Homecoming spirit days Homecoming spirit days
BY SOPHIA WENGIER From October 30 to November 4, CCHS will travel around the world for the 2017 Homecoming Week. This year, staff and... Homecoming spirit days


From October 30 to November 4, CCHS will travel around the world for the 2017 Homecoming Week. This year, staff and students will be celebrating the “Road Trip” theme with dress up days, school activities and the homecoming dance on Saturday night.

Starting on the first Monday of homecoming week, students and staff will dress up according to the theme for that day. “Malibu Monday” will kick it off, beginning the homecoming adventure in California. Students will dress up in an assigned color for class color wars. Freshmen will be in yellow, sophomores will be in green, juniors will be in blue, seniors will be in pink and staff will be in orange.

The next day will take CCHS over to Louisiana. To celebrate Halloween, this spirit day will be “New Orleans Ghost Tour Tuesday.” For this day, students are invited to wear their Halloween costume. Be sure that they are school appropriate and still comply with the normal Broward County Public Schools dress code.

The next stop in the homecoming adventure is New York. Wednesday is all about New York City, the city that never sleeps – although this time, it does. Students and staff will wear their pajamas to school.

“I’m most excited for ‘The City That Never Sleeps Wednesday’ because I can come to school in my pajamas,” senior Brianna Robinson said. “I’m literally going to just roll out of bed and show up.”

Thursday begins CCHS’ journey back home, with one final stop. “Orlando Thursday” is one of the final spirit week days. All are invited to dress up as their favorite theme park characters.

The last day of spirit week is “Final Stop Friday,” bringing us back home to Cooper City High School. This is the day to show school spirit before the homecoming dance and football game. All students and staff are encouraged to show up in their favorite Cooper City gear.

Homecoming week isn’t just about the dress-up days; there will also be plenty of festivities happening after and during school. Monday evening at 5 p.m. will be crazy kickball, in which students will come out and compete against their peers for the championship.

Wednesday will be the highly anticipated “Crazy Feats” competition. Starting at 6 p.m., each graduating class will complete a variety of activities against each other. Some activities usually include wheelbarrow racing and tug-of-war. Each activity has a winner with first place receiving one point, second receiving two points and third receiving three points. At the end of the activity, the class with the least amount of points wins.

On Friday, students can look forward to a variety of activities, beginning with the pep rally during school. Students will spend their last period in the gym where the cheerleaders, band, sports teams, and student body will come together to promote school spirit. After school, students can attend the pre-party and then the homecoming football game at 7 p.m.

For the last event of Homecoming Week 2017, the dance will take place on Saturday night in the cafeteria. It will go along with the “Road Trip” theme. Tickets are on sale from now until October 27.

“I’m looking forward to homecoming because it’s going to be my first year going and my friends will be there,” sophomore Kimber Counts said. “I also like the theme this year ‘Road Trip’ and I’m excited to see how everything comes together.”

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