Start Your Engines: 45th Annual Miami Auto show comes to South Florida
BY KYLE NELSON   From November 6th to 15th, car companies flocked to South Florida to showcase their top cars in the Miami International Auto Show.   An auto show is a place where people congregate to see new cars from numerous manufacturers for the upcoming year. The 45th... Read more
What’s Going on in Cooper City (August-October)
BY NOAH CASTAGNA Bureaucracy at its finest Finances and Funding September brought about several pressing issues concerning the funding of public services by the city,  one of which directly impacted the funding of Cooper City High’s Sound of Pride. The resolution would provide a city grant as security for... Read more
Posnack Jewish Community Center Hosts Anti-Bullying Seminar
BY SARAH SHARPE The David Posnack Jewish Community Center in Davie and Baptist Health South Florida sponsored “Banishing Bullying: Be Part of the Solution” on Sunday, September 29th. This presentation featured a one-hour discussion with a panel of experts and a private screening of the “48 Hours” special Bullying:... Read more
Vista View Park Creates Recreation Out Of Refuse
BY RACHEL HAAS Broward County citizens are discovering new, challenging methods of working out thanks to the recent additions at Vista View Park.  Once a landfill, Vista View has now been transformed into a recreational park packed with an abundance of activities for the public to enjoy. The park’s... Read more
Florida Approves Bill Banning Texting While Driving
BY DANIELLE ONAFRAYCHUK On Tuesday, April 30th, the Senate approved Florida`s bill opposing texting and driving. The House of Representatives proved to be a roadblock in making this law official, but if they do indeed approve the law it will go into effect starting in October 2013. The National... Read more
Some Colleges Not Requiring SAT/ACT Scores
BY DAVID DEACON The juniors and seniors that are worried about getting the perfect SAT score can take a slight sigh of relief. There are an increasing number of colleges and universities across the country that don’t require SAT or ACT scores. Instead, these colleges evaluate students based on... Read more
Long Road To Reform: Education Reform Sweeps The Nation
  BY RACHEL SHARPE The teacher strike in Chicago, that shut down their schools for seven days at the beginning of this school year, shocked people throughout the nation and brought attention to a host of educational reform issues that are mirrored in many other school districts in this country,... Read more
President Barack Obama Wins Second Term
BY SABRINA VICTOR On Tuesday, November 7th President Barack Obama defeated Governor Mitt Romney and won a second term as President of the United States of America. This neck to neck and historically expensive race ended with President Obama winning the votes of almost all of the 12 crucial battle ground states. At... Read more
Coffee Crazy: Overconsumption Of Caffeine Is A Big Problem For Teenagers
BY RACHEL SHARPE After a long day of school and after school activities, the average teenager is exhausted by 11 p.m. They then look at their pile of homework and realize that they are going to be up for several more hours. Their solution? Caffeine. Caffeine is the most... Read more
Florida Doesn’t Make The Grade In National Education Rankings
BY BLUE KAUFMAN Education Week Magazine recently released its annual Quality Counts statewide education rankings, giving the state of Florida an overall grade of C+ for the school year of 2011. Every year Education Week judges each state in the following categories: chance for success, teaching, transitions and alignments,... Read more