Cowboy Television Heads to California for STN
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Cowboy Television won’t be covering local suburban Cooper City news this week — instead, the broadcast team is flying out to Anaheim, California to compete at the annual Student Television Network (STN) convention. “I’m pretty excited to be traveling to California,” first year CTV member Danielle... Read more
Varsity Winter Guard Earns First Place at SFWA Mid-Season Exposition
  BY KENDYL COUNTS Nerves ran high as the members of Cooper City High School’s varsity winter guard prepared to compete at the South Florida Winterguard Association’s Mid-Season Exposition, held at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on March 11th, 2017. The mid-season exposition was their second-to-last local competition, and... Read more
New Faces Get a Taste of CCHS on the Annual 8th Grade Walkover
BY SOPHIA WENGIER March 13th marked the date of the eighth grade walkover for the class of 2021. Serving as an orientation, incoming students were given the chance to get a glimpse into cowboy life.  This included the presentations of a few of the many extracurricular activities offered at... Read more
Class of 2018 Ring Ceremony Set For March 22
BY CHRISTINA FLUEGEL To some, a class ring is more than just a ring; it represents their high school achievements, and gives them something to look back on when they’re older. “I decided to get a class ring because I wanted a symbol to represent my four years in... Read more
First Sadie Hawkins Dance Comes to Cooper City
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS AND SABRINE BRISMEUR Everyone at CCHS knows the hallmark of a good dance: a pile of high heels in the corner of the cafeteria. The Sadie Hawkins dance was no exception, with gender-bent proposals, committed planners and, yes, a littering of heels by the cafeteria door.... Read more
Spirit Week and Sadie Hawkins Dance Recap
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Based on the success of fall spirit week, the student government association and the class of 2018 decided to reinstate the renowned week of celebration leading up to a school dance last week, giving it a cool, new spring vibe. “Spring Spirit week is an awesome... Read more
First Annual Miss Cooper City Pageant Comes to CCHS
BY SOPHIA WENGIER On March 9th, Cooper City held its first ever Miss Cooper City Teen USA and Miss Cooper City USA pageant. Taking place at Cooper City High School, five teenagers from Cooper City competed for the title. This pageant works with the Miss USA organization in coordination... Read more
AP Review Session Dates and Information
BY NUHA ISLAM Registration is now open for AP students to sign-up for AP Exam Review Sessions on March 31st and April 1st at South Plantation High School for the Advanced Placement (AP) exam(s) offered in May. “We hope to offer every AP student the opportunity to get the... Read more
Second Annual Spring Spirit Week
BY SOPHIA WENGIER From March 13th through 17th, Cooper City High students will be dressing up for Spring Spirit Week, leading up to the Sadie Hawkins Dance that Saturday night.  This will be the second time in recent Cooper City history that a spirit week in March has taken... Read more
Seminar Students in the Spotlight
BY NUHA ISLAM Hours of hard work and practice have culminated into a ten-minute group presentation last week in the form of a PowerPoint slideshow. And while most students are familiar with this format, the amount of research and preparation that goes into each project behind the scenes is... Read more