Super Bowl commercials ranked Super Bowl commercials ranked
BY TAMARAH WALLACE For some, the anticipation of the Super Bowl is completely devoid of any thought of football or ability of the playing... Super Bowl commercials ranked


For some, the anticipation of the Super Bowl is completely devoid of any thought of football or ability of the playing teams. Appreciation for the sporting event comes from a love of something else entirely- a good laugh and a chance to see prominent actors outside of their respective shows and movies.

This is a comprehensive rank and review of 20 of the most shared Super Bowl commercials. This does not include trailers of any kind and is not a “top 20” listing.

1. Tourism Australia

With cameos from some of today’s most prominent actors, such as Margot Robbie and the Hemsworths, this spoof trailer for the next installment of “Crocodile Dundee” was pure genius. It had most watchers wishing that the ad had been real.

2. Super Bowl – “Dirty Dancing”

Football players emulating the moves of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey from the 1987 cult classic “Dirty Dancing” is always a good idea. This was both funny and interesting as the football players attempted to move their bulky bodies about  gracefully to the playful notes of “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life.”

3. Amazon Alexa

What if Amazon Alexa lost her voice? The solution to this catastrophe is explored as Amazon allows for celebrities to take the place of the artificially intelligent bot. As Cardi B prevents a man from listening to country music and instead plays him her hit “Bodak Yellow,” watchers begin to understand the appeal of this commercial- lighthearted, relevant fun.

4. Toyota – “Good Odds”

The life and odds of Paralympian Lauren Woolstencraft were evaluated, and it’s humbling to know that she beat every odd.  It was an emotional highlight that brought tears to the eyes of many.

5. M&M’s Danny Devito

One of the talking M&M’s turning into one of the most comedic stars on Earth- Danny Devito. This was both cute and perfectly executed.

6. Toyota Tundra – “One Team”

This commercial chronicles the story of a group of friends heading to a game together, all rooting for the same team, however, there is one little detail that warmed the heart of millions- they were all distinctly from different religious backgrounds. The sentiment here, that we are all on one team, was truly heartwarming.

7. It’s yet another Tide ad

This is one in a series of Tide ads; this one was the most clever in that it simultaneously reiterated the idea that “every ad is a Tide ad” while successfully duping the structure of a medication commercial.

8. It’s a tide ad crossover with Old Spice

Once again, tide ads are back, yet, at the beginning of the commercial with the Old Spice theme and spokesman, it truly seemed as if it wasn’t.

9. Michelob Ultra

Chris Pratt thought he became the new spokesman of Michelob Ultra, but in the commercial it was actually revealed to him at the end that he had been cast as an extra. #poorchris

10. Febreze – “Bleep Don’t Stink”

The life of a person whose “bleep don’t stink” was decidedly the most risque commercial on during the Super Bowl. The repetition of “bleep” throughout the ad was as hilarious as it was unexpected.

11. Doritos – Morgan Freeman vs. Peter Dinklage   

This was truly disappointing. It was just these two amazing actors walking in a straight line, barely lip-synching lines to unpopular songs.

12. Kia Stinger- “Feel Something”

It was a little saddening that the commercial implied that Steven Tyler only felt when he was younger and wishes for those years so much that he would go back in time. Otherwise, the CGI used to conjure a young Steven Tyler was unbelievably realistic.

13. Avocados from Mexico  

This commercial was interesting in that it went back to the failed biodome experiment wherein scientists tried to create a fully-functioning Earth inside a sealed dome. In this ad, the dome was reinvented- now it had everything they needed to survive- avocados, masseuses, violins and Chris Elliot- they only forgot the chips!

14. Pringles – “Wow”

While Bill Hader was amusing, as usual, the commercial itself was very lackluster. Everyone was amazed by that fact that putting two different flavored Pringles together would result in a new flavor. This ad was missing common sense.

15. Groupon  

Tiffany Haddish is burst into the spotlight after her movie “Girl’s Trip” and has now found further success through her new book. This was all accomplished through her wit, however, almost none of it was present in her ads. Someone needs to ask the writers what happened.

16. The Bud Knight        

These commercials have been going on for too long at this point. This ad had a medieval theme that fell apart when the “Bud Knight” went to buy a Bud Light from the convenience store on the next hill.

17. It’s a Tide ad    

The first Tide ad explained the premise of all commercials being Tide ads; besides this, nothing else happened. This was just a required introduction for all of the better variations to come later in the Super Bowl.

18. T-Mobile – “#Littleones”

This was very uncomfortable. While the sentiments were all-inclusive and important, an endless stream of babies in conjunction with a slow, creepy song was very strange.

19. Squarespace        

Keanu Reeves is a great actor, yet this was not a great commercial. It was frankly weird and even though Reeves’ actions were meant to be funny, they came off as forced.

20. Ram Trucks – “Mr. Luther King”     

Using the voice of a legend who was speaking about something that is much more important than transportation, is not a great way to sell cars.

All of the commercials listed can be viewed on the WTOP website.

Photo courtesy of Tide