Musical Chairs Blog: We Are Warped – A Warped Tour Retrospective
BY MICHAEL LLERENA 1994. A truly pivotal year in the history of punk rock. Green Day releases their Grammy award-winning opus Dookie. The Offspring release the equally pivotal album Smash. Coincidentally, this was also the year that Lollapalooza veteran Kevin Lyman created his own tour to showcase his favorite... Read more
  BY ALYSSA FISHER I have no excuse to miss a deadline ever again. In less than three days, I wrote three articles, shot a video and edited it. I’m so pumped right now. Let me back up. It is Web Week here at the cherub program, meaning that... Read more
  BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY AND SARAH ROUSSELL We are blogging together from the University of Miami summer journalism program. As we begin to put together our video stories let’s recap our second week at the Miami Montage We recently completed all of the articles that are going into the... Read more
The Lariat Blog: Northwestern Week 2
BY ALYSSA FISHER I’m choosing to believe it’s not real. It can’t be. But unfortunately, it is. Wednesday marked the halfway point in the program here at Northwestern University. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been here for months, the time has truly flown. Even though they might not believe... Read more
Bon Iver Review
BY MICHAEL LLERENA Bon Iver’s 2008 debut album For Emma, Forever Ago was hailed as a masterpiece in the indie community. The record’s bare bones instrumentation and unrivaled ability to truly convey one man’s hardships would make the album a tough act for frontman Justin Vernon to follow. It... Read more
The Lariat Blog:The Montage Girls-Week 1
  BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY AND SARAH ROUSSELL We’re blogging together from the University of Miami summer journalism program. As we sit here in the newsroom waiting for our first articles to be edited, let’s recap our first week so far: Basically, what we do is we wake up at... Read more
Musical Chairs Blog: Best Of 2011-So Far
BY BROCK LANDERS Here we are, halfway through 2011, which has been an amazingly strong year for new music. Two thirds of my top ten could claim the number one spot in other years and my top four picks are pretty much a four way tie. I had to... Read more
  BY ALYSSA FISHER My first Lariat blog! After a week of frantically trying to meet 20-minute deadlines, I’m finally using the computer for my own personal enjoyment. For those of you who don’t know, I’m at Northwestern University’s National High School Institute journalism summer intensive. Also known as... Read more
  BY ALYSSA FISHER On June 2 AND 3, thousands of enthusiastic, country-clad fans gathered around Bank Atlantic Center, prepared to be blown away by country-pop princess Taylor Swift. After eagerly waiting months for her Speak Now World Tour, it was finally time to see what she had up... Read more
Review: Cults
BY JACK BRADY The band Cults self-titled debut can’t be easily summarized or accurately described in words. The only way to truly experience Cults is listening to the album in its entirety. Yet, such is its hypnotizing brilliance that even the hopeless task of conveying some shred of it... Read more