“The Princess Switch”: A Christmas film fit for royalty
BY KAREN SUROS It’s officially the holiday season, which means festive decorations, cheerful attitudes and, of course, Christmas movies. There is no better way to get into the holiday spirit than to take part in the grand old tradition of curling up with some hot chocolate to watch a... Read more
Come one, come all: The 2018 Variety Show was well thought out, well rehearsed and well executed
BY ALEXANDRA SANSONE When David Lee vaulted off his trademark bicycle and into the Variety Show host car, the crowd erupted into laughter, and there started what was nothing short of an engaging evening. The Variety Show is an annual event at CCHS. Hosted by the senior class, it... Read more
“Farewell to Yellow Brick Road”: Elton John’s final tour
BY ELENA VALDEZ The final goodbye is often the hardest to say. Elton John does so in a marvelous way. Announced in early January of this year, “Farewell to Yellow Brick Road” is musical legend Elton John’s final tour. After nearly half a century of touring and songwriting, he... Read more
“The Grinch” makes a Christmas comeback
BY SOFIA MENDEZ On Friday, November 9, the one-and-only holiday-hating cartoon character came back in time for Christmas. When the people from Whoville announce that they are going to make Christmas this year three times bigger, the Grinch realizes that the only way to obtain some peace and quiet... Read more
“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”: A brilliant sequel that will cast a spell on audiences
BY KAYLA GATES The release of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” has revived the “Harry Potter” craze. Fans wore their wizarding cloaks to crowded theaters for its opening weekend. While the film worked to satisfy these enthusiasts, anyone lacking this dedication to the original series may be disappointed.... Read more
Mini Donut World: The happiest place on earth
BY KAREN SUROS The smell of fried dough is eminent as soon as one steps through the door. The walls are covered in vivid artwork, including a mural that takes up the majority of the space and depicts a creative way of making donuts (volcanoes and rollercoasters included). Welcome... Read more
Vince Staples’ “FM!” is a paradoxical reflection on gang culture
BY JOSEPH STURGEON On November 2, Long Beach rapper Vince Staples released his third consecutive studio album in the past three years, entitled ‘“FM!” “FM!” is Staples’ most energetic album yet. Most tracks were produced by Los Angeles-based DJ Kenny Beats. Many of the songs on “FM!” featured upbeat... Read more
“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”: Transforming a childhood classic from a superficial sitcom to an eerie tale of witch-like devotion
BY ANNABELLE ROSA One of the most common fads for television remakes in the 21st century is the transformation of previously kitschy and cartoonish stories and turning them into something darker and sinister. This appears to be a side effect of the rising popularity of more complex narratives that... Read more
CCHS Thespians “The Frogs” was good, but not great
BY GENNA NORDLING What has thespians’ inside jokes, ancient Greek language and political figures? The CCHS Thespians’ rendition of “The Frogs” by Aristophanes, of course. This production was not necessarily action-packed, but it was filled with great acting and an interesting interpretation of the original book. These characters add... Read more
“Come From Away” to see one of Broadway’s finest
BY ARIELLE KRAUS “Come From Away” is a Broadway show like no other. With a cast of only 12 adults, the show blows the audience away with its music, props and message. The show is set during a tragedy, but shows individuals that there is light even in the... Read more