Gabi Tabib’s Novel Approach To Writing
BY SARAH ROUSSELL Ever since she was a little girl, Cooper City High School senior Gabi Tabib has loved to read. Whether it was an exciting adventure or a murder mystery, Tabib would find comfort and enjoyment with her nose in a book. As much as she adored reading... Read more
Ariel Doron Moves To Her Own Beat In Colorguard
BY JACKIE WEISER Under luminous stadium lights on a breezy Friday night, sophomore Ariel Doron pivots her flag, moving gracefully as she sways to the Sound of Pride’s routine. As the drum line picks up, she doesn’t miss a beat. Twirling her flag faster, she propels it into the... Read more
Dallas Williams Rides To Win
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY The sound of pounding hooves brings the crowd to its feet as they wait for the horse to bolt from the gates. The rider grips her horse with all her strength, steering it with her body, and guiding it without words. She leads it around the... Read more