Post hurricane binge list Post hurricane binge list
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Hurricane Irma and its destruction has been one of the most discussed topics on South Florida news stations for weeks, and... Post hurricane binge list


Hurricane Irma and its destruction has been one of the most discussed topics on South Florida news stations for weeks, and most Floridians are ready to move on. However, putting Irma in the past may not be the best idea just yet. The state is still recovering from the massive storm and several are still without power and internet. For a generation who entertains themselves with cat memes and absurd videos, this has left multiple students not knowing how to handle their free time without their beloved internet connection. With the storm still fresh in the minds of many, and the course of Hurricane Maria still yet to be determined, it is time to take action and abuse the available for download section on Netflix. Here are some of the top seven shows available for download on Netflix for your bingeing pleasure.


“Riverdale” is based off of the “Archie Comics” and follows a pack of teenage friends as they work together to survive high school, unruly families and solve a murder investigation. While only one season is available on Netflix, the second is set to air on “The CW” October 11. With romance, humor and thrill, “Riverdale” is a great watch.

Gossip girl

“Gossip Girl” takes place in New York and focuses on a group of elitist high schoolers whose lives revolve around an infamous blog site run by one of their peers, Gossip Girl, who continually releases their secrets online. These drama crazed teens chase the identity of the blogger for six seasons and learn that if you get on her good side, your secrets remain secrets. Wrong her, however, and you just might find yourself with none left to keep.

Jane the Virgin

Jane grew up with her mother and grandmother, always determined to never repeat her mother’s mistakes, one of them being her. When attending a medical checkup Jane receives a procedure meant for the patient next door, an insemination procedure. Dazed and confused, Jane attempts to ease her inner conflict about how to handle her new condition without wreaking havoc on her current relationships. This becomes impossible when she finds out the father is her boss. The series joins Jane on her journey to find herself and deal with her comically endearing family as she struggles to come to terms with her unusual situation.


“Atypical” follows 18-year-old Sam, and his family as they push to find a state of normalcy that seemingly comes so easily to everyone else. Living on the autism spectrum is tough, but Sam is determined to act like the average teenager and sets out on a mission to find a girlfriend. With the help of his therapist, overbearing mother, protective sister and goofy father, Sam quickly learns that no one is normal and that being atypical isn’t so bad.

Criminal minds

“Criminal Minds” is based on the work of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and features a team of behavioral analysts or profilers who pursue serial killers. By examining crime scenes, picking up on social patterns and contemplating the effects of society, they are able to build a profile, narrow down suspect pools, and close investigations. Arming themselves with wit and wisecracks, this team of profilers save lives one case at a time.


“Parenthood” is a humorous take on the adventures of the realities of parenting. The four fully grown Braverman siblings journey along the path that is parenting as they share laughs, heartaches and somehow manage to act just like the young children they are raising.

The Flash

At the tender age of 11, Barry Allen lost both of his parents after his mother died in a abnormal accident and his father convicted for it. Now working in CSI, Allen is determined to find the truth about his mother’s death. Along the way Allen is  struck by lightning and falls into a coma, waking up nine months later to discover he has gained the power of superspeed. Dedicating his life to using his power to reveal the truth concerning his mother’s death and protect innocent lives, Allen becomes “The Flash.”

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