Finance classes in high school: Help students get the most out of their time spent in school
BY RYAN MERARD Taxes, insurance, credit scores and paying bills are just some of the many components of personal finance that one will become familiar with as an adult. Not knowing how to properly manage money can damage one’s future. Many young adults move out of their parents’ house... Read more
Social networking sites don’t have to condone harmful speech: Users have the authority to speak freely on social media platforms
BY JOSEPH STURGEON On September 6, 2018, Twitter permanently suspended the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his site “InfoWars” from posting on their Twitter and Periscope, citing that they took this action based on tweets and videos posted by InfoWars that violated their abusive behavior policy, “in addition... Read more
Saying goodbye to a personal life: Fans vs. celebrity relationships
BY EMMA FRANZ Taking on the role of a celebrity means facing many challenges, one of which is the invasion of privacy and their personal lives. As celebrities remain in the public eye, so do their relationships. A vast majority of the time, fans find themselves obsessed with a... Read more
Technologically illiterate: Students should have mandatory computer classes
BY ELENA VALDEZ The integration of computers in the classroom has skyrocketed in recent years. The use of these extremely useful, fast devices has provided students with a medium in which they can do virtually anything. The problem with this, however, is that frankly, the students do not know... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: School uniforms are favorable for students
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Wearing a school uniform is often a requirement that students are not in favor of because the thought of dressing in khakis and a polo shirt is not ideal to most. However, uniforms are not as terrible as they seem. Uniforms are very common in private... Read more
Batman doesn’t care about Gotham, only himself
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Bruce Wayne’s origin story is well-known: his parents were murdered before his very own eyes in his adolescence, leaving him with nothing but a butler for a surrogate father and a fortune most people can only dream of. Following his parents’ murder, Wayne’s primary mission in... Read more
Disney’s recent rendition of “Mary Poppins”: The prospects of any adaptation in the wake of a post-“Beauty and the Beast” world
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Walt Disney is often venerated as being a company that has impacted millions of individuals, whether that be during their childhood or their days of adulthood. Disney produces timeless films that anyone can enjoy regardless of their age. This— and the fact that they produce relatively... Read more
Students should not be rewarded points for participation in class
BY RYAN MERARD Raising your hand to answer a question, behaving in class or even just showing up to class are simple actions students can take in the classroom to gain points. Along with assignments and tests, some teachers choose to use participation points as a percentage of a... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: Rolling backpacks don’t deserve the hate
BY KAYLA GATES It’s no secret that rolling backpacks are an unwelcome sight at Cooper City High School, seemingly disliked by both students and administration. However, these bags offer various benefits for those in unique situations and often receive more resentment than they deserve. Excessively heavy backpacks have become... Read more
Students’ wallets are empty: The crippling cost of college
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Students all over the United States spend 13 years of their childhood sitting behind a desk with one goal in mind: getting into college. It seems that almost every dream imaginable to U.S. students requires graduating from a college to achieve it. Performing arts means Full... Read more