The Sound Of Pride Take The Stage One Last Time For Encore!
BY SARAH ROUSSELL A wave of silence falls upon an excited audience as the lights of Cooper City High School’s auditorium fade. The auditorium is soon brought to life as the musicians of CCHS’s Sound of Pride wind ensemble begin to play. Starting from the very back of the... Read more
Cooper City’s Cake Boss
  BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY In a flurry of flour, clad in her chef hat, the young baker whisks her creamy confection in the midst of a culinary battle. Her hands move at lightning speed, kneading dough with nimble fingers, hardly pausing as she moves from one kitchen task to... Read more
An American In Paris
BY ROBYN BONFIGLIO Day 1 Only a single day has passed and everything I have seen has exceeded my expectations. A few weeks ago, I found out I was going to Paris and a few different places in Spain with my grandparents and my aunt. Along with a view... Read more
Teachers Compete To Become Cooper’s Biggest Loser
BY SYDNEY ALTMAN The scale is brought into the room and immediately the participants become anxious.  They have been exercising constantly and monitoring their diet more than they ever had before.  Each hopes that the time and dedication spent toward achieving their goal of shedding pounds was worth it. ... Read more
A Knight’s Tale: Thornton Davis Reenacts Medieval Swordplay
BY SARAH ROUSSELL The scorching hot sun blazes down on a ragged grass field as tension builds. Standing at each end of the field are two men who are suited up in heavy silver plated armor complete with a shield and a broad sword.  As if someone had pressed... Read more
Heroes Remembered: Ground Zero Museum Is A Moving Experience
BY RACHEL SHARPE When most people think about September 11th, 2001 the first thought that comes to mind are the images of two immense towers crumbling to the earth and thick, black smoke forming a cloud over Manhattan. The fact is most high school students don’t remember much of the horror... Read more
Lotocky Sisters Help Keep Their Cultural Heritage Alive Through Dance
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY The plush red curtain rises as a misty fog creeps from the rafters of the theater. Out of the wings emerge twelve beautiful women, each draped in white, like angels. They begin to twirl, slowly, rhythmically, almost dreamlike. The weary soldiers near the end of the... Read more
Anthony Gonzalez Lives To Dance
BY SYDNEY ALTMAN In the profound words of famed dancer Paula Abdul, “You can admire people all you want, and that’s lovely, but when you can inspire people, that is the ultimate gift.”  One dancer in particular proved to be an inspiration to many, as well as to Abdul... Read more
Student DJ’s Bring The Music To CCHS
BY RACHEL SHARPE When the latest hit song makes you jump out of your seat at a party and head straight to the dance floor, you probably don’t think twice about the guy who makes all the decisions about what songs to play and when to play them.  One... Read more
A Quick Snack Or Heart Attack?
BY JESSICA WEAVER On their off time, Cooper City High School students often gather together at the most popular restaurants in the local plazas. The most famous fast food restaurants Cooper City has come to love have not only given residents a place to interact during their spare time,... Read more