Girls Waterpolo Claw Their Way To State Finals As A Proud Underdog
  BY KAYLA LOKEINKSY To triumph in the face of adversity is no easy task, especially in the sports world. To achieve glory as an underdog is nearly impossible unless you have the resources and support. Yet, despite daunting forces seemingly rallied against them, the 2011 Cooper City High... Read more
CCHS Boys Volleyball: Cowboys Defeated But Still Heading To Districts
BY DANIEL COWEN On Wednesday, April 27th, the Cooper City High School boys’ volleyball team faced off against the Coral Glades Jaguars in a game that the Cowboys lost 0-3. Going into the first game, the Cowboys were down by one point with the Jaguars serving.  After an impressive series... Read more
Girls Waterpolo: Cowboys Win Regionals And Move On To State Tournament
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY The Cooper City High School girl’s water polo beat Dr. Crop High School 6-5 on Tuesday, April 26. This win puts the team through to the state finals, making history as the first CCHS girl’s water polo team to make states in 14 years. Throughout the... Read more
Boys Lacrosse: Cowboys Win District Championship
BY JOSH COHEN Cooper City High School’s Lacrosse club won the district championship this season, going from worst to first in only their second season. After only winning one game last year, the Cowboys won nine games this year and with their 8-7 victory over the Western High Wildcats,... Read more
BY JOSH COHEN Disputes between National Football League (NFL) players and the owners have been going on for the past few months.  Multiple issues have split the two parties, which may cause a NFL lockout for the 2011 season, meaning no games will be played. The two sides are... Read more
Learning From The Bench
  BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY There are many aspects of sporting events that fans remember, the game winning play, the all-star player, and the sheer excitement of it all. However, what about the part of the game beyond the court, taking place on the bench, with the players who aren’t... Read more
BY AFTON HICKS As the professional sports have grown, so have the salaries of the athletes who play them. Quick to pull out their checkbooks to support the franchise, the American people have aided the sports industry in housing some of the highest paying jobs in not only the... Read more
CCHS Athletes Go Online For A Chance To Be Recruited
BY BEATRICE DUPUY Nowadays typing the name of a popular high school athlete on the Internet leads to several recruiting websites and profiles. However, not long ago athletes simply relied on word of mouth and scout visits to get recruited for top college sports teams. Through innovative media and... Read more
CCHS Boys Volleyball Has Big Shoes To Fill
BY JAKE FIERMAN The Cooper City High School boys’ volleyball team will try to recreate last years phenomenal season as they move into the current season. Last year, the boy’s team lead CCHS to Regionals with a record of 21-4, including the playoffs in 2010, which made them the... Read more
CCHS Water Polo Dominates The Pool
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY The Cooper City High School girls and boy’s water polo teams dominated the Western Wildcats in their second district game of the season on Thursday, February 24. The girls won with a final score of 28-6 and the boys with a score of 19-4. These wins... Read more