever more selective, however, students hoping to compete with others nationwide might not be able... Read more