Start Shopping at Local Farmer’s Markets
BY KENDYL COUNTS Summer is just around the corner, and that means plenty of free time to unleash your inner foodie. But, before taking a long romantic stroll through the supermarket aisles, consider stopping at the farmer’s market instead – not only does the experience build community by supporting... Read more
Coding as a Language Credit?
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA Florida state Senator Jeremy Ringer is an anomaly. In a political climate where the need for educational reform has taken a major backseat to other issues, this former Yahoo executive saw the necessity for a skill which so few employees possess yet so many professions require:... Read more
Bored of Board Games? Don’t Be
BY CHRISTINA FLUEGEL As a result of the modern digital age, the general population is gravitating towards new apps and electronic games rather than board games, which have been around for many millennia. Because of this, board games are increasingly neglected and often left in attics collecting dust. We... Read more
13 Reasons Why: Success or Stumble?
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR AND TAMARAH WALLACE This article deals with depression, self-harm and suicide. It may be triggering to some. The Netflix Original “13 Reasons Why” was recently released and has been the center of debate since because of its trivial depiction of various complex, dark topics. Based on... Read more
AP Students Shouldn’t Have to Take Finals
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER As finals week approaches, CCHS students are beginning to think about which finals they will take and which they will use an exemption for. These decisions can be hard when students were counting on not having to take finals for their AP classes. However, this is... Read more
Negative Impacts Drugs Have in Sports
BY HANNAH EUBANKS Drugs can have lasting effects on the brain and body. Using drugs often compromises judgment and physical abilities, and make a person unable to perform in a variety of contexts. Sports and injuries go hand and hand, but what sports do not account for are or... Read more
Returning to our Roots: Introduce Agricultural Classes to CCHS
BY LINDSEY HANNAH Today’s suburbia is the epitome of convenience, especially when it comes to food. Everything comes prepackaged or precooked. There are no such things as “seasons” for fruits and vegetables, and even the cows which once filled the fields between developments have gotten the boot to make... Read more
Sick at School? Stay Home Instead
BY DARIAN SABLON It’s a nightmare being sick. Your body is constantly tired and any energy for productivity is completely gone; the most you ever want to do is sleep for hours in the comfort of your bed. Yet, despite you not wanting to, school calls and if you... Read more
Teacher Pay by Performance: An Education Based Malpractice
BY ZACHARY PERROTTA Without engineers, our infrastructure would fall apart, just as without teachers, our society would fall apart. So many elucidate that teachers have the most important occupation in the world, yet so few understand what makes a teacher effective at that job. Could it be measured through... Read more
Deadlines for Projects Before AP Exams Don’t Help Anyone
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER AP season has officially begun, and students and teachers alike know that having an adequate amount time to study is important for going for that 5 on the exam. This time can be limited, however, when teachers pile on the projects right before the exam, forcing... Read more