ROTC Hosts Summer Camp to Train Cadets
BY SOPHIA WENGIER The serious faces and disciplined movements of the ROTC cadets portray a feeling of unrelenting pride in their program and country.  While our ROTC upperclassmen perform with an ease and dexterity that seems almost innate, every member of the program had to begin somewhere.  For  many... Read more
Cooper’s Newest Assistant Principal
BY LINDSEY HANNAH There is a fresh addition to the administrative team at Cooper City High School. It may be hard to know who I’m talking about with so many new faces on campus this year, so here are some clues: she has a doctorate, plays seven sports, and... Read more
A New Face to CCHS Food
BY SABRINE BRISMEUR Cooper City High School’s gray brick cafeteria walls and cardboard food trays may seem a long way from the soft wooded walls and hand-made calzones of Pembroke Pines’s beloved Italian Caffé, but CCHS’ new cafeteria manager, Modestina Cariati is looking to change all that. Cariati... Read more
Hurricane Hermine Hits Home
BY NOAH CASTAGNA As Hurricane Hermine tears its way up the Gulf, many former Cooper City High students are making the mad dash to throw up their shutters and stock up on essentials like water, canned foods, and batteries, as well as preparing themselves to make productive use of... Read more
Not Your Average Joe: CCHS Senior Joe Torres Ascends to MIT and Beyond
BY KENDYL COUNTS Under studio lights a curly-haired boy stands alert, his hand hovering above a buzzer.  As if by a feat of clairvoyance, his hand slams the buzzer and he answers correctly, even after receiving only a fragment of a hint. His knowledge is boundless and he knows... Read more
Zoe Hobson: Queen of the Court
BY SOPHIA WENGIER The walls of Cooper City High School’s gymnasium are covered with posters cheering on our beloved volleyball team and the stands are full of excited fans, waiting in anticipation for the game to begin.  Zoe Hobson stands huddled with her team, looking into the eyes of... Read more
Max Mickenberg: Cooper City’s First Space Cowboy
BY LINDSEY HANNAH     This is not the Max Mickenberg I imagined I would be interviewing in a stuffy classroom one sweltering Friday afternoon. “I want to be the first cowboy astronaut on the moon,” he responds casually when I inquire about his career goals. In the stead... Read more
Jessica Lupo: Dimples and Drive
BY KENDYL COUNTS   She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s an active member of National Honors Society, Student Government Association, Future Medical Professionals of America, and much, much more. The copious amount of fancy titles, however, sounds far more attractive prior to considering the commitment they imply. With one hand... Read more
Ben Santana: Candid Band Kid
BY KENDYL COUNTS   In a colorful room crammed with stands and stray sheet music, a  little boy encounters his first musical instrument, carefully removing a plastic recorder from its case and tentatively tooting the first few pitches to Hot Cross Buns. Struggling, the young student pants through the... Read more
Raising the Barr
BY LINDSEY HANNAH AND SAVANNAH KEYSER   Walking into room 616, the first thing that hits you is the comforting smell of paint and parchment. A room full of colorful forms plastered to the walls is a starck contrast to the prosaic drawl of mainstream education, and offers a... Read more