Pre-season soccer details Pre-season soccer details
BY HANNAH EUBANKS The time has finally come for winter sports, and with that comes new beginnings, new faces and new goals for the... Pre-season soccer details


The time has finally come for winter sports, and with that comes new beginnings, new faces and new goals for the Cooper City High soccer teams. For the last several weeks, the coaches have been restacking their teams and making gruesome cuts at tryouts.

The girls tryouts began on October 14, about a week before the boys, and went through three rounds of cuts to make the final team. While the boys began tryouts on October 23, but with about 40 players still remaining, a fourth tryout was necessary and took place on Wednesday, November 1.

A long season of hard work and countless practices paid off for the Lady Cowboys when they went on to win districts last year, and moved all the way on to regional semifinals. Throughout the season the girls participated in several team bonding activities and built the trust they needed to work cohesively as a group, on and off the field.

Before each game, head coach Steve Cardona ensured there was a new lesson learned. Not every game was easy, but the Lady Cowboys got the job done and made their way to the top. Already eager to make a comeback, the girls played two teams in a mini preseason matchup of 45 minutes versus Cypress Bay High School and North Broward Prep High School. Last year, Cypress knocked out the Lady Cowboys and prevented them from moving on to regionals, scoring in the last 30 seconds and making it 1-0. However, this year, the Cowboys came back with a drive to show the Bay they are here to stay, beating them in the preseason game 1-0, and tying 0-0 with North Broward.

With the new season to come, there are many high hopes for the Lady Cowboys, although some of the most valued team players graduated last year. New players have stepped up to the plate in their footsteps. This new group of freshmen is extremely experienced, having played together in the past while traveling each weekend to play a new team.

As for the boy’s soccer team, this year teacher George Solomon is coaching the boys soccer team, along with assistant coach Stephen Franzone Jr.

”I feel we will do great this year with this new coach,” senior Mateo Upegui said. “He knows what he is doing and he is building our team. He’s going to be with us for a while, and will accomplish a lot with this young, bright team.”

Although last year the team did not win districts, they did the year prior under head coach, Sean Lucena. The Cowboys still regard last season as a huge success for their team, and they are anxious for the season to come. Many team members played over the summer for the fun of it, improving their collaboration skills as a result.

”I am obviously excited to be playing with Cooper City High School, and for putting on this jersey one last time while playing with my brothers,” Upegui said. “I hope we win districts and go as far as we can.”

There is only more to come for Cowboys soccer from here. With the thoughts of victory, hard work and passion in mind, it could be a good season for these two teams.

Photo by Lariat photography