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CCHS ducks take the school by storm
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Social media has been a solace and a distraction for many students around the world. After all, scrolling through Instagram to view memes is always more appealing when one is meant to be studying for midterms. Text posts and memes flood nearly every virtual platform, many of... Read more
Into the Woods opens auditions to the school
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Huddled under the red awning, CCHS students nervously awaited further instructions from Thespians president and stage manager Rylee Berger, all hoping to receive a role in the clubs next production. Auditions for the spring musical, “Into the Woods,” began November 28 and ran through callbacks on the... Read more
Real gifts shouldn’t be replaced by gift cards
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE With the holiday season fast approaching and the list of people buying gifts ever growing, it is tempting to simplify things and just purchase mass amounts of giftcards to end all the stress. It can be nearly impossible to find the perfect gift for each person, especially... Read more
Cooper City’s annual Daddy Daughter Dance is truly something special
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE For the past 28 years, Cooper City has been hosting a daddy-daughter dance for its residents, the event having been recently moved to CCHS’ cafeteria. Each dance fosters a different theme, this year’s being Disney’s “Peter Pan.” Overnight, the school’s cafeteria transformed into neverland, from the warmly... Read more
Review: A fleeting walk around the world
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The annoyance associated with rising early had long been forgotten as people lined the entrance of Epcot an hour before the park opened eagerly basking in the anticipation of getting to participate in the magical Disney experience. Once the clock struck nine, people began trickling into the... Read more
Disney smashes social norms with new show “Andi Mack”
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE This article contains spoilers.  Disney has been a solace for young children everywhere for years, with the company’s comforting characters roaming theme parks eventually progressing to populating the screens in homes. Disney Channel first aired in 1983 with the series “Good Morning, Mickey!” The series was a... Read more
Annual Pep Rally comes to CCHS
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE During their fourth period class, eager students piled into the gym as booming music played in search of a seat in the already overflowing bleachers to CCHS’ annual homecoming pep rally. As administrators packed straying students into the stands, their classmates roamed the gym floor snapping pictures... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Thanksgiving is a terrible holiday
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Thanksgiving, while enjoyed by most, certainly has its critics. The reasons why are evident, especially when hearing the horror stories that occur during the household festivities. Thanksgiving is a celebration centered around disorder, with sharp knives, hot ovens and the majority of your family under one roof.... Read more
Opinion: How old is too old to Trick-Or-Treat?
By ALEXANDRA SANSONE October 31 is a night filled with joyous squeals coupled with sugar highs as children run around in itchy costumes knocking on doors in search of sweet treats. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States, with the country spending about 8.4 billion... Read more
Why does homecoming court still exist? It shouldn’t
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE To some high school students, the homecoming dance is nothing more than an overpriced Student Government Association fundraiser or an attempt to substitute prom for underclassmen. However, to others, the homecoming festivities hold a more substantial meaning. Homecoming has been a tradition in schools for years, originating... Read more