Halloween Horror Nights: The longest nightmare I’ve ever had
BY KYLE NELSON Another year of fear is now upon us as Universal Studios Orlando has launched their 27th annual Halloween Horror Nights. This year did not disappoint. With nine haunted mazes, five scare zones and two shows, HHN 27 is guaranteed to knock your socks off. In HHN... Read more
Review: Ella Cafe, a Bohemian oasis in suburbia
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Entering the Embassy Lakes Plaza, a passersby would immediately be drawn to the array of stores and outlets that capture the eye; however, wedged amongst the old, there is a single spot which seems to snag the attention of most viewers. Ella Cafe is a bohemian... Read more
A student’s guide to Halloween filmography
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Halloween has come to be a holiday which is categorized by many great films that either instill fear or bring a smile to the faces of children and parents alike. With Halloween soon approaching, it seems time to pull out the never ending treasure trove of... Read more
“Kingsman: The Golden Circle” falls short of expectations
BY DARIAN SABLON After the commercial and critical success of the 2014 hyperrealistic spy flick “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” Matthew Vaughn returns for the highly anticipated sequel “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” Sadly, rather than living up to the hype, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” falls victim to poor writing, terrible... Read more
Review: “It”
BY SOPHIA WENGIER Just in time to get into the Halloween spirit, Stephen King’s “It” comes to theatres, terrifying audiences and breaking box office records. The highly anticipated horror movie is an adaptation of King’s 1986 novel about a murderous clown, named Pennywise, who can turn into the worst... Read more
Review: “Mother!”
BY DANIEL RAKOWER AND DARIAN SABLON Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!” is a work of pure metaphor. It is not a film properly surmised by trailers or marketing, only by the thoughtful and heated discussions of the audience leaving the theater right before one’s own showing. Daniel Rakower “Mother!” is by... Read more
War of worlds: The parallels between the “Death Note” universe and its most recent installment
BY ANNABELLE ROSA Anticipated by some and dreaded by others, the new “Death Note” movie came out on August 25, 2017, but was met with several negative responses, criticizing it as a complete departure from both the anime and the manga which preceded it. However, the movie was well... Read more
Season in review: “Game of Thrones”
BY TAMARAH WALLACE When the long-awaited premiere of the seventh season of the hit television series “Game of Thrones” was delayed for several months, fans across the world were devastated. Now that the shortest season in the show’s history has ended in an actual song of fire and ice,... Read more
Taylor Swift: What did she do?
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE It has been almost three years since Taylor Swift released new music, her most recent collection of songs being from her Grammy award winning album “1989.” However, on August 18, Swift shook the entertainment industry with the release of her new single entitled “Look What You... Read more
Review: Everything, Everything
BY SAVANNAH KEYSER Madeline Whittier is a young girl who has never had the pleasure of stepping outside her home. She has SCID (severe combined immunodeficiency), which is a condition that causes the body to be unable to fight off any bacteria or virus. Because of this, Maddy’s mother... Read more