Lindsay Roberts takes over as NHS club sponsor Lindsay Roberts takes over as NHS club sponsor
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Club sponsors play an incredibly versatile role within any of the clubs, and the National Honor Society (NHS) is no exception.... Lindsay Roberts takes over as NHS club sponsor


Club sponsors play an incredibly versatile role within any of the clubs, and the National Honor Society (NHS) is no exception. For the past five years, U.S. history teacher Dwayne Dixon has sponsored NHS, nurturing its students and seeing to it that they felt as accomplished as possible.

“Mr. Dixon has brought out qualities in me that I never knew I had,” NHS Academic Coordinator Alex Katsotis said. “Watching his passion and exuberance has helped bring out the same in me, in regards to helping the community.”

Katsotis’ position requires that he and his fellow academic coordinator as well as the club sponsor, organize the club’s weekly tutoring sessions. As a result of this, Katsotis and his peers have spent ample time with Dixon in order to plan these events. However, club members have been aware that their beloved History teacher and club sponsor would have to resign from his position since he will be pursuing his masters.

Dixon’s replacement for the position is Spanish teacher Lindsay Roberts. Roberts agreed to take Dixon’s role in NHS over winter break, after she and Dixon talked about the club in-depth. Roberts began working with the club and its members this March. As of now, Dixon is still present at many of the events hosted by the club and is currently mentoring Roberts for next year, when she will be taking over entirely.

“I knew that Mr. Dixon had to step down because he was going back to be a student – he’ll be working on his masters,” Roberts said. “I didn’t know much about NHS, so when he and I began to talk about it, the passion that he feels for it is so apparent and and his excitement just got me really excited…It appeals to me because of the way he talks about it.”

Though Dixon is saddened to leave his post, he has stated that he has all the confidence in Roberts and that he is excited to see how the club will prosper under her direction. Roberts too has expressed her admiration for Dixon.

“I’m very excited about the future of National Honors Society with Ms. Roberts as the new sponsor,” Dixon said. “I think she’s going to take NHS to bigger and better places and do even more than what I did as a National Honors Society Sponsor.”

Dixon also made note of the fact that he would still like to play a minute role in the organization and that he will still be present to aid all of its members if need be.

“I have met with the officer board and I think in the beginning it was a bit of a shock… I have very very big shoes to fill,” Roberts said. “I know most of the officers which helps me. I’ve had these students in class before.”

Roberts has also expressed that she is incredibly excited to be able to work with all of the officers and the club’s members.

“I am so excited to take over,” Roberts said. “It’s going to be a new adventure for me, I’m going to get to meet a new variety of students and I will know students in a different [place] than just in my classroom. That’s what appeals to me most, just forming those relationships outside of Spanish class.”

Several members of the club have wished Roberts warm wishes as well.

“After observing how passionate Mr. Dixon is towards NHS, it has been bitter to know that he won’t be the sponsor anymore,” Katsotis said. “However, members including myself that know Ms. Roberts from being in her class have been very optimistic for the future because we know Ms. Roberts has all the qualities needed to be a great sponsor going forward.”

Photo by The Lariat Photography