Stampede fundraiser returns to CCHS
BY KYLE NELSON For once, students at Cooper City High School are encouraged to leave class. On November 9, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) will be holding the largest fundraiser of the year, the first annual CCHS Stampede. The event will be carnival-esque event that will take place... Read more
College application help guide
BY SOPHIA WENGIER With college application deadlines quickly approaching, there’s no question that the month of October is crunch time for seniors. However, the various steps of applying to college can be overwhelming and confusing for those who have never gone through the process. Here is an all inclusive... Read more
Senior class prepares for annual Variety Show
BY CASEY CHAPTER After school on Monday and Tuesday, the senior class officers gathered in room 4107 to begin evaluations for hosts of the annual senior variety show. “Host tryouts are going well so far,” senior class president Jessica Less said. “We finished day one of tryouts and had... Read more
Annual PSAT presents promise and practice
BY NOAH CASTAGNA This Wednesday freshman, sophomores and select juniors strapped in for a lengthy three-and-a-half hour testing session: the Preliminary SAT (PSAT)/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT). For some it was only a taste of what was to come, and for others it was another rung on the... Read more
Breast Cancer Awareness Month encourages CCHS to think pink
BY KENDYL COUNTS Orange and black are not the only defining colors of October; for the CCHS Cowboys, pink is of equal significance. October, designated “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” is full of activities and donation opportunities hosted by the Cowboys in the hopes of “giving breast cancer the... Read more
New international leadership and service club established in Cooper City
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Students now have an additional choice in their broad selection of leadership and community service clubs at CCHS – one with roots across six continents. Interact club, a subproject of global network Rotary Club, “bring together young people ages 12-18 to develop leadership skills,” according to... Read more
Latinos Take Action: new club at CCHS has a greater purpose
BY CASEY CHAPTER The many clubs here at CCHS give students a place to explore their interests. One such organization aims to bring success to a specific demographic of students. “I fell in love with the of Latinos in Action,” president Angelica Gollarza said. “We finally have a... Read more
BCPS announces new hurricane make up days
BY SOPHIA WENGIER On Tuesday, September 26, two Hurricane Irma makeup days were proposed for Broward County Public Schools. The school district has decided to change two early release days – October 19 and December 22 –  into full class days. Due to students missing a full seven days... Read more
An island without a crutch: Puerto Rico in the wake of destruction
BY ANNABELLE ROSA The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico recently suffered a tough break. On the eve of September 6, Hurricane Irma scraped past Puerto Rico, resulting in the loss of power for a million of the island’s residents. Category 4 Hurricane Maria brought on the next assault on... Read more
CCHS kicks off new school year with an open house
BY KYLE NELSON With the sound of the bell, footsteps quickly filled the hallways. This time, the footsteps belonged to parents instead of students. On September 26, CCHS hosted its annual open house. The event gave teachers the opportunity to showcase their plans for the year to the parents... Read more