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Encore 2018: A celebration of the Sound of Pride’s excellence
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Entering the CCHS auditorium, the families and friends of the band and color guard sat in order to watch the final performance of the year for the Sound of Pride (SOP). This event, Encore, also served as the final performance for the seniors who participated in this... Read more
Troupe 0784 takes on Cappies
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Every theater kid dreams of attending the Tony awards. Though this isn’t necessarily plausible, the Cappie Gala helps to achieve this goal in a way. This year, the CCHS Thespians participated in the event. Troupe 0784 took part in the National Cappies program with their production of... Read more
Senior night 2018: A night to celebrate CCHS’s extraordinary graduates of the Class of 2018
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Three large banners hung from the rafters of the CCHS auditorium stage as some of the most exemplary students in the Class of 2018 took their seats in several rows of black chairs. Each came dressed in their best attire in order to celebrate CCHS’s annual senior... Read more
Disney’s Dark Age: An era that produced some of the greatest, but less successful, Disney films
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The Disney corporation has come to be a multifaceted mechanism with the ability to capture the attentions of both adults and adolescents alike. Childhood specifically, however, has been characterized for many by the litany of Disney films that they watched. These include the basic Disney classics such... Read more
Ogres, fairytales and more: Embassy Creek Elementary takes on “Shrek Jr.”
BY DANIEL RAKOWER AND ANNABELLE ROSA “Shrek” (2001) is a movie that has come to be representative of childhood for many individuals born in the 1990s and 2000s. In 2008, the movie was transformed into a musical that reintroduced the plotline of the first film in the franchise. The show... Read more
Moments in time: A thespians showcase
BY ANNABELLE ROSA On April 12, the CCHS thespians took to the stage, this time accompanied by the Acting 1 classes of club sponsor and acting teacher, Aaron Barton. The show was initially fixated on the concept of “30 in 60 minutes.” This concept entailed a projection of 30 important... Read more
Rise of the planet of the apes: Mikey’s world
BY ANNABELLE ROSA As of late, there have been countywide reports of a wild monkey running rampant through the streets of Broward County. The monkey, commonly referred to as Mikey by his fellow primate companions, was recently ousted from his home in the colony of monkeys located in the Dania... Read more
Thespians prepare for new showcase
BY ANNABELLE ROSA* On April 12, the CCHS Thespians will be performing their second showcase of the year. Their first showcase, which took place in January, was titled “The Greatest Showcase,” a pun that references the movie “The Greatest Showman” and highlighted many of the performances that students brought to... Read more
Lindsay Roberts takes over as NHS club sponsor
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Club sponsors play an incredibly versatile role within any of the clubs, and the National Honor Society (NHS) is no exception. For the past five years, U.S. history teacher Dwayne Dixon has sponsored NHS, nurturing its students and seeing to it that they felt as accomplished as... Read more
Governor Rick Scott’s stance on gun control is self-beneficial
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Politicians have always been notorious for their overly flippant behavior and their desire to appease the public in order to gain favor or something else along those lines. In light of recent events and the current administration, such actions have become commonplace, to the point that it... Read more