Louis Bremser Takes His Love Of Politics To The Next Level
BY A.J. KURZMAN After growing up with aspirations of being a politician, Cooper City High School Senior Louis Bremser got a taste of the job over the summer.  Bremser was fortunate enough to be elected the 69th Governor of Florida American Legion Boys State in Tallahassee, Florida.  Bremser was... Read more
Scott Palmer Reaches Above The Rim For The Cowboys
BY JACOB FIERMAN You can’t coach height, but you can coach talent. This statement holds true for Senior Scott Palmer, who may not be the tallest man on the basketball court, but makes up for it with his skill. With an incredible vertical leap, great scoring ability, and amazing... Read more
The Cowboy Commissioner
BY ANASTASIA PAVLINSKAYA I sit with a lump in my throat in a cold plastic chair, surrounded by some of Cooper City’s most well known personalities and I cannot wait for the moment that is ahead of me. Newly elected mayor Greg Ross suddenly calls my name, “…and reading... Read more
Marla Manes Plays A Major Role This Year For The Sound Of Pride
BY LOUIS DENNIN Every year, the Sound of Pride selects drum majors to lead and serve the band. It is the drum major’s job to guide the band and represent it with confidence. Standing proudly atop their podium on opposite ends of the field, marking the tempo with their... Read more
Senior Camille Traslavina Returns To Africa To Help Orphaned Children
BY JESSICA WEAVER Upon seeing a two year old named Roaw kicking around sand and repetitively saying a sentence out loud, Senior Camille Traslavina asked one of the older kids to translate. She was shocked and heartbroken to hear that this little boy was saying “It needs to rain,... Read more
Lemond Johnson Plays His Way To Division 1 College Football At Auburn
BY JACOB FIERMAN The quarterback snaps the ball and the play begins. Receivers are running various routes as the defense adjusts. Senior Lemond Johnson follows the play and comes up to intercept the ball from the intended receiver. With a jolt of speed, he heads straight for the end... Read more
Leading The Way: CCHS’s Chuka Esiobu Moves On To Harvard
BY ALYSSA FISHER After an hour of wolfing down burrito bowls, it is nice to say that I finally know Chuka Esiobu. Practically a legend at Cooper City High School, I’d only heard about him, knowing that he was the genius National Honors Society president, class Valedictorian and Homecoming... Read more
Junior Jacob Fierman Lends A Helping Hand In Haiti
  BY JACOB FIERMAN Boarding a 30-person plane, I prepared for an experience like no other as my flight headed to Haiti. In America, people hear all about Haiti on television and see pictures of the country in the news, however there is nothing like seeing it up close... Read more
Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder To Find
BY SABRINA VICTOR AND ALYSSA FISHER Boxes and boxes of shoes lined the wall; the room could have easily been mistaken for a shoe store. As senior David Conde delicately opened the boxes one by one, he unveiled pristine, practically untouched sneakers, each one more colorful and unique than... Read more
Senior Zack Pollock Does The Bunny Hop For Kids At The Mall
BY KAYLA LOKEINSKY The Boca Mall is packed on a busy Saturday afternoon, with the usual throngs of busy shoppers, rushing from store to store in preparation for the upcoming holiday. Easter is just around the corner and while people are in a hurry to get their shopping done,... Read more