National Honor Society Holds Annual 3v3 Basketball Game To Raise Money For Cancer Research
BY NUHA ISLAM As the shot clock buzzed signaling in halftime, sweaty high school students gathered the benches in an effort to gather their breaths, with the squeak of  white shoes hit the polished linoleum floors. For every point scored, an equally rivaled point. Dubbed ‘April Anarchy’ in a... Read more
Super Tuesdays and Super Wednesdays Informational Notice
BY NOAH CASTAGNA April 24th is the start of the three-week annual cycle of modified testing weeks concluding in mid-May. The testing schedule is as follows: All students should have received a personalized testing schedule in their first period on Friday, April 21st. On the schedule, the exams students... Read more
SGA Color Run Raises Over $3,000 for American Cancer Society
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS This morning, CCHS was filled with purple people. After seven months of intensive planning, the Student Government Association (SGA) put on their second annual Color Run to support the American Cancer Society. With about 140 people registered, the event raised over $3,000. “It’s what makes Cooper... Read more
CTV Remains Internationally-Recognized Broadcast Team after Stunning Turnaround at STN
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Cowboy Television returned to Florida as an internationally-ranked broadcast team after a student convention in California, following what initially seemed like a crushing defeat. “We didn’t win any individual categories,” junior Harris Ness said. “It seemed like we weren’t going to win anything until the very... Read more
CCHS Recognizes Relay for Life, Raises Money for Cancer Research
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD Saturday, March 25, the American Cancer Society held its event to promote cancer research from the CCHS track. The event lasted from 4 PM Saturday and closed at 8 AM the next morning. All of the proceeds gained from this event went to American Cancer Society... Read more
Senior Prom Tickets Will Be On Sale Starting On March 27th
BY SOPHIA WENGIER It’s prom season at Cooper City High and ticket sales have officially begun. The first dates were March 27th through March 30th, however sales will continue to take place in the cafeteria on April 4th through April 6th and April 17th through April 20th. Tickets are... Read more
Winning Writers Advance to District Literary Fair
BY KENDYL COUNTS With thirty categories to choose from and ample freedom to get creative, the Broward County Literary Fair allows CCHS writers to turn their late-night musings into award winning pieces.  Ranging from short stories about conservation to political cartoons about the 2016 election, their works featured topics... Read more
Cowboy Television Heads to California for STN
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Cowboy Television won’t be covering local suburban Cooper City news this week — instead, the broadcast team is flying out to Anaheim, California to compete at the annual Student Television Network (STN) convention. “I’m pretty excited to be traveling to California,” first year CTV member Danielle... Read more
Varsity Winter Guard Earns First Place at SFWA Mid-Season Exposition
  BY KENDYL COUNTS Nerves ran high as the members of Cooper City High School’s varsity winter guard prepared to compete at the South Florida Winterguard Association’s Mid-Season Exposition, held at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on March 11th, 2017. The mid-season exposition was their second-to-last local competition, and... Read more
New Faces Get a Taste of CCHS on the Annual 8th Grade Walkover
BY SOPHIA WENGIER March 13th marked the date of the eighth grade walkover for the class of 2021. Serving as an orientation, incoming students were given the chance to get a glimpse into cowboy life.  This included the presentations of a few of the many extracurricular activities offered at... Read more