Modern minstrelsy: Why Ralph Northam is being pressured to resign
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is currently facing backlash following the unveiling of a 1984 yearbook photo in which he can be seen wearing blackface. Pressured by many to resign, Northam initially apologized for the picture, only to backtrack and state that the person appearing in the... Read more
Different perspectives: CCHS students reveal their thoughts on UF admissions
BY SABRINA WONG The status which would determine many seniors’ futures was updated around 6 p.m. on February 8, as the admission results from the University of Florida (UF) were released. UF is located in Gainesville, Florida and is consistently ranked among America’s top universities. It was founded over... Read more
It’s getting hot in here: Climate change for dummies
BY GENNA NORDLING “So much for global warming,” is a phrase said by many when the temperature falls below a tolerable level. Those who say this often deny the existence of global warming and climate change solely because they are experiencing cool weather. One of these climate change doubters... Read more
Creating constructive change: New food recovery program emerges at Pioneer Middle School
BY SABRINA WONG Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year— approximately 1.3 billion tons— gets lost or wasted. A new waste reduction program has made an appearance at Pioneer Middle School recently, helping out with this ongoing issue. The Food Recovery... Read more
New to Cooper: New club seeks to make new students feel welcome at CCHS
BY RYAN MERARD At CCHS, most students entering their freshman year are coming over from either Pioneer Middle School or Renaissance Charter School. However, there are numerous students that are coming from different school districts, states or even countries. These students may face some trouble adjusting to the school... Read more
Littlest Cowboys get into the Valentine’s Day spirit with a party
BY RYAN MERARD Valentine’s Day is based around love, friendships and showing affection for others. With the classroom decorated with hearts of all sizes and kids dressed up in bright red and pink colored clothes, the Littlest Cowboys preschool stayed with a traditional theme and celebrated Valentine’s Day by... Read more
A new path for education: How the elimination of Common Core standards in Florida will affect the CCHS community
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Florida has incorporated the Common Core into their standards over the course of many years. However, with the administration of a new governor, it has been decided that these standards will no longer be used. Governor Ron DeSantis, who was elected following the midterm elections in... Read more
A year of remembrance and change: A timeline of the events since February 14, 2018
BY ARIELLE KRAUS On February 14, 2018, Broward County Public Schools endured the unimaginable as tragedy struck Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School in Parkland. From that day on, MSD students, parents and staff have worked tirelessly to make a difference, not only for our county, but for our... Read more
The new U-pick: Organic fruits and vegetables at their finest
BY VICTORIA MARTIN In a community, there are many common items which can be found such as houses or small neighborhoods. Broward County seems to have something special within one of its towns: a farm. While finding a farm might not be much of a surprise in Davie, this... Read more
A passion for paperbacks: Book Club aims to rekindle a love of reading in high school students
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN When students want to sit back and relax, they usually don’t reach for a copy of “Jane Eyre.” Instead of delving into the works of the Brontës or other esteemed pieces of literature, high schoolers choose to spend their free time mindlessly scrolling through social media... Read more