Double Trouble
BY KENDYL COUNTS   As the clock on the scoreboard flips through its last few seconds, Cooper City High School senior Kristen Richards exchanges her glittery pom-poms for her flute.  After a long night of radiating tireless positivity from the sideline, she races to join the marching band at... Read more
Jordan Izenwasser: A Proud Cowboy
BY MELANIE SMITH AND LINDSEY HANNAH   A small girl, barely two years of age, clings to her parent’s leg, frightened of the surrounding strangers. Considering the context, that they were in the Sexual Assault Treatment Center, such a response is understandable. Jordan Izenwasser, however, leads his fellow CCHS... Read more
Felicita Devlin: State of the Art
BY KENDYL COUNTS AND KARINA BLODNIEKS Wispy strands of hair hide the whimsically abstract face of a girl who appears to have been broken and pieced back together; despite the meticulous reassembly of the shards, she is not quite the same, leaving pieces of the image unaligned and unmatched.... Read more
Dawson Worley
BY SOPHIA WENGIER   It’s halftime and the Sound Of Pride Band and Color Guard are performing their show.  With so much going on, it’s hard to decide what to focus on, but one particular student tossing a rifle soon draws attention from the people sitting in the stands.... Read more
CCHS Sound of Pride in Harmony with New Band Director
BY LOUIS DENNIN After Cooper City High School’s beloved band director Christopher Schletter decided to move on to pursue a higher education in music, there was no doubt that he would be hard to replace.  He left a legacy that will be forever remembered by all of his former... Read more
Programming the Future: Sophomore Ben Goldstein Builds a Robot
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS The room seemed to be full of a faint mechanical buzz, and it was immediately evident that one of the occupants was not human. On the ground sat a U-shaped, wheeled wooden board, donned with wires and mechanical fixings. Proud owner and creator, CCHS sophomore Ben... Read more
Senior Terry Whittington Leads On and Off the Field
BY SABRINA VICTOR It’s the opening game of the season, against Coral Springs High School, and the Cowboys are down 21-0. The Colts are fourth and long, and proceed to punt the ball. Senior Terry Whittington decides to step in and take charge to help the returner take possession.... Read more
Peter Pera Rises to New Heights with Drama
BY ANDY MORALES As Cooper City High School senior Peter Pera walks takes the stage, lights shine brightly down on him. He’s ready to do what he loves most: perform. Even when he isn’t the main role of the play, he might as well be as he allows the... Read more
CCHS Cheerleading Under New Instruction
BY DANIELLA UNAFRAYCHUK The yells, screams, cheers, and unbearable heat is something Alicia Hajaree has become well acquainted with. After being present at Cooper City Optimist`s (CCO) football games for over twelve years as a cheerleading coach, you could say Hajaree is an expert at what she does. Going to practices and Saturday... Read more
Mrs. London Takes on Role as New CCHS Drama Teacher
BY SARAH SHARPE Cooper City High School has definitely scored the cream of the crop with one of its latest additions to their staff. Boasting a resume that covers over 20 years of professional theatre experience from right here in South Florida, Amy London has happily taken the position... Read more