Review: Ella Cafe, a Bohemian oasis in suburbia Review: Ella Cafe, a Bohemian oasis in suburbia
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Entering the Embassy Lakes Plaza, a passersby would immediately be drawn to the array of stores and outlets that capture the... Review: Ella Cafe, a Bohemian oasis in suburbia


Entering the Embassy Lakes Plaza, a passersby would immediately be drawn to the array of stores and outlets that capture the eye; however, wedged amongst the old, there is a single spot which seems to snag the attention of most viewers. Ella Cafe is a bohemian safe haven among the sea of suburban settlements of Cooper City.

Gaining fame through its sister location in Plantation, Ella Cafe has gained not only a physical following but a virtual following as well, with several posts on various social media websites dedicated to the cafe’s signature butcher-block serving plates and fabulous iced lattes. The original cafe’s acclaim was well-deserved, and it’s always a pleasure to take a trip in order to see its wooden panels and metal accoutrements or enjoy its soothing ambient sounds.

As soon as its sister locations construction began, there were several questions that almost instantaneously came to the minds of all the fans the Cafe. Would it be just as good? Would it still maintain that same inner city vibe? Would it maintain its grass walls? How about its consistent wooden paneling? Would it have the same quality food? An overall, ‘what will it be like?’ echoed about in rhythmic succession.

Upon entering the Cafe, one would acknowledge the fact that it is not an exact replication of its original location but a satisfactory accompaniment as Sinatra plays overhead. Similar in stylistic choice, the new Ella Cafe has a more quaint feel with the same bohemian vibe. It’s essentially a copy of the front half of the original cafe, the same butcher block counter awaiting individuals as they make their orders. The space still makes great use of the very “cute” characteristics of the original shop with charming signs and accoutrements all around.

“The style of it is really well-thought out and it attracts a lot of young adults who would otherwise find themselves at something more common like Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts,” sophomore Reese Abrahamoff said. “This brings on a whole new layer to coffee houses as a whole with its incredibly unique features.”

Most importantly, the second Ella Cafe still provides the same coffee from before.

“The coffee is really strong, which is the best part in my opinion,” junior Paige Hittenberger said.

The cafe still provides its unique refreshment collection, presenting its many coffees in old-fashioned milk jars and large glass mugs. The food is also up to par and presents customers with a wide selection.

“I had something that was a cross between a muffin and a donut, or a monut, and it was the best thing I’ve ever had,” senior Jenny Burleton said.

Ella Cafe has, thus far, lived up to its name in providing a more than adequate secondary location. In welcoming a new identity to an already well-established franchise, it has brought forth a new aspect to the Cooper City scene. As a result of these factors, the cafe is deserving of four out of five stars and a great many compliments. Three factors that helped play into this was the cafe’s coffee selection, its unique atmosphere, and its charming staff, its only pitfall being its slightly obscure location.

Ella Cafe is a fantastic conceptualization of a cafe which is moderately well executed within the Embassy Lakes Plaza.
  • Coffee is delicious, provides more than adequate cups of coffee.
  • The food is creative and tasteful.
  • The service isn’t necessarily sparse but it isn’t necessarily overly present either.

4 of 5

5 of 5

4 of 5

4 of 5

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Photo by Ryan Sullivan