Review: Get Out
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD Get Out is a comedy horror movie directed by Jordan Peele best known for his Comedy Central show Key and Peele. One defining achievement this movie held is it was the fastest Blumhouse title to hit 100 million dollars, the low budget and relatively unknown main... Read more
Review: Fort Lauderdale’s Best Hidden Treasure, How Tom Jenkins BBQ Can Change Lives
BY KYLE NELSON Being 500 miles from the nearest state known for it’s BBQ, it’s hard for Floridians to find quality southern cooking. Luckily, Tom Jenkins barbecue produces authentic southern comfort food. Located on South Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, Tom Jenkins brings a southern vibe to sunny south... Read more
Review: Cream
BY SOPHIA WENGIER After making the trip to Weston, you come across your destination, and a large banner with the words “Grand Opening” catches your eye.  A crowd of hungry customers stand in a line that goes out the door, anxiously waiting to find out what all the excitement... Read more
Review: The Space Between Us
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD The Space Between Us is a unique view on sci-fi romance, however this is one of the few things going for it. The plot is about a boy named Gardner living his whole life on Mars due to his mother dying while giving birth to him... Read more
Review: Moana
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD I think most people will agree that the last Disney princess movie Frozen was overplayed and a bit overrated. However, the new Disney princess movie Moana is very well created and offers a unique storyline created by Ron Clements and John Musker known for previous famous... Read more
Review: The Unfortunate Viewing of a Series of Unfortunate Events
BY DARIAN SABLON When I was a little kid, one of my absolute favorite book series was Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which tells the story of the three Baudelaire children, orphaned after a fire destroyed their house and killed their parents in the process. It was... Read more
Review: Good Pie Company
BY NUHA ISLAM Driving down University Drive past the massive Super Target, a brightly colored tie dye bench will draw the attention of drivers and passengers alike. The eye-catching little advertisement directs folks to an unassuming shop across the street; a humble little pie shop known as the Good... Read more
Review: Hairspray Live
BY CASSIDY NOWOSAD Hairspray Live aired Thursday, December 8th making it the fourth live musical NBC has aired. I watched eagerly as Hairspray is one of my favorite broadway plays. Maddie Baillio really fit the look of the main character Tracy I always had come to love, but her... Read more
Review: CCHS Puts On Another Great Variety Show
BY KARINA BLODNIEKS When Dawson Worley stepped on stage twirling an umbrella in his hands, the entire crowd went wild. It is in moments like these that the CCHS student body truly gets to join together as one entity. “I was really surprised at how well put-together it was... Read more
Review: Dr. Strange
BY DANIEL RAKOWER Doctor Strange is most definitely the weirdest movie I have seen all year in terms of visuals, but the story itself is not as strange as the title character suggests. It’s all in all not a surprise from Marvel Studios, delivering a action packed thrill ride... Read more