Are SAT Prep Courses Really Worth It?
BY BRANDON SLOANE In high school, there are few tests more crucial to a student’s future success than the SAT. It can be a make or break part of the college acceptance process. That is why it is of the utmost importance to make sure you are fully prepared... Read more
PETA Hurts Their Cause By Going Too Far
BY HANNAH RAMESAR People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a non-profit organization with the motto: “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.” Though their cause is honorable, PETA goes overboard at times, disrespecting, slandering, and tarnishing the reputations of people... Read more
Dual Enrollment Classes Should Not Count Towards A Student’s GPA And Class Ranking
BY BRANDON SLOANE In Etowah High School in Cherokee County, Georgia, the academic race to be the valedictorian was extremely competitive and even more controversial. Recently, senior Kelly McCahill surpassed senior Sydney Perlotto for the valedictorian position. The reason for the controversy is that while Perlotto spent all of... Read more
CCHS Students Need To Dress For Success
BY JESSICA WEAVER With the amount of times we are reminded to abide by the dress code, you would think that the point would be drilled into our minds. Yet, there are students who still refuse to listen.  These students who blatantly disregard the rules risk not only the... Read more
That’s So…Wrong: Students Need To Stop Using “Gay” As An Insult
BY DESIREE DEMOLINA In high school, it is easy to overhear candid and uncensored conversation. Throughout the halls, in the class, and at lunch, my ears pick up on phrases that are as futile as they are offensive. “Do they even acknowledge what they’re saying?” I wonder. But of... Read more
Knock It Off: Fighting Is Not The Answer
BY ALYSSA FISHER Society expects that students in high school are ready to move on into the real world. They become eligible to get a job and drive a car, some can even vote. Seeing how this is the time to grow up, it’s appalling to see students acting... Read more
The Pro’s And Con’s Of Blood Drives In School
By blood banks reaching out to the younger generation thousands of lives are saved. BY BLUE KAUFMAN Entering the mini gym during a school blood drive, you see the crowds swarming around you. Music is playing and there is a line of waiting donors, arms at the ready.  Although... Read more
Book Room Blues

Book Room Blues

Opinions March 19, 2012

BY JESSICA WEAVER It is understandable that some high school students are not fans of textbooks. For many they represent endless pages of homework and hours of studying. But with recent changes in the process of distributing textbooks, which involves waiting in line for long periods of time to... Read more
Don’t Refuse To Reuse

Don’t Refuse To Reuse

Opinions February 28, 2012

BY KYRA BACON In the beginning of the recycling era, only a few followers separated their garbage by placing plastic, glass, metal, paper, etc. into green bins, and the excess trash into garbage cans. Today, despite activist’s efforts, and decades of promoting recycling, things are not much better. Although... Read more
License To Bike: Cyclists Fail To Acknowledge The Rules Of The Road
  BY ALYSSA FISHER Personal injury attorneys Rue & Ziffra reported that Florida had the highest number of fatal bicycle accidents of any state since 2008. In 2009 alone, Florida experienced 100 deaths and 4,425 injuries of bicyclists in traffic crashes. Most are quick to blame the driver, but... Read more