Fundraiser Cancelled after Restaurant Closes Over Health Violations
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR The National Honor Society’s weeknight food fundraiser came to an abrupt end when health inspectors ordered the popular Beverly Hills Café to close early. “We have no recourse except to assure everyone that food safety, cleanliness and sanitation is, and always will be, a priority,” Café... Read more
CCHS DECA Takes Anaheim for Nationals
BY NUHA ISLAM From April 18 to 23, DECA headed west to Anaheim, California for the annual International Career Conference competition. Filling rows of airplane seats, the DECA students packed their suits and their tri-fold displays with them, armed with high ambitions and plans for a great trip. “I’m... Read more
Puppy Palooza: Cooper City Teen Council Hosts First Annual Dog Adopt-A-Thon
BY KYLE NELSON On April 22, Cooper City’s memorial park was filled with dogs ready for a new home. Created by the Cooper City Teen Council and led by senior Nicole Pardon, the Dog Adopt-a-Thon was introduced as a way for Cooper City citizens to become involved with their... Read more
National Honor Society Holds Annual 3v3 Basketball Game To Raise Money For Cancer Research
BY NUHA ISLAM As the shot clock buzzed signaling in halftime, sweaty high school students gathered the benches in an effort to gather their breaths, with the squeak of  white shoes hit the polished linoleum floors. For every point scored, an equally rivaled point. Dubbed ‘April Anarchy’ in a... Read more
Super Tuesdays and Super Wednesdays Informational Notice
BY NOAH CASTAGNA April 24th is the start of the three-week annual cycle of modified testing weeks concluding in mid-May. The testing schedule is as follows: All students should have received a personalized testing schedule in their first period on Friday, April 21st. On the schedule, the exams students... Read more
SGA Color Run Raises Over $3,000 for American Cancer Society
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS This morning, CCHS was filled with purple people. After seven months of intensive planning, the Student Government Association (SGA) put on their second annual Color Run to support the American Cancer Society. With about 140 people registered, the event raised over $3,000. “It’s what makes Cooper... Read more
AP Exam Schedule

AP Exam Schedule

CampusNews April 22, 2017

BY SOPHIA WENGIER It’s AP season and exams are beginning, taking place May 1st through  May 12th.  Students are expected to show up on time to their exam and come prepared.  This includes bringing several number 2 pencils with erasers, pens with black or blue ink, and a watch... Read more
Broward County School Board Has Changed The Rules On Students Self-Administering Medication
BY LINDSEY HANNAH The medication policy for Broward County schools has changed, resulting in certain formerly-prohibited actions to be allowed under certain circumstances. Policy 6305, Administration of Medications/Treatments, has undergone the following alterations. First of all, students of every grade level can now carry and self-administer sunscreen and bug... Read more
CTV Remains Internationally-Recognized Broadcast Team after Stunning Turnaround at STN
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Cowboy Television returned to Florida as an internationally-ranked broadcast team after a student convention in California, following what initially seemed like a crushing defeat. “We didn’t win any individual categories,” junior Harris Ness said. “It seemed like we weren’t going to win anything until the very... Read more
CCHS Recognizes Relay for Life, Raises Money for Cancer Research
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD Saturday, March 25, the American Cancer Society held its event to promote cancer research from the CCHS track. The event lasted from 4 PM Saturday and closed at 8 AM the next morning. All of the proceeds gained from this event went to American Cancer Society... Read more