Teachers in South Florida are stepping away from their desks
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Teachers in South Florida are leaving their classrooms for good, and it’s not to go live out their retirement years.  Not only was Florida ranked 42 out of the 50 states on “teaching attractiveness” but, since 2015, over 1,000 teachers in South Florida—specifically in Broward, Miami-Dade... Read more
The Cooper buzz: Bees are swarming the campus
BY KAYLA GATES Cooper City High School’s campus has remained relatively tame when it comes to wildlife. The limited vegetation is often accompanied by birds and ducks. However, bees have recently become a major part of this community.  This increased presence can be observed all around campus. These swarms... Read more
Substitute teacher shortage struggle: Why schools in Broward County have a lack of substitutes
BY ALYSSA KHAN Broward County has had issues keeping teachers around, but recently, substitute teachers are starting to leave as well. In Broward, nearly one in five classes with an absent teacher had no one to take over the class. Low wages is one of the main reasons why... Read more
It’s a trade off: CCHS plans clothing drive
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Since childhood, many people have participated in the act of trading. From trading snacks at lunch to growing up and trading shifts at work, it’s not uncommon to see swaps within society. Now, several CCHS clubs are bringing the practice to campus. Key Club, Environmental Club... Read more
New library hours: CCHS implements new strategy to make the library more accessible
BY RYAN MERARD The library is one of the most essential features in any school, especially for students who may not have sufficient access to technology or other educational materials at home. However, the media center at CCHS sometimes doesn’t give these students the chance to utilize its resources... Read more
The $100,000 question: SAC reaches agreement on how to spend school enhancement funds
BY RYAN MERARD After being offered $100,000 to better their school in any way they feel fit, most principals would carefully consider how to spend that money. Over the past couple of  months, Principal Wendy Doll and the School Advisory Council (SAC) have been debating where this money should... Read more
Redirecting the Stampede: PTSA surveys student body
BY EMMA HUERTA Like many other schools, CCHS has unique traditions, such as annual events, games or other activities to bring the student body together. A well-known CCHS tradition is Stampede, which is a fundraiser executed by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA).  Stampede takes place annually, and during... Read more
Who cares about the vaping epidemic?: Not Cooper City parents
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE There has been no shortage of stories concerning vape and e-cigarette use circulating both in the news and in conversation, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find areas untouched by these addictive products. Vaping and e-cigarette usage is cause for concern, especially in schools.  This... Read more
“It’s a stampede!”: Nevermind, it’s been canceled
BY VICTORIA MARTIN Under normal circumstances, a stampede isn’t something people would be looking forward to. But at CCHS, Stampede is an annual event that many students get excited about attending.  Stampede is the largest fundraiser of the year for CCHS. Students pay $25 for a ticket, which allows... Read more
A “spook-tacular” Storybook Parade: The Littlest Cowboys go trick-or-treating
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Trick-or-treat” could be heard all over Cooper City High School on the morning of October 30, as the Littlest Cowboys held their annual “Storybook Parade.” The “Storybook Parade” is a time when the Littlest Cowboys preschoolers come dressed in costumes and go trick-or-treating at CCHS. “Our... Read more