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College application help guide
BY SOPHIA WENGIER With college application deadlines quickly approaching, there’s no question that the month of October is crunch time for seniors. However, the various steps of applying to college can be overwhelming and confusing for those who have never gone through the process. Here is an all inclusive guide... Read more
New international leadership and service club established in Cooper City
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Students now have an additional choice in their broad selection of leadership and community service clubs at CCHS – one with roots across six continents. Interact club, a subproject of global network Rotary Club, “bring[s] together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills,” according to its... Read more
Varsity cross country: meets after Irma
BY HANNAH EUBANKS After training all summer and looking forward to the school year full of meets, the Cowboys cross country team had their second meet of the season. Due to the uncontrollable setbacks of Hurricane Irma, the Cowboys had to miss out on a few of the meets they... Read more
CCHS kicks off new school year with an open house
BY KYLE NELSON With the sound of the bell, footsteps quickly filled the hallways. This time, the footsteps belonged to parents instead of students. On September 26, CCHS hosted its annual open house. The event gave teachers the opportunity to showcase their plans for the year to the parents of... Read more
Class assemblies go over school expectations
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Having returned from an unexpected eleven-day break from school due to Hurricane Irma (weekends included), administrators at CCHS didn’t seem to skip a beat getting back into routine. Tuesday began with a junior assembly first period, followed by a senior assembly second period. On Wednesday, freshman and... Read more
College advice sessions should be available during personalization
BY EDITORIAL BOARD As many of the Class of 2018’s seniors prepare for the arduous process of college applications and admission, one thing is clear: too many teenagers aren’t sure what they’re doing. Out of 2016’s graduates, nearly 70 percent of high school graduates enrolled in college or universities, according... Read more
Swimming and Diving: Cooper City takes home another win
BY HANNAH EUBANKS Parents, students and swimmers of Cooper City High School were ecstatic after the first swim meet of the year. On Wednesday, August 31, at South Broward High School, the Cowboys came out on top against South Broward and West Broward, with both the girls team and the... Read more
Upcoming events for the new school year                                 
BY THOMAS CAETANO Flooding the hallways, new students bolt to their classes at the 7:25 bell. But at 2:30, these teenagers have endless possibilities ranging from partaking in activities to their interest to preparing for an annual dance. “Freshman year, right after that 2:30 p.m. bell on my first day... Read more
New year, new IOC policies
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Cooper City High School’s clubs, honor societies and publications have some new rules and regulations to follow for the 2017-2018 school year, after the first Inter-Organization Council (IOC) meeting of the year outlined some key changes. “We want to create a cohesive community with our club representatives,”... Read more
Ms. Brandt’s character takes center stage
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD From teaching acting classes to directing a production to even writing a play of her own, theatre director and Language Arts teacher Shannon Brandt has proved she has dedication. Having transferred to Cooper City High only last year, Brandt hit the ground running and has directed four... Read more