School exams don’t define a person’s intelligence
/BY JULIA WENGIER It’s exam season, and whether students are studying for a final, AP exam, EOC, SAT or ACT, they are doing so to ensure they receive high scores. The modern-day student’s success is measured by their exam scores. Comprehension of advanced placement classes is measured by AP... Read more
Unpopular Opinion: Standardized testing is good for students
BY NOAH CASTAGNA It’s that time of year again. The time of year that brings back the nail-biting habit once thought to be overcome. The time of year  defined by desperate last attempts at cramming an entire year’s worth of information into one night of studying. Of course this... Read more
Students or sponsors? Examining the club leadership structure at CCHS
BY TAMARAH WALLACE School is often seen as a sort of trial period before students are able to progress into the “real world,” where the skills they acquired in adolescence are utilized in more mature situations. There are many mediums through which to attain these attributes including classes, basic... Read more
Sleep: Students don’t get enough of it
BY THOMAS CAETANO As the end of the school year approaches, it’s difficult not to notice the bags and dark circles under the eyes of sluggish teenagers. The students of CCHS are lacking something that everyone craves and not always gets: sleep. Newsflash: the homework isn’t helping. In the... Read more
Color guard should count for a P.E. credit
BY JULIA WENGIER CCHS’ Sound of Pride Marching Band and Color Guard is one unit which works together at the beginning of the school year and apart after November. Then, the band shifts from outdoor, athletic activities to indoor, non-athletic activities, while the color guard shifts from outdoor, athletic... Read more
Self-driving cars are the way to a future of safer transportation
BY JULIA WENGIER Self-driving cars have been a topic of discussion ever since cars themselves became fully integrated into American transportation. Although originating as a dream for the distant future, self-driving cars have been in the works for almost ten years now and will inevitably be introduced to the... Read more
Mental health awareness is more than helping the depressed and anxious
BY ELENA VALDEZ Mental health awareness has skyrocketed in recent years, as the conversation has turned to struggles which have previously been considered taboo. Depression and anxiety are household terms that affect roughly 6.9 percent of the world’s population. These mental illnesses inhibit everyday life in ways those without... Read more
Society can’t pick and choose on gun violence
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Usually when a parent attempts to make their child aware of their “selective hearing,” it is not a pleasant conversation. The same can be said for the selective approach society has taken to recognize a majority of gun violence across America. Everyday gun violence, an extremely... Read more
Clear backpacks are not the answer
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Identification must be worn at all times. Bags are subject to be checked at any given moment. Police officers are posted at all entrances. All backpacks must be transparent in order to ensure that they do not contain firearms or other weapons. This isn’t prison or... Read more
A look at the Trump administration’s high turnover rate
BY NUHA ISLAM The swapping out of high-level administrators like Pokémon cards is alarming. After all, our government should possess less novelty than a child’s card game. However, in the year since the Trump administration has been in office, over a third of its staff has jumped ship or... Read more