Get your bowls ready: CCHS welcomes new Culinary Club
BY JOSEPH STURGEON Yet another club has been added to the list of the many available at CCHS, the latest addition being Culinary Club. Founded by senior Lara Gurdikyan, Culinary Club aims to provide a community to CCHS students that are interested in cooking, baking or learning about different... Read more
The Hobin Garden: Students, staff and friends gather to celebrate the life of the recently departed CCHS teacher
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE The slight breeze blowing through the CCHS courtyard didn’t help the chills filling everyone in attendance as they choked back tears during each performance at the Hobin Memorial Garden. Fairy lights strewn into tutus and glitter makeup were observed among the crowd of people who came... Read more
Leaping into final rehearsals: CCHS Thespians prepare for their production of “The Frogs”
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE “The Frogs” isn’t the typical high school play. Written by Aristophanes in the common era, “The Frogs” is a classical play that the Thespians have taken their own spin on. A CCHS Thespians original scene was added to the beginning of the show to help gear... Read more
Masked munchkins: Littlest Cowboys go trick-or-treating early around the CCHS campus
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE Police officers, superheroes and princesses, oh my! It was costume galore in the Littlest Cowboys room as parents and grandparents secured outfits onto their children, who were fidgeting with the excitement of roaming around at the “big kid school” in search of candy. The children weren’t... Read more
Fighting breast cancer one beat at a time: Zumba for a cause fundraiser is a success
BY KAREN SUROS Lively, energetic music is playing as the eager crowd does their best to mimic the instructors, who spur them on. What looks like the ordinary Zumba lesson is actually an out-of-the-ordinary fundraiser. Cooper City High School hosted the second annual Zumba for a Cause fundraising event... Read more
A nightmare to remember: Best Buddies hosts annual Halloween party
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Witches, ghosts and the “Cupid Shuffle” turned the CCHS cafeteria into a nightmare to remember. The fourth annual Best Buddies Halloween Spooktacular was hosted by the club Best Buddies on October 25. Students, parents and friends of all ages dressed up in their best costumes and... Read more
A night full of eating and entertainment: CCHS band hosts the fall concert
BY SABRINA WONG On October 23, the CCHS band program hosted their fall concert in the school cafeteria from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The concert was a fundraiser, so ticket money contributed to supporting the band program as a whole. Tickets were sold for $15 each from October... Read more
Student crime watch club coming to CCHS
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN There have been a host of new security measures implemented at CCHS within the past year. Walking around school, it’s difficult to find a student who isn’t wearing an ID or who is unaware of the increased regulations surrounding everything from football games to staying on... Read more
Rhythm with a reason: DECA begins preparations for annual Zumba for a Cause fundraiser
BY EMMA HUERTA Throughout high school, clubs have the ability to make their voices heard and have immense impacts on significant issues. Here at CCHS, the DECA students have started making these impacts and are preparing for their second annual “Zumba for a Cause” fundraiser. The fundraiser first started... Read more
Creative pieces: CCHS Poetry Club hosts first poetry slam of the year
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Within the cafeteria walls of Cooper City High School, words were spoken and hearts were touched. On Thursday, October 11, Poetry Club hosted its first poetry slam of the school year. Participants shared both original and recited pieces, specifically chosen by the speaker. With $5 pre-sale... Read more