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Review: Happy Death Day
BY GENNA NORDLING SPOILER ALERT: This article contains some minor and major details of Happy Death Day. Happy Death Day is a horror movie telling the story of a self-centered sorority sister, Tree, who continues to live the same day over and over again due to her being murdered in... Read more
Class of ’19 and ’20 head to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights trip
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE AND GENNA NORDLING On Thursday, October 19 at 12:30 pm, select sophomores and juniors piled onto three buses, each named after a haunted house located at their highly anticipated destination: Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights (HHN). Upon arriving at the park after the four-hour drive, students attended... Read more
Pumpskin spice epidemic
BY GENNA NORDLING Starbucks created the Pumpkin Spice Latte in 2003. Ever since then, pumpkin spice has been known as the most popular flavor and scent of fall. In 2017, everything from M&M’s to Pringles has a pumpkin spice version and it seems that the flavor is taking over grocery... Read more
Spooky season starts too soon
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE AND GENNA NORDLING Halloween originated as a Celtic holiday, during which the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred, making it easier for the Celts to predict their future. To celebrate, Celts held huge bonfires to sacrifice animals and burn crops, dressing up as the... Read more
New Horizon pumpkin patch has opened up
BY GENNA NORDLING AND ALEXANDRA SANSONE South Floridians don’t get to experience fall too often, so when volunteers unloaded the first of four tractor trailers full of pumpkins at the New Horizon United Methodist Church pumpkin patch on September 30, they knew that fall had begun. The day also signified... Read more
Atlantic atmospheric conditions cause an increase of hurricanes this season
BY GENNA NORDLING There has been a noticeable increase of hurricanes and named tropical storms in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico this hurricane season because of the warmer water. These warmer conditions also cause more category three, four and five hurricanes to occur. The 2017 hurricane season... Read more
Underclassmen Awards Recognizes Over 100 Students
BY TAMARAH WALLACE At the end of each school year, Cooper City High School presents awards to many of its top performing students in a plethora of subjects ranging from mathematics to technical programs to world languages as well as honors those who have achieved recognition outside of the school.... Read more

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