Valentine’s Day activities in and around Cooper City Valentine’s Day activities in and around Cooper City
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Love is in the air. As February 14 rolls around once again, people are scrambling to make Valentine’s Day plans. The... Valentine’s Day activities in and around Cooper City


Love is in the air.

As February 14 rolls around once again, people are scrambling to make Valentine’s Day plans. The holiday often brings to mind red roses and boxes of chocolate. But handing out love letters and heart-shaped candies is not the only way to celebrate.


If one is struggling to come up with something to do on Valentine’s Day, going out for dinner is always a safe bet. Cooper City and the surrounding area have a variety of highly rated restaurants that will make a perfect spot for an evening date. The Melting Pot in Cooper City provides customers with various fondue dishes as well as unique entrees. For those that crave food that will transport them across the world, La Brochette Bistro is an excellent choice. The small, white tablecloth restaurant offers delicious French cuisine and a cozy, romantic ambience. But seating can be limited so it is best to make a reservation.


It’s everybody’s favorite meal and a Valentine’s Day staple. Rich chocolate and decadent creams are a surefire way to turn up the charm. Cold Stone, located at the Stirling Town Center in Cooper City, gives customers the option to customize their ice cream or order one of the chain’s “Signature Creations.” But if Cold Stone is a bit too familiar, the trendy Creams & Dreams is the place to go. The liquid nitrogen ice cream comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from the childhood favorite of Cookies and Cream to any sweet-toothed millenial’s dream come true, Fresh Avocado. Yet, ice cream is not the only dessert available. Mojo Donuts in Pembroke Pines sells gourmet doughnuts loaded with delicious toppings. Customer favorites include the Creme Brulee, Death by Chocolate and Maple Bacon doughnuts. The shop will close once it sells out of delicious treats, so make sure to arrive early. Always remember that confection and affection go hand in hand.

Picnic in the Park:

If dinner and dessert are too everyday for one’s valentine, go the extra mile by bringing the food to one of the nearby parks. Whether it’s Vista View or Tree Tops, the sentimental touch will undoubtedly be memorable. A picnic basket can be filled with simple foods, such as homemade sandwiches and fresh fruit. Beverages like juice or soda as well as a picnic blanket are enough to make any picnic complete. The uncomplicated nature of a picnic is also what makes it so appealing. Two people can have a conversation with only the interruptions of the breeze and singing birds. But if activities are a must, then a frisbee or kite should do.

Painting with a Twist:

Nothing says love like creating something special for one’s significant other. At Painting with a Twist in Davie, customers can do just that at one of their many themed events. The studio offers public sessions where couples can work together on painting lovely designs. Painting with a Twist will host a variety of couples sessions on Valentine’s Day weekend. One class provides not only a fun Valentine’s Day activity, but a thoughtful and personal gift. Classes will fill up quickly so any couples planning to go should reserve seats.

Ice Skating:

Though Valentine’s Day is in winter, few Floridians get to experience the cold. That is why many choose to go to the Pines Ice Arena in Pembroke Pines. For Valentine’s Day fun, couples can bundle up to go skating at the ice rink, drink hot cocoa and pretend they live up north.

Eating Chocolate at Home:

If one doesn’t have plans for Valentine’s Day, there is always the option of buying chocolate to eat at home alone. There is no shame in indulging in isolation. Chowing down on Lindt Lindor chocolate truffles while Eric Carmen’s “All by Myself” plays in the background would be a fantastic way to spend Valentine’s Day without a date.

Valentine’s Day can be a daunting holiday for both single and coupled individuals. But if one makes plans (even if they are attended by just oneself), Cupid’s arrow should be the only painful part about it.

Photo by Kyle Nelson