Ms. Brandt’s character takes center stage
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD From teaching acting classes to directing a production to even writing a play of her own, theatre director and Language Arts teacher Shannon Brandt has proved she has dedication. Having transferred to Cooper City High only last year, Brandt hit the ground running and has directed... Read more
Hannah Riggott: unsung hero
BY KYLE NELSON AND DARIAN SABLON Explorers – these are the people often talked about in adventure stories, those individuals who exemplify a sense of courage in light of danger, overcome their personal dilemmas for the greater good and are in many ways the type of person we want... Read more
No AP Exams? Students Prepare for AP Performance Tasks Instead
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Last week, junior Dashiel Heidt put the finishing touches on his 4,869 word paper on project management in independent three-dimensional video game development. Next month, he’ll be doing a twenty-minute presentation on the topic before a panel of three judges. For students in Lisa Jones’ AP... Read more
Senior Maurín Santos López Takes Center Stage in Fashion and Art
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS Pushing her off-brand clear-rimmed glasses up her nose, Maurín Santos López just doesn’t look like a girl from the suburbs. Clad entirely in painted denim, she’s certainly easy to find in a crowd. But under the layers of literal hand-crafted art, Santos López tells the story... Read more
Fashion Academy Hosts Annual Show
BY NUHA ISLAM On February 23rd, Cooper City High School’s Level Two Fashion Marketing class was finally able to unveil months of hard work in the form of the annual fashion show. Culminating in a stunning display, along with a festive pre-party, the hard work CCHS Fashion Academy Students... Read more
Schultz Squared: The Dynamic Teaching Duo
BY NOAH CASTAGNA Any students who have dabbled in computer science or challenged themselves with upper-level math will probably recognize the friendly faces of the Schultz brothers. “The Schultz brothers are both very personable and easy to talk to,” CCHS Junior and student of both Darryl and David Schultz... Read more
Trickle Down Terror Measures: How CCHS Muslims are Affected by Trump’s Travel Ban
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS In a slew of controversial executive orders, one seemed to stand out to the American populace. Trump’s January 27 order issued a travel ban for seven majority-Muslim countries, sparking mass “No Ban, No Wall” protests across the country. At Cooper City High School, many students felt... Read more
In Style: Senior Lior Ayalon Shows the Fashion World What He’s Got
BY KYLE NELSON AND SAVANNAH KEYSER There’s a type of unity in diversity, and CCHS Senior Lior White has made it his mission to flaunt this in the coalition of colors that is his debut fashion line, Equipt Color. Many people know White to be at the center of... Read more
Future Congresswoman: Senior Kia del Solar Excels in Debate
BY TAMARAH WALLACE Her hand gently taps on the steering wheel, perfectly in tune with the classic rock melody undulating from the car’s speakers as she maneuvers down a tree-lined, winding road. Her mind wanders, gripped by the image of the harrowing, mountainous destination she had hiked the previous... Read more
Teaching from Experience: Following the Amazing Adventures of CCHS Teacher Mr. Mauntler
BY KENDYL COUNTS Trudging through the forest with his video camera in hand and his dog at his heels, it’s undeniable that CCHS AP Environmental and Marine Science teacher Michael Mauntler prefers fieldwork to busywork. Finding noteworthy observations in everything from bears and sharks to epiphytes on trees, Mr.... Read more