The Total Solar Eclipse Awes The Nation
BY NOAH CASTAGNA On the first day of school CCHS students got a fleeting taste of a cosmic anomaly that hasn’t graced the country for over a century: a total, coast-to-coast solar eclipse. For those on the path of totality, the sun was totally covered by the moon for... Read more
Fundraiser Cancelled after Restaurant Closes Over Health Violations
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR The National Honor Society’s weeknight food fundraiser came to an abrupt end when health inspectors ordered the popular Beverly Hills Café to close early. “We have no recourse except to assure everyone that food safety, cleanliness and sanitation is, and always will be, a priority,” Café... Read more
Puppy Palooza: Cooper City Teen Council Hosts First Annual Dog Adopt-A-Thon
BY KYLE NELSON On April 22, Cooper City’s memorial park was filled with dogs ready for a new home. Created by the Cooper City Teen Council and led by senior Nicole Pardon, the Dog Adopt-a-Thon was introduced as a way for Cooper City citizens to become involved with their... Read more
Broward County School Board Has Changed The Rules On Students Self-Administering Medication
BY LINDSEY HANNAH The medication policy for Broward County schools has changed, resulting in certain formerly-prohibited actions to be allowed under certain circumstances. Policy 6305, Administration of Medications/Treatments, has undergone the following alterations. First of all, students of every grade level can now carry and self-administer sunscreen and bug... Read more
CCHS Students Mourn the Loss of Club Penguin
BY KENDYL COUNTS Club penguin is in trouble – and this time, Herbert the polar bear has nothing to do with it. After facing a steady decline in web traffic for the past few years, the site has finally shut down, taking the fond memories of millions of players... Read more
BCPS Unveils New Immigration Policy to Protect Undocumented Students
BY NOAH CASTAGNA The Broward County Public School Board unanimously passed a resolution protecting immigrant students and their families earlier this month. The policy will turn Broward County public schools into safe zones for children of undocumented immigrants, (making Broward County the first school district in Florida to officialize... Read more
Changes Made to Cooper City’s Annual Founder’s Day Event
BY KENDYL COUNTS With lawn chairs at the ready and coolers stocked with ice, Cooper City residents are gearing up for the annual Founder’s Day celebration that never fails to send a rush of pride through the streets. For many, this day of bonding with neighbors represents the perks... Read more
JCC School Evacuated After Bomb Threat Report
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Students attending David Posnack’s Jewish Day School in Davie received an unwelcome surprise in the form of lockdown and evacuation after an unsubstantiated bomb threat was called in on Monday, officials said. Liam Cohen, a student at the JCC, was at school when the incident occurred.... Read more
Students React to Betsy DeVos Confirmation
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Around twelve P.M. on Tuesday, February 7, the news broke that Betsy DeVos would serve as the next Secretary of Education. Extending the admittedly controversial election, DeVos’ confirmation has been met with heavy pushback. “I feel that an individual with a closed mind in regards... Read more
CCHS Reacts to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR After an eight-hour flight from Alaska to Florida, 26 year old Esteban Santiago was in no hurry to pick up his personal belongings at the luggage claim and get home. Instead, he brought his only checked baggage to the airport bathroom – a small bag holding... Read more