The Hobin Garden: Students, staff and friends gather to celebrate the life of the recently departed CCHS teacher
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The slight breeze blowing through the CCHS courtyard didn’t help the chills filling everyone in attendance as they choked back tears during each performance at the Hobin Memorial Garden. Fairy lights strewn into tutus and glitter makeup were observed among the crowd of people who came... Read more
FFEA unicorn lanyards honoring Ms. Hobin are soon to be on sale
BY JULIA SAFRIN Two weeks before school officially began, one of CCHS’s beloved English teachers, Nicole Hobin, passed away. Students and staff have been remembering her throughout the year and dedicating certain activities to her name, such as the unicorn mural in the Zen garden and a unicorn spirit... Read more
CCHS students create mural tribute to Hobin
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE Students at CCHS are painting a mural as a tribute to English teacher Nicole Hobin. Before the beginning of the school year, Hobin passed away in a fatal motorcycle accident. Juniors Lillie Biegner and Tyler Rodriguez are painting a unicorn in the Zen garden in her... Read more
“Ms. Hobin was a bright light; you couldn’t help but be drawn to her infectious personality. She was more than just a teacher at CCHS: she was my friend, my mentor, and my confidante. The impact she had on my life – on the life of students and staff... Read more
CCHS makes plans to honor memory of teacher Nicole Hobin
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN It’s not often that an after-school meeting in the CCHS media center results in tear-filled eyes of many in attendance. But on Tuesday, August 21, several of the school’s teachers, club leaders and students gathered in the library to discuss ways that the CCHS Cowboys can... Read more