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59th annual Founders Day celebration lights up Cooper City
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The morning of the second Saturday of March, Cooper City celebrated the 59th anniversary of its founding. Although the Cooper City was originally founded in June, the city celebrates in the spring in order to include the optimist teams who have finished their seasons in the annual... Read more
Should teachers carry guns on a school campus?
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE School shootings are becoming a common occurrence in America. After all, it isn’t very difficult for someone to acquire a gun. Every shooting that takes place sparks a debate on gun control, a debate that often fades into the darkness, forgotten about until the next shooting transpires.... Read more
Programming the future: Robotics Club builds robots and relationships
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Covered from counter to floor in wires and robot limbs, David Schultz’s classroom looks something like a laboratory. After the school day ends, the classroom becomes home to the Robotics Club, a group dedicated to programing and creating robots. The Robotics Club was initially founded under a different... Read more
Sociology and psychology field trip takes students to Morikami Gardens
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens has been a source of Japanese culture in South Florida since its opening in 1977. Functioning as a historical garden, the Museum has seen travelers and natives alike, greeting many students visiting on field trips. “Everybody from all over visits, [from]... Read more
Thespians put on “The Greatest Showcase”
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The lights in the CCHS auditorium dimmed and the work of the high school thespians was brought to life on stage. After competing in their district competition, the club needed funds to help those who qualified for states make the journey. “The Greatest Showcase,” a play on... Read more
As one door closes another opens: CCHS welcomes the incoming Class of 2022
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Students wandered the school adorned in their extracurricular shirts, showing the incoming freshman class what the school has to offer. The eyes of the Class of 2022 widened as they poured into the school auditorium, with their guardians filling the seats to the point of standing room... Read more
Logan Paul takes it one vlog too far
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Logan Paul, while adored by his millions of teenybopper fans, will not escape punishment for his recent actions. While seen as a role model to his viewers despite his immature and impulsive tendencies, Paul made a foolish decision several weeks ago that opened the eyes of many.... Read more
TIME Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE From the fidget spinner apocalypse to the slime epidemic, 2017 has been packed with activity. With the new year fast approaching, it is time for the release of yearly Spotify playlists, Youtube rewind and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Since 1927, Time Magazine has published a... Read more
CCHS ducks take the school by storm
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Social media has been a solace and a distraction for many students around the world. After all, scrolling through Instagram to view memes is always more appealing when one is meant to be studying for midterms. Text posts and memes flood nearly every virtual platform, many of... Read more
“Into the Woods” opens auditions to the school
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Huddled under the red awning, CCHS students nervously awaited further instructions from Thespians president and stage manager Rylee Berger, all hoping to receive a role in the clubs next production. Auditions for the spring musical, “Into the Woods,” began November 28 and ran through callbacks on the... Read more