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FEMA and the government should not be allowed to abandon areas in need
BY GENNA NORDLING The U.S. government has a tendency to ignore areas struggling from disaster after a catastrophe has become “irrelevant” in the eyes of the media and popular culture. This makes repairing damage and caring for the injured after a natural disaster extremely difficult. Last hurricane season, Puerto Rico... Read more
Kilauea Volcano eruptions cause destruction but open opportunities
BY GENNA NORDLING The Kilauea Volcano began its first major eruption since 2014 on May 3, 2018. The lava is still flowing and is getting faster and hotter, which poses as an extreme threat to locals and visitors within the area. This eruption has caused mass evacuations from the island... Read more
Encore 2018: A celebration of the Sound of Pride’s excellence
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Entering the CCHS auditorium, the families and friends of the band and color guard sat in order to watch the final performance of the year for the Sound of Pride (SOP). This event, Encore, also served as the final performance for the seniors who participated in this... Read more
“13 Reasons Why” season two shouldn’t exist
BY GENNA NORDLING The infamous “13 Reasons Why” is back with a second season. The show is based on the book of the same name by Jay Asher. It follows the experiences of main character Clay Jensen after the girl he is in love with, Hannah Baker, commits suicide. After... Read more
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is addictive but imperfect
BY GENNA NORDLING Despite the fact that the final film in the series was released in July of 2011, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has managed to stay relevant for the past seven years. Dedicated fans of the series can express and explore their love for the series by... Read more
The Lariat receives county awards from Sun Sentinel
BY KENDYL COUNTS As the school year comes to a close, journalism students gathered from across South Florida to attend the Sun Sentinel High School Journalism Awards, held at Archbishop McCarthy High School. By the end of the night, The Lariat staff had received 20 awards for its achievements over... Read more
Local mothers host Mom Prom for charity
BY GENNA NORDLING To a high school student, a senior center does not seem like the ideal location for prom. But for CCHS parent Kelly Kern and the Cooper City “Mom Prom” board, it was the perfect place to have a party for a purpose. On Saturday, April 28, mothers... Read more
CCHS publications take over FSPA States
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN For many CCHS Cowboys, there are certain defining weekends throughout their four years at CCHS. For the thrill-seekers, it’s Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. For the aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s DECA Nationals. But for journalism and broadcast students, one weekend that stands out from the rest is... Read more
Current school security measures are inadequate and ineffective
BY GENNA NORDLING Ever since the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD), students across the country have protested, speaking in favor of stricter gun laws in the United States. So far, the only action being taken includes the increase of ineffective security measures in schools- more... Read more
Students and parents explore AP classes at AP Information Night
BY GENNA NORDLING At 6:30 p.m. on March 14, all current and prospective AP students gathered in the CCHS Auditorium along with their parents for AP Information Night. At this after school event, students could learn more information about the AP classes they plan to take and collect their summer... Read more