Governor Rick Scott’s stance on gun control is self-beneficial
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Politicians have always been notorious for their overly flippant behavior and their desire to appease the public in order to gain favor or something else along those lines. In light of recent events and the current administration, such actions have become commonplace, to the point that... Read more
The future of the final frontier: Privatization of space exploration
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR The recent successful launch of billionaire Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket undoubtedly reignited interest in space exploration and fueled conversations surrounding private company aeronautics. While some may have found Musk’s decision to send his cherry red Tesla Roadster into orbit around Mars flashy or egotistical, the... Read more
Solution or snafu: Lowering the voting age
BY TAMARAH WALLACE There are certain birthdays that matter more than others. On 12th birthdays, one becomes an adult to movie theaters and medicine bottles alike, and after 16th birthdays, they are finally able to get behind the wheel. But it’s with that 18th birthday that a host of... Read more
Teens disrespecting politicians
BY JULIA WENGIER It is commonly taught to children of all ages to respect their elders, especially adults in some sort of position of power over them (like a teacher, nanny or even parent). While respect throughout a community is crucial to its well-being, sometimes it is hard to... Read more
Teachers should voice their opinions – carefully
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN They are the individuals that shape students into the people they will be for the rest of their lives. They foster passions for literature, scientific discovery and the great unknowns of the past. Teachers are undoubtedly some of the most important figures in an adolescent’s life.... Read more
90’s video games are good
BY DARIAN SABLON When talking about some of the worst decades of the twentieth century in terms of pop culture, many people often look towards the ’90s. On top of the overzealous attitude of the decade, where everything was branded as extreme, the ’90s brought many things that people... Read more
The value of civil disobedience and peaceful protest
BY ANNABELLE ROSA In many instances people have come to question whether or not their voices are valuable when it comes to the creation of change. Within our current political and social climates, the voice of a citizen is vital when seeking to enforce any sort of change. Similarly,... Read more
Should artists have creative liberty with the national anthem?
BY ELENA VALDEZ With singer Fergie’s most recent performance of America’s national anthem during an NBA game, the argument has arisen that no artist should have creative freedom with the Star Spangled Banner, in order to prevent a wide-spread panned performance like that from ever happening again. The exaggerated... Read more
Dual opinion: Should IDs on campus be mandatory for safety?
The recent tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School has devastated the country and brought the same questions to the mind of every mother, father and student: how safe are our schools? What can we do to make sure this never happens again? School administrators around the country have... Read more
How students can make their voices heard
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Hundreds of students stand in the CCHS bleachers, wielding hand-painted signs and the inextinguishable anger of a generation suffering at the hands of injustice. A chant rises from the stands and shakes the field. “Enough is enough.” At the walkout on Wednesday, February 21, Cowboys had... Read more