Teaching the future: A deeper look into the Early Childhood Education program
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Many students come to school to learn. However, CCHS students in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program come to teach. CCHS has an early learning lab located on its campus called The Littlest Cowboys Preschool. Here, students involved in the ECE program work with and teach... Read more
Horseback riding: A popular sport receiving little recognition
BY KAYLA GATES The Cooper City Cowboys is not just a name— it’s a reality for many. Horseback riding has become a significant part of the community, with many students participating in the sport. However, a lack of knowledge on the subject has caused some athletes to go unnoticed... Read more
Implementing new interests: New clubs enter the CCHS extracurricular scene
BY EMMA HUERTA As with the usual high school experience, many activities fill up students’ schedules both during and after school. A huge part of this lifestyle can be attributed to extracurricular clubs, as students unite themselves into distinct groups honoring a common interest or service. Clubs at CCHS... Read more
Skaters at CCHS: Who’s on board?
BY ELENA VALDEZ Cliches are an inevitable part of high school. As one walks down the halls, it’s easy to point out who’s who and what group they most likely “belong” to. Some of these traditional cliques, however, are easier to point out than others with distinct styles and... Read more
Controlling the cold: Kayla Kissel overcomes her allergy to the cold and pursues her dreams
BY EMMA HUERTA Allergies are a fairly common occurrence. From peanut to pollen allergies, millions of people are affected. However, some other, rarer sensitivities have gone relatively unheard of. This is the case with cold urticaria, an allergy characterized by an increased sensitivity to the cold, including cold water... Read more
Posting to keep the city posted: Exploring the Around Cooper City Instagram account
BY JULIA SAFRIN A blog run by an anonymous person is what seems like a stereotypical feature of the small towns that appear in movies and TV shows. Although Cooper City is a small town of reality, it is stereotypical and even equipped with an anonymously-ran Instagram account, @around_cooper_city.... Read more
Where high school goes to college: CCHS sophomores decide if they want to go to College Academy
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH When the clock turned midnight on January 9, 2019, most CCHS students were finishing up homework as usual. But a few sophomore students in particular were refreshing their computer in hopes to be the first to apply to College Academy— a program that offers many benefits... Read more
Testing the limits: Freshman Max Novak pursues an accelerated math program
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Logarithms, vectors and parabolas. For most students, these aren’t the things that come to mind when asked about their identity. But for freshman Max Novak, they’re what make him stand out from the crowd. When Novak was in fifth grade, he took the Great Explorations in... Read more
Going for the gold: Gymnast Tyler Flowers trains like there’s no tomorrow
BY SABRINA WONG Over 15 hours worth of sports practice usually doesn’t fall into a high schooler’s weekly schedule. But for sophomore Tyler Flowers, this tremendous time commitment is just a normal part of his routine. As an all-star gymnast, Flowers began training at only 4 years old. He... Read more
Just keep swimming: Sophomore Robert Wilson swims his way to success
BY ARIELLE KRAUS It’s not often that you hear a high school student has made the time cut for the Junior Olympics at such a young age. However, this accomplishment is one of many for the sophomore swimmer Robert Wilson, who has dedicated countless hours to this sport and... Read more