Man on the street: CCHS seniors talk coronavirus
BY ISABELLA MARCON When it comes to the last year of high school, seniors are recognized through celebration. After three years of hard work, seniors are rewarded with events such as prom, Grad Bash and, of course, graduation. However, with the coronavirus spreading rapidly, schools across the globe have... Read more
Classes, college and the coronavirus: How CCHS alumni and students are being impacted by the international pandemic
BY EMMA HUERTA With the craziness following the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, everyone across the world has had to take precautions to prevent its spread. While people have begun social distancing, colleges and universities have canceled classes and/or semesters, even ordering students to gather their belongings and... Read more
Man on the street: How is the coronavirus affecting the athletes at CCHS?
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE The coronavirus is interrupting both school and spring sports. Right now, the future of school sports is uncertain and the Cowboys have many concerns. Student-athletes responded to the question: “How is the coronavirus affecting the athletes at CCHS?” Senior Ethan Silverman, volleyball “It sucks that my... Read more
Spotify spring spirit: CCHS’ spring spirit week
BY EMMA FRANZ After months of coordinating, CCHS’ Spotify-themed spring spirit week finally came to life during the week of March 9 through the 13. The Student Government Association (SGA) took it upon themselves to create dress-up days that coordinated with hit songs that students could relate to.  “This... Read more
Going Ivy: Junior Sabrina Rapoport attends the annual Harvard debate tournament
BY EMMA HUERTA Many students can only dream of attending the competitive—and, arguably, most iconic—college, Harvard University. Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this Ivy League school is currently ranked as the number one best global university. However, some lucky high schoolers are able to experience this elite institution hands-on at... Read more
State of the Union: CCHS student Emily Kaufman makes an appearance on Capitol Hill
BY KAYLA GATES Political events such as the State of the Union Address are what most students can only learn about through their history classes. But for 15-year-old Emily Kaufman, a sophomore at Cooper City High School, this lesson became a reality as she accepted an invitation to Capitol... Read more
National Signing Day: CCHS student-athletes commit to colleges
BY JOSEPH STURGEON On Wednesday, nine student-athletes from CCHS officially committed to the colleges they will be attending and playing for over the next four years. Held in the auditorium at 3:15 p.m., the signing was attended by the students’ families and friends. The event was run by athletic... Read more
An open floor: Superintendent Robert Runcie visits CCHS to hear student concerns
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Attempting to meet with as many high schools as possible, Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) Superintendent Robert Runcie met with a select group of CCHS students in the media center on Tuesday, January 30 in order to determine the main concerns in BCPS schools. Commencing the... Read more
Bearing witness: Holocaust survivor speaks at CCHS
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Though Nazi Germany and the genocide of 6 million Jews are often mentioned during high school history classes, it’s not every day that students have the opportunity to listen to a Holocaust survivor. On Friday, January 31, Multicultural Club invited Irene Zisblatt to CCHS to speak... Read more
“The beginning of the end”: Class of 2020 attends their first senior breakfast (and event) of the year
BY EMMA HUERTA At around 8 a.m. on January 16, the CCHS cafeteria was full of excited murmurs as the entire senior class shuffled in. Vibrant decorations, including “2020” shaped balloons and table adornments, lit up the space.  This was the senior breakfast, the first of multiple activities that... Read more