See something, say something: A practice to keep communities safe
BY RYAN MERARD In an era where there are more mass shootings in this nation than days passed this year, the nationwide phrase, “If you see something, say something” has more value than ever. It encourages students to speak up whenever they notice anything that seems suspicious and to... Read more
Come one, come all: CCHS hosts first Cowboy Corral to welcome new students
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE New students stood in lines that long passed the breezeway entrance in order to check into CCHS’s inaugural Cowboy Corral. The first event of its kind at CCHS, Cowboy Corral was organized by staff members Dwayne Dixon and Stephen Franzone with hopes that it would relieve... Read more
The SAT adversity score: Does it level the playing field?
BY CHRIS GOMES The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) has infamously become one of the primary gatekeepers in college admissions, often determining whether a student is admitted into a university. Although the uses of the SAT have changed since its debut in 1926, its “gatekeeper” status remains today. However, it... Read more
The aftermath of the storms: Puerto Rico two years later
BY VICTORIA MARTIN It has been nearly two years since Hurricane Maria left behind pure destruction on the island of Puerto Rico. The US territory was not in the best shape to withstand the impact of this category 4 hurricane, as Hurricane Irma had left one million people on... Read more
The Cambridge Program: AICE Cambridge classes are being offered at CCHS
BY SASHEEN JOSEPH Students looking to pursue a rigorous academic path at CCHS will have some new options next year. In addition to the established Advanced Placement (AP) program, students will be able to take a new set of challenging classes. The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE)... Read more
Senior Awards Night: Upcoming CCHS graduates receive recognition for their hard work
BY JOSEPH STURGEON On Thursday, May 17, several of Cooper’s most industrious high school seniors were awarded for their commitment to academics, service, athletics and involvement in extracurriculars. Attended by the many families and friends of the award recipients, the event began at 7 p.m. in the CCHS auditorium.... Read more
The final reach: Sound of Pride hosts annual band banquet and spring concert
BY SABRINA WONG At the end of each season, band and color guard students look forward to attending band banquet. In addition to band banquet, Sound of Pride (SOP) members also prepared for their first-ever spring concert this year. These two events served as an opportunity for the SOP... Read more
A send off to the real world: Class of 2019 hosts Senior Spirit Week
BY JULIA SAFRIN Time is crunching down until graduation and seniors are in the midst of saying goodbye to high school. This past week, the Class of 2019 hosted the annual Senior Spirit Week, a spirit week exclusive to seniors which led up to prom on May 4. For... Read more
Cowboys commit to college: Seniors celebrate Academic Signing Day
BY ABBIE TUSCHMAN Walking into the cafeteria on Friday, it seemed as if the seniors were completing an arts and crafts project. Numerous cards decorated with glitter, stickers and senior portraits were taped to a banner in the Student Government Association (SGA) activities room. But rather than just showing... Read more
A voice for all: Multicultural Club hosts first student town hall meeting
BY JULIA SAFRIN Oftentimes, students feel like they are silenced when trying to express their opinions and concerns in school. In an attempt to change this, Multicultural Club hosted a student town hall meeting on Thursday, April 25 for CCHS students to voice their thoughts. “ decided to... Read more