The Importance of the Fine Arts Credit
BY KENDYL COUNTS After all these years, paint by numbers and plastic recorders might seem better for nostalgic reminiscence than actual use, but Kindergarten isn’t the only place where students should be encouraged to color outside of the lines. Though by high school most students can draw more than... Read more
BY: CASSIDY NOWOSAD Whether it’s a music video, a movie or even a video game, advertisers have developed a nasty habit of making too many trailers. They’ll have a poster for the trailer, and the trailer will lead to another trailer, which is simply unnecessary. An example of this... Read more
Which Courses to Take Junior Year
BY CHRISTINA FLUEGEL I had no idea what to expect when I walked into school my first day of junior year. I had chosen my classes seven months in advance, and I had just went with what sounded good. In light of course selection cards being handed out this... Read more
Winter Break Schedule: Festive or Fatal?
BY SKYLER JONES-BOXWELL The end of the second quarter is approaching, along with the advent of the new year. This holiday season, as always, is a time of joy and cheer, of gift exchanges, and of spending time with family. However, one thing may stand to jeopardize that: the... Read more
How to study for midterms
BY LINDSEY HANNAH The weeks are flying by. It seems only yesterday that the first quarter ended, yet midterm exams are already fast approaching. With seven tests a mere two short weeks away, a game plan is essential to success. It may seem daunting, but splitting your time wisely... Read more
Are We Rushing Past Our Childhood?
BY TAMARAH WALLACE The delightful scent of processed meats and modified vegetables wafts through the air as you park at the drive-thru window of your favorite fast food restaurant. A slightly disheveled, uninterested-looking figure pokes their hand out of the opening and silently signifies that you should pay for... Read more
Should teachers be allowed to join clubs?
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Trees of bright purple and skies of green, oceans of orange and rolling hills of blue- it seems that only in this alternate dimension, would it be natural for teachers to walk among students and do as they do. But what if, in light of our... Read more
The story behind the stuffing: What we shouldn’t forget about on Thanksgiving
BY CASSIDY NOWASAD When November first hits people throw their pumpkins from previous nights endeavours and replace it with snowmen. The shelves full of candy and various costumes and makeup are replaced with ornaments and menorahs. Many people disregard the holiday in between, Thanksgiving;  this may not, however, be... Read more
SAT v. ACT Guide For Juniors
BY LINDSEY HANNAH A year ago, college applications seemed a distant doom, a bridge that I would cross when I came to it. Who starts essays and applications and testing in their junior year? The answer is anyone who values sleep and sanity. One thing that is essential to... Read more
BY SOPHIA WENGIER The saying that “one who cheats is only cheating themselves,” while it may be cliche, has an abundance of truth to it. In an academic culture that puts grades above one’s morals, cheating in schools has become pervasive.  However, the act of cheating, while it may... Read more