Native Speakers Should Not Take Beginning Foreign Language Courses
BY ZOE SHIR When students take a class their main goal is often not only pass but to also comprehend the material. Sure you can get an A by cheating off your neighbor, but if the class is a continuing course how are you benefiting? You’re not. For many... Read more
Underprivileged Students Should Get A Break On Club Dues
BY VIRGINIA PENIAS Clubs and extracurricular activities are a huge factor when it comes to what colleges look for in students. While academics are a priority, schools yearn for well-rounded students to become a part of their student body. Needless to say, students devote much of their time to... Read more
Do Students Benefit From Online Classes?
BY OLIVIA PASCALE-WONG With everything advancing into the digital age, education was bound to make an evolution as well.  It’s inevitable that technology is dramatically changing our lives. It seems like everywhere you look, and every corner you turn, technology is substituting the job of an actual employee. Aspects... Read more
South Florida Sports Teams Deserve Better Fans
BY A.J. KURZMAN On Christmas Day the Miami Heat played the Oklahoma City Thunder.  As the game raced on, Dwyane Wade threw up an alley-oop to reigning MVP LeBron James who threw down a monster dunk.  The sell-out crowd of almost 20,000 then erupted into a frenzy; their beloved... Read more
High School And College Athletes Receive Unfair Advantages
BY ADAM SHLOMI Texas A&M Johnny “Football” Manziel walks into a club on a Saturday night. The bouncer lets him in, as age isn’t a factor if you’re a Heisman winner. Girls stare, guys are envious and the smile on his face shows his enjoyment; he is basking in... Read more
Do We Pay Too Much Attention To Celebrities?
BY JACQUELINE QUINONES Social pressures compel many people to adapt their mindset to what our culture defines as “acceptable.” Our society and, more importantly, today’s celebrities hammer their ideas of what they consider to be “cool”, such as what to wear, what to eat, how to act, and, overall... Read more
Community College Is The Best Choice For Many Students
BY VIRGINIA PENIAS With seniors already working on college applications, countless students eagerly await their high school graduation so they move on to the next chapter in their lives. With the parties, freedom, and new profound independence, college is often referred to as “greatest years in a student’s life”.... Read more
Should NCAA Athletes Get Paid?
BY ANDY MORALES It goes without saying, but the NCAA is home to some of the greatest athletes on the planet. Young, strong and in the prime of their career, these college athletes often get to compete on the professional or Olympic level.  Yet with all this talent and... Read more
Tech Crunch: The Perils Of The Push To “Teach With Technology”
BY RACHEL CALLAHAN With Students expected to complete assignments using computers and tools such as Black Board and Pinnacle, technology is quickly becoming a more important part of education. However, is it fair to do so when the school doesn’t provide adequate technology? The rate at which technology advances... Read more
Identity Crisis: Having A Fake ID Is Not Worth The Risk
BY ALLISON BARNARD With bass blaring loudly and lights flashing to the beat, many young teenagers, eager to undertake in the festivities, tightly clutch their fraudulent id cards in anticipation. Each step taken towards the crowded club entrance is a step taken towards adulthood, whether it’s partying like an... Read more