Dog-friendly places around Cooper City Dog-friendly places around Cooper City
BY GENNA NORDLING Ever since poet C.S. van Winkle published a poem referring to a dog as “man’s best friend” in 1821, the domestic... Dog-friendly places around Cooper City


Ever since poet C.S. van Winkle published a poem referring to a dog as “man’s best friend” in 1821, the domestic dog has certainly earned this title. Over the past 197 years, the bond between man and his best friend has grown to be so strong that some people bring their beloved pets everywhere they go. Whether on a leash or in a purse, many people are invested in having their dog with them at all times.

There are many benefits for people that constantly have a dog at their side – having a dog in public is a definite conversation starter, for example. If someone is seriously lacking in the social interaction department and wants to make an improvement, bringing a dog out with them almost guarantees small talk with some friendly strangers.

Bringing a dog out of the house is a mutually beneficial affair. Some dogs have separation anxiety and can become very nervous or even physically ill if they are away from their owner for too long. By bringing a dog that has separation anxiety out, it doesn’t put the dog through all of that stress. People with anxiety can benefit by bringing their emotional support dogs out, because the dog can help calm them down in stressful situations, especially in airports and on airplanes.

Most restaurants and stores allow service dogs such as seeing eye dogs, who assist the blind, and emotional support dogs, who help those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but some stores offer more than that. Many businesses allow regular dogs into their establishments to join their owners in running errands or eating a quick meal.

According to, some notable chain stores that are dog friendly include Macy’s, Barnes and Nobles, LUSH Cosmetics, Bloomingdale’s, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany and Co. and the Apple Store. Additionally, restaurants that have and outside area or patio will allow dogs.

Some stores in or around Cooper City that are pet friendly include Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Bath and Body Works, and Home Goods. As was previously stated before, most stores allow service dogs, but these stores specifically allow people to bring pets to join in on the shopping experience. As long as dogs are on a leash and under control, man’s best friend can come inside!

Restaurants and cafés around CCHS that allow dogs to join in on the dining are Vienna Cafe and Bistro, Beverly Hills Cafe, Jersey Johns Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery and Tijuana Flats. Dogs are not allowed inside of these restaurants, but they all have outside seating where dogs can sit. Along with outside seating, Tijuana Flats has water dishes for the dogs.

The most important thing to remember before bringing a dog into a restaurant or store is to research ahead of time and call in advance just to confirm that the business is dog friendly. Just because one Apple Store is pet friendly doesn’t mean all of them are, and it is important to take into consideration whether the establishment has outside seating or not.

Photo by Sarah Khan