The Lariat is the newspaper of Cooper City High School in South Florida. We are entirely student run and are dedicated to giving students a voice. We believe that the skills learned in journalism go far beyond reporting and into life, giving staff members the tools they need to make positive change in the world.

Like any publication, the Lariat has guidelines and procedures that must be followed to ensure quality content.

Accountability to our readership

Factual errors: While we try our hardest to find multiple reliable sources and fact check information, we understand that sometimes errors slip through in the editing process. As part of our goal to stay accountable our readership, any complaints about factual errors may be directed to, which will reach our editor-in-chief. All incidents will be investigated and the proper action will be taken.

Misquoting: If you or someone you know has been misquoted by the Lariat, whether in a minor or major fashion, you can also direct the complaint to

Quality content

Furthermore, the Lariat is dedicated to making sure that readers gain something from our articles. We take measures to ensure that our writers and photographers are constructing information in the most honest and truthful way possible. All articles go through an intense editing cycle, and all articles will have at least three rounds of edits before being published in print or online. While our online site is aimed at producing quicker, more accessible content, we do not compromise quality in doing so.

Editorial policy

All articles marked “opinion” reflect the views of the author. All articles marked “editorial” reflect the views of the publication. Because most of our editorials are written by a single author after a publication discussion and consensus, we do give the author’s name in the byline. Opinion articles that are deemed to be hate speech by multiple editors will not be published. While we believe in the right to free speech, we do not believe in the right to belittle, harm, or marginalize others.

Who is Brock Landers?

Brock Landers is a fictitious staff writer. The name “Brock Landers” will be placed as the byline of an article under one of two conditions:

  1. Heavy editing. If the final draft of the article required such intense revision from the editorial staff that the voice is no longer that of the author, but the article still holds content that is valuable to the student body, the article will be published with a Brock Landers byline.
  2. Author anonymity. In some cases, our authors choose not to disclose their identities. The Lariat will only allow this under special circumstances, as we do understand that it harms the article’s credibility.

Please note that any article published under the pseudonym Brock Landers is still highly credible. We have deemed it worthy of publication because of its content and style, so do not be alarmed.

As always, we encourage readers to engage critically with our publication, be it print or online. Any questions, comments, or concerns can be directed to the aforementioned email.