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Review: Ella Cafe, a Bohemian oasis in suburbia
A student’s guide to Halloween filmography
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Halloween has come to be a holiday which is categorized by many great films that either instill fear or bring a smile to the faces of children and parents alike. With Halloween soon approaching, it seems time to pull out the never ending treasure trove of Halloween-related... Read more
An island without a crutch: Puerto Rico in the wake of destruction
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico recently suffered a tough break. On the eve of September 6, Hurricane Irma scraped past Puerto Rico, resulting in the loss of power for a million of the island’s residents. Category 4 Hurricane Maria brought on the next assault on September... Read more
Rocket man: the North Korean crisis
BY ANNABELLE ROSA As of now, there stand two political leaders of varying levels of infamy, each of whom need to adjust their diplomatic skills in order to prevent a nuclear holocaust. The first is the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. The dictator is primarily known for creating... Read more
Distress and Disarray: America’s fight against white supremacy and why ignorance is not the key to winning on either front
BY ANNABELLE ROSA No individual has ever been exempt from the harsh, often cruel lash of racial prejudice. Whether it be the racist cries of an individual in opposition of any man, woman or child they deem different, or simply a teacher’s bias toward a student they don’t favor, we... Read more
Obscurity or simple entertainment: what makes a good movie
BY ANNABELLE ROSA A girl walks down a dark alleyway, her male companions close behind; they are all young and fearless, a creature lurking in the dark line just beyond a series of trash bins and other disposable gunk. A member of the audience shields their eyes in anticipation of... Read more
Underclassmen Awards Recognizes Over 100 Students
BY TAMARAH WALLACE At the end of each school year, Cooper City High School presents awards to many of its top performing students in a plethora of subjects ranging from mathematics to technical programs to world languages as well as honors those who have achieved recognition outside of the school.... Read more
Second Semester Schedule Changes
BY SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL For the few students who were affected these past weeks by the appearance of a schedule on your desk during 5th period, worry not. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for why some classes changed and rearranged themselves at the start of the 3rd quarter, and while... Read more

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