Tech Turmoil: Do We Depend Too Much On Technology?
BY BLUE KAUFMAN After hours of studious typing, you’re just about to finish that English essay when suddenly the unthinkable happens: your computer crashes. The screen has turned black and the typical dull humming of the monitor is now eerily silent. You’re trying not to panic, but suddenly you are... Read more
Girls Shouldn’t Play On Boys Teams
BY SABRINA VICTOR Huge advances have been made in women’s sports since the first Olympics Games in ancient Greece, where women weren’t even allowed to watch the competitions. Few women competed in sports until the late 19th and early 20th centuries when social changes in Europe and North America... Read more
Abercrombie Needs To Broaden Their “Look”
BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM In a world where retailers like Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch have dominated 14-24 year olds wardrobes, these stores have come to portray a distorted image of what the “All-American look” is. But as the United States continues to evolve and include a variety of different cultures and races,... Read more
Colorado’s Amendment 64 Is A Step Towards More Far Reaching Social Change
BY BRANDON SLOANE While this past November was most notably defined by the reelection of Barack Obama as president of the United States, there was another issue that made national headlines which may have a much more significant impact on the future of this nation. On Election Day, two... Read more
Going To Spell: We Have Become Too Dependent On Spell Check
BY OLIVIA PASCALE-WONG Life on Earth as we know it would be nearly impossible without the ability to use language to communicate. Evidence of the use of words and symbols goes back thousands of years. With language, comes speaking, reading, and of course, spelling. Growing up, spelling is one... Read more
Cut Off At The STEM: Florida Should Not Offer Tuition Breaks For Certain Majors
BY RACHEL SHARPE Since Florida Governor Rick Scott has taken office, he has firmly supported increasing science, technology, engineering and math programs, known collectively as “STEM”. However, his latest proposal goes too far and could be a detriment to students. Governor Scott wants to implement a one-size-fits-all policy under... Read more
Don’t Track Me, Bro: Schools Should Not Track Student ID’s
BY SABRINA VICTOR Texas schools receive money based on the number of students counted in Home room classes. At schools like Anson Jones Middle, many students didn’t attend their homeroom periods so they were marked absent, causing the district to lose money. To solve this issue, Anson Jones became the... Read more
Political Ads Are Losing All Credibility
BY DAVID DEACON The political ads used in the just concluded presidential election were extremely immature and unruly. Dave Seyler, a political journalist for the Radio and Television Business Report, stated that “According to a new survey, 88% of Americans disapprove of negative political advertising, and about a third... Read more
The Hurt Locker: The Great Debate for Lockers at CCHS
BY VIRGINIA PENIAS & BLUE KAUFMAN Lockers Should Be Used By Students With the new seven class schedule, there is no doubt that students are required to carry a heavier load in their school bags than ever before. Heavy backpacks are inconvenient, painful, and not very safe for the... Read more
How To Save A Life

How To Save A Life

Opinions November 12, 2012

BY ALIYAH CUNNINGHAM Organ donation is a life saving operation that takes healthy organs and tissues from one person and transplants them to another person. People should become organ donors because they have the power to change a life. One single person can save up to 8 lives through one organ... Read more