Sixty years of “Someplace Special”: Cooper City residents gather to celebrate the founding of their city
BY EMMA FRANZ Each year, friends, family and residents gather to celebrate the founding of Cooper City. This year’s festivities took place on Saturday, March 9, with locals lined alongside 90th Ave. awaiting the annual Founder’s Day parade. There was a train of entertainment as the parade consisted of... Read more
Making a tough decision: Cooper City residents come together to discuss the potential continuation of a local recovery home
BY RYAN MERARD On Thursday afternoon, March 7, Cooper City residents and commissioners gathered in the city hall auditorium to discuss a petition request about using local property as a recovery home for former drug users. During this public hearing, city clerk Kathryn Sims continually interrogated the petition’s applicant,... Read more
AP Portfolio art gallery: Allowing students to demonstrate their hard work and dedication through their art
BY ANNABELLE ROSA From Tuesday, March 5 through Monday, March 18, the artwork of several AP and Advanced Drawing Portfolio students will be displayed at the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, located on Harrison Street, one block east of Young Circle. This event is open to the public, however,... Read more
Cowboys take on the world at the World Languages Competition
BY KAREN SUROS On Saturday, March 3, select students represented Cooper City High School at the World Languages Competition. The competition took place from 8 to 11 a.m. at Piper High School. Since CCHS only offers French and Spanish, students only participated in the competitions for those two languages.... Read more
See something, say something: Broward County hosts a district-wide school safety town hall
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Broward County educators, school board members, students, parents and citizens all gathered at J.P. Taravella High School on Monday, February 25 to attend a town hall regarding school safety. Individuals who attended the event were given the opportunity to question and comment on safety within the... Read more
Binging the news: Apple expected to unveil its monthly “Netflix for News” service
BY ISABELLA MARCON On March 25, 2019, Apple will hold its first big product announcement of the year at the Steve Jobs Theatre on the Apple Park Campus. Industry insiders expect that the event will be focusing on a widely reported subscription news service. While the details are not... Read more
Modern minstrelsy: Why Ralph Northam is being pressured to resign
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is currently facing backlash following the unveiling of a 1984 yearbook photo in which he can be seen wearing blackface. Pressured by many to resign, Northam initially apologized for the picture, only to backtrack and state that the person appearing in the... Read more
It’s getting hot in here: Climate change for dummies
BY GENNA NORDLING “So much for global warming,” is a phrase said by many when the temperature falls below a tolerable level. Those who say this often deny the existence of global warming and climate change solely because they are experiencing cool weather. One of these climate change doubters... Read more
Creating constructive change: New food recovery program emerges at Pioneer Middle School
BY SABRINA WONG Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year— approximately 1.3 billion tons— gets lost or wasted. A new waste reduction program has made an appearance at Pioneer Middle School recently, helping out with this ongoing issue. The Food Recovery... Read more
A year of remembrance and change: A timeline of the events since February 14, 2018
BY ARIELLE KRAUS On February 14, 2018, Broward County Public Schools endured the unimaginable as tragedy struck Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School in Parkland. From that day on, MSD students, parents and staff have worked tirelessly to make a difference, not only for our county, but for our... Read more