School clubs should support each other School clubs should support each other
BY SOPHIA WENGIER Being involved in a club in high school can be one of the most defining events of a person’s teenage years.... School clubs should support each other


Being involved in a club in high school can be one of the most defining events of a person’s teenage years. Dedicating time to something that one is passionate about and the feeling of pride and recognition in what is accomplished can arguably be one of the best takeaways from the high school experience. However, this feeling can only be achieved if each club receives support from their peers.

“Clubs supporting each other is so important for school spirit,” yearbook Editor-in-Chief Morgan Malan said. “We’re all one team and it’s just more fun when everyone is working together.”

Each club at CCHS puts their all into what they do. Whether it is a play, concert, game or show, everyone deserves recognition for the work that they put in. While we can certainly rely on our parents to be that familiar face in the crowd, it’s always nice for the audience to be filled with students and friends. It is important that each student provides this support to their fellow peers.

“It’s really great when other teams and clubs come out to see the band,” band member Johanna Packer said. “It gives us the chance to make connections with others and shows how strong the support system is in the school.”

Clubs such as CTV, band and theatre work tirelessly to create a product designed to be viewed and enjoyed by the student body. If each person is hoping for recognition, each person should also provide it. For example, the band should fill the audience of the theatre performances and support the arts that they dedicate their lives to. Along with this, each journalism sector of the school should read the work of the others and each sports team should attend the games of other teams. If someone is part of a club that wishes for recognition and involvement from the student body, a great way to obtain that is by being the first to supply it.

While immersing oneself in a club that one is passionate about is incredibly rewarding, coming out to see what other areas of the school have to offer can also be extremely beneficial. CCHS has such a huge variety of clubs, classes and extracurriculars, that it can be hard to get a full idea of what exactly is going on at the school. However, showing up at as many sports events, fundraising activities and shows as possible can paint a picture of the wonderful things that the student body is accomplishing every day. This can create a deeper connection between a singular student and the school as a whole.

Clubs supporting other clubs cultivates an atmosphere of unity among students that benefits everyone involved. Take, for example, Friday night football games. This is a situation in which the band, cheerleaders and much of the student body come together to cheer on the football team. Victory or defeat, the Cowboys come out and stand united in supporting the team almost every week. The school spirit and unity that is bred at these games can be an unbelievable feeling for bystanders and a great boost of confidence for the team.

“We always go in prepared and ready to play but the addition of the student body behind us definitely boosts the morale and gets us pumped,” senior quarterback Michael Diliello said.

Overall, getting involved in schools activities is essential, especially for those who are in an extracurricular. Providing support to every club and learning what our school is putting forward is an essential part of the high school experience and a great way to cultivate unity and positivity throughout the student body.

Photo by Sarah Khan