Meet the Court: 2017 CCHS prom court nominees Meet the Court: 2017 CCHS prom court nominees
BY KYLE NELSON Prom week has arrived, which brings Cooper City High School its yearly dose of school spirit. Along with prom week comes the... Meet the Court: 2017 CCHS prom court nominees


Prom week has arrived, which brings Cooper City High School its yearly dose of school spirit. Along with prom week comes the crowning of a king and queen of prom, a tradition that has been a staple of high school since 1975. Get to know each of your 2017 CCHS King and Queen candidates.

Nominees For King

Quinn Shust
Quinn is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. He enjoys things like skydiving and riding his motorcycle. In school, Shust can be seen participating to the fullest in every school event possible and is seen by many students as a very relatable person. Quinn was awarded the title of “Unsung Hero” for his senior superlative.

“I’ve been wanting to run for prom king since I could remember like elementary school I always thought of it being a fun thing to partake in and I really just liked the name of being king but that changed over the years I’m running because I don’t just want it for me I want it for the class,” Shust said. “I want to be the one that reps our class for prom king repping it for everyone attending because I have a strong connection with most kids in my class.”

Hunter Harrington
Hunter will be attending John Hopkins University in the fall and is a National Merit Scholar. Throughout these past four years, Harrington believes he has balanced his social life and academic life well and has established solid relationships with many students at Cooper City High.

Dawson Worley
Dawson Worley is not only color guard captain and a successful musician, but he was also given the title of Mr. Cooper and won the senior superlative for most school spirited. Worley will be attending the University of South Florida in the fall and hopes to study pharmacology.

“Everyone that ran and everyone who was nominated was well deserved for the title,” Worley said. “I’m just grateful for the opportunity to showcase my idea of school spirit one last time.”

Nominees For Queen

Nicole Pardon
Pardon has taken full advantage of her high school career. Pardon has been involved in student unions both in and outside of school. Pardon is on the CCHS SGA executive board, Cooper City Teen Council President, Pioneer Volleyball assistant coach, CCHS Varsity Volleyball captain and is a member of NHS. Pardon will be attending Florida State University, but is saddened that she will be leaving her senior class.

“A few of my friends suggested that I should run for prom queen once they heard about it, and then started tweeting about it. I was shocked when I got onto prom court because I didn’t think it would happen,” Pardon said. “It’s such an honor that my classmates feel that I could possibly represent the school in the position of prom queen. I’m so appreciative of my senior classmates for nominating me for this position.”

Carolina Chiari
Chiari is nothing short of pure Cowboy pride. She won “Most Spirited” for her senior superlative and also is the current SGA president. Chiari explained that she enjoys going to Cooper City High School and sincerely loves the student body and all that is offered to her. She is running for prom queen to finish off her senior year with a bang.

“I felt honored that my peers thought that I deserved to be nominated for Prom Court. Specifically at CCHS, prom queen and king have been individuals who truly embody what it means to be a Cowboy,” Chiari said. “Some people like to believe that it is a popularity contest but personally I feel that nominations are a judgment of character. The fact that people believe that I was deserving of this along with Nicole and Maurín is very exciting!”

Maurín Santos-López
Santos is truly the voice of the people. Since the fashion show where she showcased her original fashion line, Santos has delved into all CCHS has to offer for her. With it being her first and last year at CCHS, she hopes to leave her mark.

“I decided to run because we didn’t have ‘prom’ in my country, so for me, this was a pretty big deal, Santos said. “I didn’t think they [the student body] would nominate me, so I am really happy that I am [a] part of the court and even if I don’t win, just to be nominated is amazing.”

The King and Queen will be announced during prom on Saturday night.

Featured photo courtesy of Stumps Party