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BY SOPHIA WENGIER After making the trip to Weston, you come across your destination, and a large banner with the words “Grand Opening” catches... Review: Cream


After making the trip to Weston, you come across your destination, and a large banner with the words “Grand Opening” catches your eye.  A crowd of hungry customers stand in a line that goes out the door, anxiously waiting to find out what all the excitement is behind this seemingly small ice cream shop called Cream.  

When I found myself in this line, I held the expectation that I would be waiting for a long while.  However, it actually moved relatively quickly. I could tell employees had lots of experience with crowds and were dedicated to customer service, as I found myself being waited on before I even reached the counter.  Faced with a variety of choices for cookies, ice cream, and toppings that made it hard to choose (and even harder to not come back and try a new combination), I luckily made my mind up fast enough to order.

I was soon swept through the line, receiving my sandwich before I was even at the register, where I payed less than 4 dollars total. Digging into the treat almost as soon as it was placed in my hand, it became clear to me why I had been hearing so much about the shop.  With smooth ice cream perfectly sandwiched between two warm, soft cookies, every bite was good enough to make me decide that the drive to Weston was all worth it.  

With a fun and relaxed atmosphere and bright decorations all around the shop, the tables inside the restaurant proved to be a perfect place to sit and enjoy the dessert, especially since going outside would make the ice cream melt faster than one could take a second bite.  

“Cream is like the Chipotle of ice cream,” Senior Isabella Volpe said.  “They provide you with a lot of variety and flavors so you’re really able to customize your dessert.”

Founded in 2010 by the Shamieh family, Cream is an ice cream sandwich restaurant chain, whose location in Weston opened recently. Through social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, it gained popularity almost overnight and has attracted many high school students from Broward County. 

“The food was unique and delicious,” Junior Ashley Klement said.  “The workers there are super nice and the overall atmosphere is pleasing.  I would definitely go back if I had time to get over to Weston.”

The idea for Cream came from the founder’s childhood, as they used to spend their days sandwiching ice cream between their mother’s fresh baked warm cookies in their kitchen.  Cream now sells much more than the simple cookie ice cream sandwich.  Their menu also offers treats such as the brownie or waffle sandwich, ice cream tacos, sundaes, and even drinks such as coffee and milkshakes.  

Cream’s first location opened in Berkeley, California, and soon spread from there.  There are now 25 locations in California, 2 in Nevada, and 2 in Florida.  A story on the wall of Cream in Weston tells the unique story of how the franchise was brought here; a DECA student from Cypress Bay High School, Armando Martinez, made it his project to bring Cream to Florida in the International Business Plan category.  After calling up the president of Cream, Jim Ryan, this project became a reality.  Cream now has a location in Weston and Aventura, but more are in the works in places such as Pembroke Pines.  

“My experience at Cream was great,” Junior Molly Baumel said.  “It would be a great idea to open more locations in Florida because it’s a very popular franchise and would benefit the community by making it easier for [people] to go.  It’s delicious.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Delicious and unique food, a variety of options, and great customer service.
  • Food was great
  • Quick service
  • Plenty of options
  • Filling portions
  • Long drive
  • Crowded

5 of 5

5 of 5

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