The Quiver: Looking back at 2017 The Quiver: Looking back at 2017
BY NOAH CASTAGNA 2017 was a year full of landmark events and groundbreaking revelations. To cover such a monumental year in one recap article... The Quiver: Looking back at 2017


2017 was a year full of landmark events and groundbreaking revelations. To cover such a monumental year in one recap article spanning two different categories would do a major disservice to the utter significance of the year. Fortunately, we have a thorough investigative team here at The Quiver which has compiled a shortlist of three categories, spanning the largest sports, entertainment and news stories of 2017 for the convenience of our readers. Without further ado, it is time to look back at 2017.

Major Sports Stuff of 2017

Rubik’s Cube World Championships: For fans of fierce competition and nerve-wracking intensity, the Rubik’s Cube World Championship took place in July of 2017 in Paris, France and rocked the world stage with new strategies and, more importantly, lots of fast cube-solving.

Zone Laser Tag World Championships: The Fifth Annual Zone Laser Tag World Championships were hosted by Neocenter in Belfort France, with six countries stepping up to the challenge to take home the highly prestigious Zone Laser Tag World Championship trophy. Team GP from Finland took home the win after a hard-fought battle, and though the US did not walk away with a win it proved to be a tough competition for all parties.

Major Entertainment Releases of 2017

“The Bye Bye Man:” 2017 saw the release of a universally praised and widely appreciated horror film about a supernatural being that preys on youth in a small town. Yes, we are talking about “The Bye Bye Man,” a horror thriller that recounts the story of how a small group of friends struggle to overcome the terrifying, omnipotent present of the titular character, the Bye Bye Man. With some fantasy elements and a compelling cast of characters, The Bye Bye Man truly has it all.

Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds: December 2017 brought the world a long awaited action fantasy franchise. “Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds” follows the heartbreaking tale of firefighter Ja-Hong, who met an untimely fate and now must succeed seven mythical trials to prove he is worthy of reincarnation. Director Yong-hwa Kim truly nails the struggles and endurance of a man who has lost it all, making this movie The Quiver’s top entertainment recommendation for 2017.

Major News Stories of 2017

Elephant Personhood: Social issues found themselves at the heart of 2017, with a new surge in communities across the country taking a stand for what is right. The elephant personhood movement is easily the most impactful and resonant social movement of 2017. It all started with a Connecticut lawsuit, the first case of its kind: a case that argued elephants are people too, in need of rights. Rattling the nation and shocking the world, this movement will not soon fade from the public eye.

U.F.O. Investigation: Some major revelations came out of Washington D.C. this year, and the most important of such revelations was the announcement that the Pentagon has been investigating these Unidentified Flying Objects since 2007. Listed as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, the program takes up $22 million of the $600 billion defense budget. Exciting, extraterrestrial findings may find their way into 2018, as this story remains ever relevant.

It may be hard to see how any year could possibly top 2017 in terms of relevance and historical legacy, and it may be best keep our hopes high and our expectations low. But 2018, we are ready for whatever greatness you have in store.

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