Cross country: Team practices for potential district meet
BY HANNAH EUBANKS After a very hectic season, the CCHS cross country team had one of their biggest meets of the season on Thursday, October 12 at Markham Park in Sunrise. At the meet, they ran against teams from all over the county. Although this could be considered a... Read more
Varsity cross country: Meets after Irma
BY HANNAH EUBANKS After training all summer and looking forward to the school year full of meets, the Cowboys cross country team had their second meet of the season. Due to the uncontrollable setbacks of Hurricane Irma, the Cowboys had to miss out on a few of the meets... Read more
Cross Country: Broward County Athletic Association Meet
BY HANNAH EUBANKS On Thursday, October 11th, the Cooper City Cowboys cross country team, participated in the Broward County Athletic Association cross country meet.  This meet was in preparation for districts next week. “Even though it’s just a normal meet, it helps us see where we stand against the... Read more
Cross Country: Team Goes to States
BY ANDY MORALES The CCHS Cross Country team had exceptional results this season at their state level competition in Tallahassee. After winning at districts, the girl’s team, along with sophomore Jose Penvaler, proceeded to States. Penvaler was the only boy to qualify when he placed high enough to qualify... Read more
Freshman Jose Penvaler Chases His Dreams
BY ANDY MORALES As soon as Cooper City High School freshman Jose Penvaler gets out of school, he puts on his running shoes and does what he does best. Unlike many students trying to etch their place into the world, Penvaler already has – and not just at CCHS.... Read more
Track: Team Makes A Run At States
BY JACQUELINE QUINONES The Cooper City High School Track & Field team has a rich history full of success. This year, they look to continue that tradition with new members and a determined mindset. Through strenuous exercise and mentoring, Coach Snipes (the head coach) and Coach Grant, (the assistant... Read more
Cross Country: CCHS Team Finds Its Stride
BY ANDY MORALES As soon as the final bell rings, a cluster of kids search for a place to change into proper running attire and everyone is anxious for the run to begin. Finally when everyone has changed Coach Sodegren comes and explains what kind of run everyone will... Read more
CCHS Runners On Track This Season
BY ANDREW MORALES As everyone takes a few laps around the track to warm up their legs, they also warm up their minds for the task ahead of living up to Cooper City’s Track and Field legacy. Track immediately brings up thoughts of athletes blazing down the lanes, jumping... Read more
Track: New Coach Has CCHS On The Run
BY A.J. KURZMAN Anyone who plays a sport knows the importance of running.  Staying in shape and speed are keys to succeeding in every sport, and for track and field kids, it is the only skill necessary to succeed.  Luckily for our track team, new coach head coach Terry... Read more
Cross-Country: CCHS Takes The Lead
BY ALYSSA FISHER For the first time in four years, the boys and girls cross-country team finished first overall at their meet on Tuesday at Markham Park. The girls’ team was led by Shelby Turner, who finished first overall for the entire meet with a 5k time of 22:23.... Read more