Fashion Forward Blog: Heavens To Betsey
BY MADISON MCNALLY The queen of fun fashion, Betsey Johnson, introduced her Spring-Summer 2012 Collection during the best time of the year, Fashion Week. The collection was stellar; Betsey’s punk yet flirtatious, feminine personality was incorporated in every piece. She saluted the night with by performing her signature cartwheel... Read more
  BY DESIREE DEMOLINA With recent online mediums, such as Twitter and Facebook, generating pages that allow verbal slaughter to the city of Cooper City, we have to ask ourselves: Is there something wrong with our corner of suburbia or are we simply instilling the idea through our complaints? ... Read more
Ordering Off The “Secret” Menu
BY JOSLYN TOMBACK It’s not everyday that you stroll into a restaurant and order something so bizarre it’s not even mentioned on the menu. It pretty much goes without saying that making an inquiry about a peanut butter and jelly smoothie would normally result in bizarre look. Well, that’s... Read more
Review: The Lying Game
BY TAYLOR MANDEL Many teenage girls’ Monday nights are dedicated to watching “The Lying Game,” ABC Family’s latest hit series. Based on the chilling Sara Shepard books, this show has viewers hooked to its mysterious vibe. The story starts off with estranged twins Emma and Sutton (both played by... Read more
The Nineties Are “All That” For Nickelodeon And MTV
BY HAILEE YEAGER Most high school students were 90’s kids, watching Nickelodeon shows like Rugrats, All That, Hey Arnold and the Amanda Show every day after school. However, nothing lasts forever, and the old lineup disappeared. Of course, as everyone grows older they feel nostalgia for the classics of their youth and Nick... Read more

To Be Or Not To Be A Hipster

Blogs September 15, 2011

  BY JEREMY HAAS It’s a word most high school students have heard by now.  It’s derogatory, and it’s mysterious.  “Hipster” is a phrase used to describe a large group of kids, but its true meaning is unknown.   This word, with no official definition, is normally used to describe... Read more
Life Through A Lens Blog: Remembering 9-11
BY KAYLEE OBERFIELD The Tuesday before 9-11 in Mrs. Sharp’s class AP Art, students gathered around a scrap of the steel structure salvaged from the World Trade Center after the attack. Mrs. Sharp was lent the piece, which is now in an installation at the Fire Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, in... Read more
Review: Widowspeak
BY JACK BRADY Widowspeak’s eponymous debut album is a mystifying concoction of smoldering wild-west indie rock suffused with psychedelic folk, electric blues, and classic surf rock. Like a midnight drive down a forgotten wilderness trail, the listener is utterly lost in the album’s eerie, nocturnal themes and haunting imagery,... Read more
Life Through A Lens Blog: If I Only Had A Brain
BY ALEXANDRA LEVINSON This past summer, I interned at the epilepsy center of Kansas University’s Hospital. Epilepsy is neurological disease that causes chronic seizures, so I spent a sizable amount of time looking at brains. During an autopsy of a man who had died of multiple sclerosis, I had... Read more
Musical Chairs Blog: We Are Warped – A Warped Tour Retrospective
BY MICHAEL LLERENA 1994. A truly pivotal year in the history of punk rock. Green Day releases their Grammy award-winning opus Dookie. The Offspring release the equally pivotal album Smash. Coincidentally, this was also the year that Lollapalooza veteran Kevin Lyman created his own tour to showcase his favorite... Read more