CCHS Thespians: New year, new classes
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH A new year at Cooper City High School brings along new students, new administrators and, for the performing arts department, new theater classes. Along with four acting classes, musical theater and technical theater are now offered as courses at CCHS. In the new acting classes, students... Read more
A new season brings new opportunities for the CCHS Sound of Pride
BY ARIELLE KRAUS After a summer filled with countless hours of practice and preparation, the Sound of Pride (SOP) continues to get ready for the competition season ahead. Since the previous year, many changes have been made to the program, allowing for many improvements and opportunities for the band.... Read more
CCHS makes plans to honor memory of teacher Nicole Hobin
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN It’s not often that an after-school meeting in the CCHS media center results in tear-filled eyes of many in attendance. But on Tuesday, August 21, several of the school’s teachers, club leaders and students gathered in the library to discuss ways that the CCHS Cowboys can... Read more
CCHS takes school security to a new level
BY SABRINA WONG Following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018, CCHS began increasing its safety and security measures. These policies will be carried over into the upcoming 2018-19 school year, being enforced from the first day on. “I believe that increasing the security... Read more
Saying goodbye to the Class of 2018: CCHS hosts graduation rehearsal and senior breakfast
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN A slideshow played on the auditorium screens as students filled every row of seats, their voices reaching the rafters as they eagerly chattered about their futures. On Friday, May 25, CCHS hosted the Class of 2018’s graduation rehearsal and senior breakfast. “After being in high school... Read more
Encore 2018: A celebration of the Sound of Pride’s excellence
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Entering the CCHS auditorium, the families and friends of the band and color guard sat in order to watch the final performance of the year for the Sound of Pride (SOP). This event, Encore, also served as the final performance for the seniors who participated in... Read more
Sound of Pride prepares for annual Encore showcase
BY KENDYL COUNTS After a long year filled with sweat and sheet music, the Sound of Pride will display the culmination of their efforts in their annual Encore performance, to be held this year in the auditorium on Thursday, May 24 at 7 p.m. “Encore is an amazing event... Read more
Senior night 2018: A night to celebrate CCHS’s extraordinary graduates of the Class of 2018
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Three large banners hung from the rafters of the CCHS auditorium stage as some of the most exemplary students in the Class of 2018 took their seats in several rows of black chairs. Each came dressed in their best attire in order to celebrate CCHS’s annual... Read more
Senior Spirit Week returns to campus
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR The Student Government Association (SGA) spent their last few weeks of school not relaxing but putting together one last spirit week, this time dedicated to seniors. “The inspiration for this week was really to bring everyone out of the end of year slump that many of... Read more
CCHS hosts last signing day of the year for students
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR The last of CCHS’ senior student-athletes signed to their respective colleges on Thursday, May 11, marking for the end of the signing days for the 2017-2018 school year. Athletic director Paul Megna was at the head of the event for the signing of lacrosse player Crystal... Read more