Society can’t pick and choose on gun violence
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Usually when a parent attempts to make their child aware of their “selective hearing,” it is not a pleasant conversation. The same can be said for the selective approach society has taken to recognize a majority of gun violence across America. Everyday gun violence, an extremely... Read more
Clear backpacks are not the answer
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Identification must be worn at all times. Bags are subject to be checked at any given moment. Police officers are posted at all entrances. All backpacks must be transparent in order to ensure that they do not contain firearms or other weapons. This isn’t prison or... Read more
A look at the Trump administration’s high turnover rate
BY NUHA ISLAM The swapping out of high-level administrators like Pokémon cards is alarming. After all, our government should possess less novelty than a child’s card game. However, in the year since the Trump administration has been in office, over a third of its staff has jumped ship or... Read more
Do the costs of college academy out weigh the benefits?
BY JULIA WENGIER Dual enrollment is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of college classes before graduating high school. College Academy and early admitting are also methods to start college early, minus the high school experience. High school, although perceived mainly negatively, encompasses four years of your life... Read more
Current school security measures are inadequate and ineffective
BY GENNA NORDLING Ever since the tragedy that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (MSD), students across the country have protested, speaking in favor of stricter gun laws in the United States. So far, the only action being taken includes the increase of ineffective security measures in schools-... Read more
Light pollution is a tragic loss for society
BY JULIA WENGIER In the past, anyone in the world could enjoy the night sky in all its glory. Stargazing was a common practice, and thousands of stars could be seen every night. Around the beginning of the twentieth century, cities began utilizing electric lights excessively. As a result,... Read more
Should teachers use a personal social media account?
BY ELENA VALDEZ It is not uncommon for a teacher to have their “@” atop the classroom whiteboards. But does this interaction outside of the classroom on social media outlets cross the line in a student-teacher relationship? Whether it be on Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat, teachers are always... Read more
The best things to do this summer, close and far
BY JULIA WENGIER Year after year, students are granted around two months of no school with which they do as they please. Some go big and embark on an expensive, memorable trip. Some choose to take it easy and stay home, watching television with friends. A common problem, however,... Read more
Self photography for one’s personal social media account has no place in a memorial
BY ELENA VALDEZ In the light of tragedy, a place of remembrance and honor will be curated more often than not. As survivors and passerbys visit each site to pay their respects, photos are taken to be posted online. The public demands media coverage for these things, and within... Read more
What the high school experience really is
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Pep rallies, sports games and school dances. What movies have most children believe is that these are the primary aspects of the high school experience. Though pom-poms and prom certainly make appearances throughout one’s four years at CCHS, the true high school experience is much more... Read more