Cooper City High’s Dr. Jones Fights Rare Blood Cancer
BY KYRA BACON Claudia Jones, a teacher at Cooper City High School, was sitting on the sofa and watching reruns of Seinfeld again. Lately, she had been feeling very exhausted, and watching TV had become routine. Just as her eyelids had begun to feel heavy, there was a loud ring of the phone. Jones... Read more
Leading By Example: Randy Kersh Represents Best Buddies As A Student Ambassador
BY BLUE KAUFMAN We live in a society that often places a negative stigma on those with disabilities. Fueled by popular media, these stereotypes are often portrayed with overwhelming inaccuracy and have resulted in an overall apprehensive public. However, the uncertainty many feel for those with disabilities actually stems... Read more
Parry Chen Invests His Way To The Top
BY SABRINA VICTOR From short sales to assets, the ever-changing stock market world is often hard to predict. However, for senior Parry Chen, it is practically second nature.  Climbing his way to the top of the DECA program, Chen now holds first place in its stock market game. The... Read more
Every Picture Tells A Story For Artist Gregory Piro
BY CAMILA SOSA “A picture is worth a thousand words” is a cliché often overused by those who fail to embrace the beauty of the infamous idiom. Gregory Piro, a Cooper City High School student, is one of the few who live by it. Sitting down at a table... Read more
Mariella Amanna Finds Her Voice At Cowboy Idol
BY STACEY PASTERNAK On April 12th at 5:00pm, Cooper City High School’s auditorium was in the process of becoming the host of many warm-up serenades, guitar strums, and piano notes. Cowboy Idol, one of the things CCHS students with a passion for singing look forward to all year, was... Read more
Mitchel Worley Pursues His Dreams Behind The Camera
BY JEREMY HAAS Sitting behind multiple cameras in front of the CTV room’s green screen, I feel a strange feeling, something that’s unusual when working with high school students, and that feeling is professionalism.  I am currently working with senior and CTV president Mitchel Worley on his latest directorial... Read more
Dedicated To DECA: Michael Stone Takes On The Role Of State Vice-President
BY KYRA BACON Thousands of Florida High School DECA students sat on the edge of their chairs, chatting excitedly and waiting for the Florida DECA President to reveal who would be the new State Vice-Presidents. When she finally spoke, silence crept over the room and everyone looked to her... Read more
Exchange Student “Poom” Sirilaophaisal Experiences A Different Culture At CCHS
BY RACHEL SHARPE At the start of my fourth year on the varsity tennis team, I assumed I knew everyone on the team. However, as I looked around the bus on the way to our first match someone new caught my eye. He was sitting in the front row... Read more
The Game Informer: Roy Tu Creates His Own Videogames
BY JESSICA WEAVER In our fast paced, technologically driven generation, many students find themselves engaged in the world of video games and complicated gaming systems. But, senior Roy Tu has taken his love of gaming further than most by creating and programing his very own video games. The hobby... Read more
All Of CCHS Is A Stage For Senior Nate Promkul
BY RACHEL SHARPE Nate Promkul walks on stage for the senior Variety Show, strikes a chord on his guitar and leans into the microphone. On hearing the first, gentle note, the crowd erupts into cheers and applause. With undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most soulful voices at CCHS,... Read more