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Lady Bird Review: The mystery of how life alone can mean everything and nothing
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Cinema is often renowned for one of two things: entertainment or artistic brilliance. “Lady Bird” is a movie which possesses the ability to have both. Simplicity, in many cases, is what affords such a film brilliance. “Lady Bird” opens with a mother and her daughter, Christine “Lady... Read more
Rockin’ Around the cafeteria: Lariat hosts ugly sweater party
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN The familiar tune of “Jingle Bell Rock” filled the room as partygoers clad in colorful sweaters partake in festive games and activities. This traditional holiday scenery made its way to CCHS as The Lariat newspaper hosted its ugly holiday sweater party on December 6. “It felt like... Read more
Gun control is a necessity
BY ANNABELLE ROSA CCHS recently hosted its annual Peace Pole Ceremony, proving once more that in the darkest moments of human existence, should the many people of the world cling to the concept of a brighter future, they may very well succeed in sparking a movement. The event itself appeared... Read more
Opinion: The Iran deal and the Trump administration
BY ANNABELLE ROSA President Donald Trump is notorious for his startling assertions and overall animosity for his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. In recent history, we have seen his attempts to eradicate anything of or pertaining to the Obama administration. One of Trump’s greatest grievances happened to be the Iran... Read more
The Quiver: Advanced (Placement) Warfare
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Upon my desk sat a million and one pages all turned upside down or spread haphazardly across the surface of my desk. I yawned while simultaneously throwing my mechanical pencil on my AP Lang book, giving myself away to silent resignation. I turned to blankly stare at... Read more
Reese Abrahamoff: A love affair with the arts
BY ANNABELLE ROSA All students possess various talents that decorate CCHS in a manner that expresses academic excellence, as well as excellence associated with the arts. One specific sector of the student body often compels the rest of their peers to pay them mind: the individuals known as the thespians,... Read more
CCHS takes 2017 FSPA District 7 by storm
BY NOAH CASTAGNA On Saturday, November 4, three CCHS publications attended the annual District 7 Florida Scholastic Press Association convention at Nova Southeastern University, an event open to all middle school and high school publications from the counties of Broward, Martin and Palm Beach. The convention shot off at 8... Read more
The perks of being a wallflower: Going to homecoming alone
BY ANNABELLE ROSA For every high schooler, there seems to be a newfound fear when the month of October rolls around. Amongst thoughts of passing APs and getting a reasonable score on the PSAT, SAT and ACT, homecoming enters the periphery of most students, bringing with it the ever present... Read more
Kellywise the dancing clown: SNL makes its highly anticipated return
BY ANNABELLE ROSA This article contains spoilers in regards to SNL and the film “It.” It is recommended that readers watch the mentioned film and show before reading the article. With the return of Saturday Night Live (SNL) came the ever comedic political satire which the show has become so... Read more
Free speech has limitations
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The United States of America was founded upon a series of ideals that effectively secured the right of each individual to set forth their personal opinions on any platform of their choosing whether it be word, mouth or otherwise. By no means would their words be binding... Read more