Boys Varsity Football: Cowboys Beat MacArthur In A Nailbiter
BY JACKIE WEISER On Monday, October 29th, the Cooper City Cowboys varsity football team took on the McArthur Mustangs. At the start of the game, the Mustangs offense came out strong. Three minutes into the quarter the Mustangs snuck past the Cowboys to score a five-yard touchdown. After the... Read more
Boys Varsity Football: Jeremy Moss Kicks It Up A Notch For The Cowboys
BY JACOB FIERMAN The fans are screaming from the stands and communication is extremely limited. The Cowboys are trailing and they need the points to stay in the game. Senior kicker Jeremy Moss walks onto the field and begins to line up for the kick that will potentially save... Read more
Varsity Football: Cowboys Beat South Broward In Their Homecoming Game
BY JACKIE WEISER On Thursday, October 18th, the Cooper City Cowboys took on the South Broward Bulldogs in their annual homecoming game. The first quarter started off tight, with both teams defenses not budging. The Cowboy’s defense put up a fight to stop the Bulldogs, however, a penalty was... Read more
Lemond Johnson Plays His Way To Division 1 College Football At Auburn
BY JACOB FIERMAN The quarterback snaps the ball and the play begins. Receivers are running various routes as the defense adjusts. Senior Lemond Johnson follows the play and comes up to intercept the ball from the intended receiver. With a jolt of speed, he heads straight for the end... Read more
Varsity Football: Cowboys Defeat West Broward
BY: JACKIE WEISER   On Friday, September 7th, the Cooper City Cowboys faced off against the West Broward Bobcats in their first home game of the season. After two weather delays, the teams marched out onto the field ready to play. In the first quarter, before the second weather delay, junior... Read more
Capture The Flag: The Flag Football Team Have Something To Prove
BY SARAH ROUSSELL It’s 3:00 p.m. at Cooper City High School and the varsity flag football team gathers on the field for their afternoon practice under the scorching hot sun.  After stretching for fifteen minutes, the team forms a huddle around the coach to listen to instructions. By 3:30... Read more
CCHS Football Shocks The World With Their Success
BY JACKIE WEISER For Cooper City High School, the year 2011 was, to say the least, historic. That year will go down as the year that Cooper City High School’s varsity football team shocked the world and became legends. From becoming district champions, to beating St. Thomas Aquinas for... Read more
High School Football Deaths Cause Concern
BY KEVIN KOPLIN A high school football player goes out to play a routine game on a Friday night. It’s halftime and after taking a few hits, he isn’t feeling 100%, but there’s no way he’s going to sit out, the team needs him, and he’s worked too hard... Read more
Varsity Football: Cooper City Defeats St. Thomas to Win Second District Championship
BY KEVIN KOPLIN Friday November 4th, 2011 will forever be remembered in Cooper City as the day the Cowboys defeated St. Thomas Aquinas for the first time since 1972 clinching the school’s second consecutive district championship. Although the game took place at St. Thomas’ home field, the Cowboy fans... Read more
Cowboys Look To Stay Undefeated Against St. Thomas
BY JACKIE WEISER For Cooper City High School’s undefeated varsity football team, November 4th marks more than a game. It’s the night of the highly anticipated match up against St. Thomas Aquinas. In 2009 the Cowboys ended their season with an overall score of 1-9 and ranked 405 in... Read more