An all-inclusive homecoming: Students can now run for homecoming court as “duos”
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Before anything else, the annual homecoming dance is a tradition. Each school year, typically about halfway through the first quarter, when students aren’t discussing grades, teachers or internet memes, they’re discussing the homecoming dance. Anyone listening in on these conversations can expect to hear about the... Read more
Peace, pizza and poetry: Poetry Club attracts new poets through their open mic event
BY GENNA NORDLING Every day, after the dismissal bell rings, the majority of CCHS students head home. But last Thursday, a particular group of dedicated students stayed to express themselves through the art of poetry. Immediately after the bell rang, Mr. Fair’s classroom transformed into an open mic club,... Read more
Couldn’t care less: CCHS faces student apathy towards school-wide activities
BY JULIA SAFRIN Every year, seemingly oblivious eighth-graders, who are still trying to figure out who they are and who they want to be, walk into freshman orientation. They are like fish out of water about to be bombarded with information not only about grades, classes and graduation requirements,... Read more
Communication, companionship and connections: The purpose behind the Best Buddies match party
BY ARIELLE KRAUS Every year, the CCHS Best Buddies chapter hosts a match party for their members. This event allows members to get to know each other through various activities and bonding experiences. Best Buddies is an international organization designed to promote inclusion. The CCHS chapter matches students who... Read more
Broward County public school population is dying: Enrollment rates continue to drop
BY ELENA VALDEZ Although classrooms still look overcrowded and car lines run all the way into the street, this may not be the case for long. As of the 2019-2020 school year, there has been a significant drop in South Florida’s public school enrollment, and the numbers continue to... Read more
Bahamas Relief Drive: CCHS opens up their resources and their hearts after Hurricane Dorian
BY RYAN MERARD On September 1, Hurricane Dorian made its catastrophic mark on the Bahamas. With winds reaching up to 180 mph at one point and the storm traveling at just 1 mph, Dorian stalled over the Bahamian islands and pummeled them for hours, causing major destruction of homes... Read more
See something, say something: A practice to keep communities safe
BY RYAN MERARD In an era where there are more mass shootings in this nation than days passed this year, the nationwide phrase, “If you see something, say something” has more value than ever. It encourages students to speak up whenever they notice anything that seems suspicious and to... Read more
Come one, come all: CCHS hosts first Cowboy Corral to welcome new students
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE New students stood in lines that long passed the breezeway entrance in order to check into CCHS’s inaugural Cowboy Corral. The first event of its kind at CCHS, Cowboy Corral was organized by staff members Dwayne Dixon and Stephen Franzone with hopes that it would relieve... Read more
The SAT adversity score: Does it level the playing field?
BY CHRIS GOMES The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) has infamously become one of the primary gatekeepers in college admissions, often determining whether a student is admitted into a university. Although the uses of the SAT have changed since its debut in 1926, its “gatekeeper” status remains today. However, it... Read more
The aftermath of the storms: Puerto Rico two years later
BY VICTORIA MARTIN It has been nearly two years since Hurricane Maria left behind pure destruction on the island of Puerto Rico. The US territory was not in the best shape to withstand the impact of this category 4 hurricane, as Hurricane Irma had left one million people on... Read more