Unpopular Opinion: School uniforms are favorable for students
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Wearing a school uniform is often a requirement that students are not in favor of because the thought of dressing in khakis and a polo shirt is not ideal to most. However, uniforms are not as terrible as they seem. Uniforms are very common in private... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: Rolling backpacks don’t deserve the hate
BY KAYLA GATES It’s no secret that rolling backpacks are an unwelcome sight at Cooper City High School, seemingly disliked by both students and administration. However, these bags offer various benefits for those in unique situations and often receive more resentment than they deserve. Excessively heavy backpacks have become... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: Summer vacation should be shorter
BY JOSEPH STURGEON The agrarian school calendar that United States schools have long followed is now out of date. For a few decades, the United States has performed poorly in education in international rankings, and partly to blame is the 180-day public school schedule that allows for a two-month-long... Read more
Unpopular opinion: Politics belong at the table
BY NOAH CASTAGNA As the American political climate continues to become more and more polarizing, politics seems to pervade every aspect of life. One way or another, conversations can start out on topics ranging from movies to sports and everything in between, and somehow still wind up as a... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Christmas music is bad
BY JULIA WENGIER With Thanksgiving out of the way and Christmas right around the corner, Christmas music is being played almost everywhere – at the mall, in coffee shops, on TV and even willingly from some people’s headphones. A potentially sweet holiday tradition, the idea of singing Christmas music... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Senior superlatives don’t matter
BY CASEY CHAPTER There are many high school traditions valued by students, and seniors are typically the most likely to participate. But an appreciation for these practices has shifted from an enjoyable way to cherish high school to a competitive race to be remembered in one of the most... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Thanksgiving is a terrible holiday
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Thanksgiving, while enjoyed by most, certainly has its critics. The reasons why are evident, especially when hearing the horror stories that occur during the household festivities. Thanksgiving is a celebration centered around disorder, with sharp knives, hot ovens and the majority of your family under one... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: It’s never too early to celebrate
BY NOAH CASTAGNA It’s that time of year again. Yes, that time of year when stores begin stocking their shelves with themed candy and goods, homeowners begin setting up elaborate and fanciful displays and most importantly, consumers begin bellyaching about it being ‘too early’ to celebrate. I’ve got news... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Movies are better enjoyed alone
BY DARIAN SABLON Humans are social creatures. People crave the company of others when doing social activities that are not meant to be done by a single person, like going out to a restaurant or visiting the mall. Going to the movies alone, for instance, isn’t something considered socially... Read more
Unpopular Opinions: Mint Chocolate is Just Toothpaste in Disguise
BY SOPHIA WENGIER The mint chocolate combination began in America in the early 1900’s in tea houses and diner halls.  Guests were handed mint sprigs and pieces of chocolate on their way out and told that it would aid their digestion and give them better breath. Frago Mints, one... Read more