Finding the perfect match: Best Buddies hosts the annual match party
BY EMMA FRANZ On Thursday, September 20, Cooper City High School students gathered in the cafeteria in hopes of finding a new buddy. At the Best Buddies Match Party, new and returning Best Buddies members joined together to form new bonds and friendships. This welcoming event allowed for students... Read more
Freshman elections: The race to represent their class
BY KAYLA GATES With the start of a new school year, there comes an important milestone for the freshman class: elections. A few dedicated ninth graders are hoping to earn their peers’ vote and represent the next generation of students at Cooper City High School. The elections, which are... Read more
Debunking the mysterious case of the inactive school email accounts
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Around August 11, 2018, the CCHS mandated email accounts stopped receiving emails, causing many to question why their accounts were no longer active. Students used their school email accounts in order to keep up with clubs and teachers. Aside from communication, many of the upperclassmen utilized... Read more
The choice was not “in their hands”: Large dislike of the class T-shirt among juniors
BY JULIA SAFRIN Prom is a time when students dress to the nines with a handsome man or beautiful girl by their side. Prom is a momentous event that students look forward to all throughout their high school career. In order to put together such an extravagant event, the... Read more
Seventeen years later: CCHS staff and students remember 9/11
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE AND ABBIE TUSCHMAN A sea of black and khaki washed over the courtyard as the students of Navy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (NJROTC) shuffled around planting American flags. The small structures flittered in the gentle breeze that embraced the crowd on the 17th anniversary of... Read more
Black and red and controversial all over: Class of 2019 cap and gown conundrum
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Less than one month into the 2018-19 school year, the Class of 2019 is already debating matters surrounding their graduation. Recently, the subject of caps and gowns has become a hot topic. On August 27, the Class of 2019 held its senior assembly in the school... Read more
Printing in the school library will soon come with a fee
BY RYAN MERARD In the past, students have been able to print from the CCHS library without having to worry about the cost of ink or paper. Now, that has changed, as students will soon have to pay a fee to print from the school’s library. Students will now... Read more
CCHS Variety Show preparations begin with host auditions
BY ISABELLA MARCON As Cooper City High’s annual Variety Show draws closer, preparations for the show are currently underway. On September 6 and 7, the Class of 2019 held Variety Show host auditions for all seniors. Although the performance acts of the show are known to be the main... Read more
CCHS students create mural tribute to Hobin
BY KYLEIGH SPRIGLE Students at CCHS are painting a mural as a tribute to English teacher Nicole Hobin. Before the beginning of the school year, Hobin passed away in a fatal motorcycle accident. Juniors Lillie Biegner and Tyler Rodriguez are painting a unicorn in the Zen garden in her... Read more
This class is a bit of a stretch: The new yoga elective is bringing opportunities to students
BY JULIA SAFRIN School can be stressful and nerve-wracking. While study hall may serve as a break for some students, the new yoga elective, formally known as Fitness Lifestyle Design, is meditating its way into students’ busy lives and hectic schedules. On last year’s course selection card, yoga made... Read more