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Participation awards past a certain age only hinder one in their life accomplishments
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Awards are given with the intent of congratulating an individual on their hard work and accomplishments. The presence of award ceremonies has only grown with the rise of extreme academic competitiveness. Students are encouraged to build up their resume and college applications with as many achievements as... Read more
Senior pranks should be executed, but with caution
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE A senior prank is a prank organized by the graduating class of a school meant as a final act from students of the institution. Usually characterized by silly, comical actions, it isn’t uncommon for videos of senior pranks to pop up on one’s social media feed. Images... Read more
Boundaries: How far is too far when idolizing a media figure?
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Modern media sites have made it possible that everyone is a celebrity in some respect. Now, it is easier than ever before to follow someone’s every move without their knowledge. Few are truthfully able to say they are innocent of spending a little too much time on... Read more
Teachers and their craft: Why CCHS teachers entered the profession
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE At CCHS, teachers have taken many different paths to arrive at their profession, and each has a unique journey and rationale to share. However, though teachers devote each and every day to helping students as they navigate through life, their own journeys are often overlooked. Mathematics teacher... Read more
Saying goodbye and hello: Best Buddies host annual end of year luau to see off graduates and welcome new officers
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Best Buddies have spent this school year promoting kindness and inclusion through events like match parties and kindness campaigns. The club, celebrating their annual end of year luau, used the event to send off graduating seniors and those aging out of the school system. “I’ve already cried... Read more
Nothing Bundt Cakes is nothing but delicious
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE One of the many jokes cracked in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” that has resonated with its viewers is its reference to bundt cakes, something that instantly comes to mind when entering  Nothing Bundt Cakes bakery in the Pembroke Crossings shopping center. But surprisingly enough, the bakery... Read more
The first of many: DECA Fashion and Interact collaborate to raise spirits and money at first annual school dodgeball tournament
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Students piled into the gym as the dodgeball tournament neared its start. Individuals signed up with friends, forming their own dodgeball teams to compete in the first-ever CCHS dodgeball tournament. A collaboration between Interact and DECA Fashion, the tournament was created with the intent of raising money... Read more
Truth or dare: Don’t get played into viewing
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Truth or dare is a simple game- do the truth or do the dare, that’s all there is to it. Trying to transform this game into a movie, in the horror genre at that,  has led to a film with an unimpressive plot and few jump scares,... Read more
Key Club travels to Orlando for annual district conference, brings back talent show trophy
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON) is home to members of Key Club dedicated to service. Held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida, the conference was put on for the 80th time in the Florida Key Club district. This year’s convention theme being... Read more
Review: Come out and fall in love with “Love, Simon”
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Everyone deserves a fantastic love story and “Love, Simon” has delivered just that. Like many other romantic comedies, “Love, Simon” was full of light-hearted jokes surrounding a life-altering obstacle the main character, Simon Spier, played by Nick Robinson is attempting to overcome. Unlike most films, the movie... Read more