Public speaking anxiety is real: Presenting should not be a requirement for students
BY ARIELLE KRAUS As a high school student, one is often required to present their work in front of a class. Many may argue that doing so enhances a student’s public speaking skills and prepares them for the “real world.” Although that is true, forcing students to present their... Read more
Writing is right: Regular notebooks should not be replaced by laptops
BY EMMA HUERTA It’s a regular Tuesday at school and you’re shuffling down the halls to head to your Algebra class. Once you enter the classroom, you scan the rows for your seat and sit down. As soon as you take your seat, what is the first thing that... Read more
Close the books and open the screens: Notebooks should be replaced by laptops
BY ARIELLE KRAUS The high school students of today are growing up in an ever-changing technological world. With the rise in the use of computers within classrooms, it would only make sense for students to begin using their laptops in place of notebooks. A laptop is an essential part... Read more
Finding common ground: Core curriculum is beneficial for college students
BY ARIELLE KRAUS After spending four years in high school completing a core curriculum, students move on to college to finally begin their journey and pursue their future careers. But many universities require students to complete more core classes before those required for their major. These classes should be... Read more
Going to the movies isn’t worth it anymore: Stream movies to avoid the hassle of the cinema
BY RYAN MERARD Going to a movie theater has been commonplace for years. The overpriced snacks, noisy moviegoers and boring previews all could be avoided simply by streaming movies at home. With all the different options to watch movies today, going to the movie theater is becoming rarer than... Read more
Think before you flush: The case against flushable wet wipes
BY ISABELLA MARCON Many are familiar with flushable wet wipes. While people may enjoy the convenience and luxury of the wipes, they may not realize the problems they present to the sewer system. Flushable wet wipes can damage personal plumbing systems, resulting in expensive repairs. Wipes can form fatbergs,... Read more
Three days is too little: Thanksgiving break should be longer
BY SABRINA WONG For many years, students attending a Broward County Public School (BCPS) have only received the second half of the school week off for Thanksgiving break in November. After working nonstop for nearly three months, students deserve to have at least a full week away from the... Read more
Hollywood helps get people to the polls
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Tuesday, November 6 marks the U.S. midterm elections, a prominent yet unpopular event. The midterms occur every four years in between presidential elections and determine which party controls the two chambers of Congress. This election, it will determine which party has oversight power over President Trump... Read more
Rehabilitated ex-felons should be allowed the right to vote
BY JOSEPH STURGEON As the nation gets ready for the upcoming midterm elections, the Florida amendment ballot that would restore voting rights to 1.5 million convicted felons in Florida has caught the attention of many Florida residents. An estimated 6.1 million people in the United States with a felony... Read more
The digital age: Attention of the greater populace is entirely focused upon cellular devices
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Ding, ding, ding. In comes another text from yet another person that has likely spoken to the recipient for less than a few minutes face to face. The connection is so vibrant and real as they converse on that glaringly white screen with its blue and... Read more