Should teachers be allowed to join clubs?
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Trees of bright purple and skies of green, oceans of orange and rolling hills of blue- it seems that only in this alternate dimension, would it be natural for teachers to walk among students and do as they do. But what if, in light of our... Read more
The story behind the stuffing: What we shouldn’t forget about on Thanksgiving
BY CASSIDY NOWASAD When November first hits people throw their pumpkins from previous nights endeavours and replace it with snowmen. The shelves full of candy and various costumes and makeup are replaced with ornaments and menorahs. Many people disregard the holiday in between, Thanksgiving;  this may not, however, be... Read more
SAT v. ACT Guide For Juniors
BY LINDSEY HANNAH A year ago, college applications seemed a distant doom, a bridge that I would cross when I came to it. Who starts essays and applications and testing in their junior year? The answer is anyone who values sleep and sanity. One thing that is essential to... Read more
BY SOPHIA WENGIER The saying that “one who cheats is only cheating themselves,” while it may be cliche, has an abundance of truth to it. In an academic culture that puts grades above one’s morals, cheating in schools has become pervasive.  However, the act of cheating, while it may... Read more
Group Projects

Group Projects

Opinions November 21, 2016

BY SAVANNAH KEYSER AND SOPHIA WENGIER SAVANNAH: Some people may work miraculously in groups, however some people might agree that three really is a crowd when talking about group work. Despite the fact that group projects are a great way to collaborate with classmates and they allow for allocation... Read more
The Electoral College is Outdated
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their creator, with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately for our Founding Fathers, a particular system which they... Read more
“You’re In My Seat”
BY DARIAN SABLON It’s late at night and finding parking at the mall was an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, after speed-walking to the theater, it seems that making it on time to that big blockbuster movie is an actual possibility. But wait – the escalator is broken and the other... Read more
…Or is it? The Pledge Debacle Part 2
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA The red, white and blue flag: to patriots, it represents the land of the emancipated, the home of the brave that is the United States of America. However, there are those that view the U.S. as the land of enslavement and the home of the bigoted.... Read more
Students Can Sit for the Pledge – End of Story
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of The United States of America…” Possibly the most famous collection of words in American history, the Pledge of Allegiance has been ingrained into the minds of students since the time they first started school in kindergarten. Schoolchildren have the... Read more
Why Don’t Buses Come for AP Reviews?
BY: RACHEL CALLAHAN Taking advanced placement classes provides both financial and academic advantages; they count as a college credit and boost GPA, and, unlike colleges, high schools don’t charge a fee to take the class. However, simply taking the course doesn’t guarantee a student these benefits. In order for... Read more